Monday, November 29, 2010


I have a love affair with Paris and I was going through my photos and thought I’d share some random scenes of halls and corridors from Paris. 

This is an indoor area of the famed Puce Antique Market.

This is from Notre Dame Cathedral – the repetition of the arches so appeals to me.  Sorry for the graininess of the picture – not too much light in the cathedral.


A Paris garden path.

An exterior courtyard in Le Petit Trianon in Versailles. I love the effect of the checkerboard floor.  And, did you notice the large black hanging lanterns.  Don’t they just look like the ones we are seeing today everywhere? Some things are definitely timeless.  Yes, it’s all marble and that’s my cute hubby (wish he’d lose the grubby knapsack).  


Another hall in Versailles – isn’t that floor to die for?  It is so spectacular- here’s a close up!

Isn’t it gorgeous- so much detail and so much work to do.  If you look closely, you can even see the nail heads.


Another view of the same hall.  How would you like to clean those chandeliers?  Versailles is so over the top…but I can’t help but love it.


A lower floor corridor that leads to the working kitchen in Versailles.


And of course the fabulous Hall of Mirrors – speaking of cleaning chandeliers and other reflective surfaces…YIKES!

Another view of the Hall of Mirrors.

A view from the interior of Versailles out to one of the courtyards.  Don’t you love the patterned tile floor outside.  They certainly didn’t miss a detail did they?


Another hall in Versailles that showcased famous scientists, artists, playwrights, etc… Another gorgeous checkerboard floor.

And a lovely little outdoor staircase, lined with trees.  I hope you enjoyed these scenes from Paris!

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