"Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining"

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Beads in whites and greys like a cloudy sky and an occasional silver sparkly bead prompted the name for this necklace.  

I was thinking about this as I was making it so I thought I'd type the phrase in an internet search.  This is a portion of what I found:

Idiom Definitions for 'Every cloud has a silver lining '~ People sometimes say that every cloud has a silver lining to comfort somebody who's having problems. They mean that it is always possible to get something positive out of a situation, no matter how unpleasant, difficult or even painful it might seem. 

I also learned something new today!  I had to look up the definition of "Idiom".  In case you don't know either, here is what it is: 

Definition of Idiom ~ A phrase which has a meaning that is commonly understood by speakers of the language, but whose meaning is often different from the normal meaning of the words is called an idiom. 

So the thought for today is to remember to be positive and alway's look for the silver lining!

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