A Few Christmas Pics

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Hi everyone!
I thought I better pop on and let you all know that I am still alive. I'm still trying to get used to the new computers...notice I said computerS.
My husband REALLY surprised me Christmas morning when I unwrapped a new laptop.
I was so NOT expecting that, especially since we just bought a new desktop a week before Christmas.
I love it!
However, I do not love the new Windows 7 program.
Does anyone else out there have major problems with it or am I just stupid?
As I said before, I will have to type a whole post on that topic alone.
Window 7 that is ..... not my stupidity!

Well here are a few pictures from our Christmas.
All three of the kids got new pellet/BB guns. Katie finally has a gun of her own and one that I don't think any of the boys will try taking off of her since it's pink. :0)
Here is a picture of part of the family gathered around the tree at my Mom & Dad's house. The kids were patiently waiting for everyone to sit down so that they could start ripping through the paper.

Lots of things to keep them entertained with.
                                   Play-doh & Legos
It's also gonna be a bit noisy around our houses!
Katie received a toy guitar and a violin as well as these two bell sets. 
The "BIG KIDS" also got new instruments.
We bought a Ukelele for my Dad. (I didn't get any pictures of it yet.) It was just one of those ideas that you kind of laugh at but I know Dad and know that he will play it.
He has had many different instruments over the years from pianos to horns.
Actually, I can remember him having a banjo when I was a kid and listening to him pick at it.
That is, until he got part of his finger cut off while working at Fostoria Glass. After that I don't remember him playing anymore.

The other "big kid" that got an instrument was ME.
My Mom & Dad got me this dulcimer.
I've been wanting one and I can't wait to begin learning how to play it.
Hopefully it will be less of a challenge to learn than the Windows program on my computers!

I've got plenty more photos but I won't bore you all with them.
I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday weekend!

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