Happy New Year 2011

Friday, December 31, 2010


Happy New year 2011 to everyone. Wish everyone will achieve what they target for 2010 and a prosperous year in 2011. How about your 2010 new year resolution? Do you achieve it? One of my last year resolution is try to collect Malaysia gold coin. At first, I thought it will be hard to find any of the old coins and add it in my collection. I still can find cheap Malaysia gold commemorative with idea from few friends who has been in gold collecting for a very long time. Another one of my last year resolution is to collect more Straits Settlements paper money. I think this year, almost half of my collection budget go to Straits Settlements paper money.

Last year, when I go to Amcorp Mall Flea Market, I already saw young kids buying notes and coins for a collections. Most of them buying a cheap notes but its a good start. At least 2010 I can see youngster involved in this hobby of kings. Nowadays, its not cheap for young kids to start this hobby. Many of them prefer stamp collecting as a hobby because it is cheaper. While most of kids these days prefer playing with their portable electronic games.

For 2010, I also saw many Malaysia coin and Banknotes blogger start their new blog. I will try to update my Malaysia coin blog list later. I also saw some Singaporean blogger start to commenting in my blog. Thanks for the visit and comment to all my reader. Here is some of the blogs who are frequent commentator in this blog:
  1. A Fistful of Ringgit
  2. coinandbanknotes.blogspot
  3. why collect
  4. umihoney
  5. Sumandak Kinabalu
  6. mgmsabrinumismatik
  7. akucintamimi.blogspot
Sorry If i don't comment back in everyone blog. Please comment in this post if you think I missed any of my frequent commentator. Some of bloggers asked me if I can teach you on how to blog. Maybe we can arrange a meeting one day and I will help you. If you're interested just email me your phone number, we will set the time and place later.

To anyone who are still new in my blog. This blog already had over 550 articles with over 200 of them written by me. Most of the other article come from News website. All of my article basely about Malaysia coin and currency or numismatic news in Malaysia. You need to type what you're searching for in this blog search button since browsing this blog by month views will take you more time to find what you're looking for. Like what I always tell everyone, I am not an expert, just a collector like you who like to share what I know.

What do I looking for in 2011? I think 2011 target will be more on my personal life rather then my collections. As you can see in the recent months, I don't have time to write my article because I am busy with my personal life and works. I also had many unfinished article for 2010, maybe will try to publish them in 2011. Don't worry, even if I am busy, I will still try to keep this blog keep on going for another year.

Happy New Year 2011!

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