Perfection in England - There is Such a Place

Monday, November 29, 2010


You all have listened to my ramblings about my love of England and all things British.  Well, I happened upon the most amazing website and I have to share.  I had seen this site before, but lost the address and was devastated.  This Anglophile was bummed!  Well thanks to Zaira at, I have found this wonderful site once again.  After drooling all over my laptop keys, I pulled myself together and wrote this post.  If you love dream cottages, old country houses, the countryside and places that look as though they are straight out of a Jane Austen novel, then you must visit  JJ Locations provides sets and locations for film and photography shoots.  I think I killed a good 2 hours at this website.  There are country houses, city houses, farms, English and French.  It is TO DIE FOR.  Have I mentioned that it's TO DIE FOR?  Ok good...just wanted to make that clear.  So here's my favorite out of all the locations.  I encourage you to check out the website and pretend that you can actually choose which one you will be living in.  For a brief moment, I convinced myself that I would be packing up and moving to this one, never to be seen or heard from again because I would have no reason to ever leave.  But then, everyone would want to visit me because it truly is perfection.   This is actually a converted water mill in Wiltshire and it may be the dreamiest place I have ever seen.  Enjoy and please tell me what you think.

Love Love Love - a perfect boat house

Diamond grid windows and a black and white checkered tile floor...ahh

That wonderful English look - as if it was put together over decades, perhaps centuries

Tea, anyone?

I'm sure they are priceless, but the chairs would have to go - maybe a London apartment

What a beautiful vignette...shells, a silver hand mirror, floral curtains and a diamond grid window

This is where I would cut the thorns on the roses I would be gathering

You can't replicate this with a McMansion - why anyone would want a new house when they could have this...

Someone likes cups and saucers - I might have to downsize this collection

Swans are always welcome

Love the "horsey" look of this room

I would paddle that boat around here until I got to the waterfall and would then have to jump ship

Love the low ceilings with the beams - who needs a tv? only a good book is required

I see a few full time gardeners in this picture


Blue runner must go but I could probably overlook it if I had to

A lovely foot path

Gothic windows and wrought iron...another "AHH"

And a green house too?  Beyond beautiful

An aqua door = happiness

Dilapidated and delectable 

This is where I park my vintage Jaguar when I'm at home

Diamond grid, gothic door in a happy yellow

Let's not forget the geese - we must have geese

What a beautiful frame this arbor makes

Thanks for looking and supporting my blog!  Have a great Monday evening.  I need to go purchase lottery tickets if I am ever going to make my dream of living in England become a reality!

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