Yipee! Crochet is Popular Again!

Monday, September 13, 2010


I've been collecting free crochet patterns for quite awhile now, and ever so often I glance through them to see if something catches my eye.

A few weeks ago as I was finishing a rose and leaves, I ran across a free pattern for this adorable purse. This purse pattern is so quick and easy and I didn't even have to make any adjustments at all. For those who crochet or knit, you know how rare it is that a pattern doesn't need some "fixing".

I did use one 2.5oz. ball of 4-ply 100% cotton yarn instead of what's listed in the "materials" section.

I then used just a safety pin to make a brooch and attach the rose and leaves to the purse. I'm pleased with the results and I hope you will be also.

I'm only showing a link to the purse pattern because free patterns for the roses are abundant on the internet.

Have fun and I'd love to see your finished purses!!

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