True Friendship

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I was beginning to send my best friend Tete a personal email and then decided that I wanted to declare my friendship to her on my blog. Who doesn't wish for a best friend? I know I have all my life and I lost her once and never want to again. Tete-she's the kind of person who will help you in any way(which is something with all my crazy ideas!), listen when I'm sad, down, or angry-just listen, I can tell my secret thoughts with no fear of anyone else finding out, she gives advice even when it's something you don't want to hear, to share my dreams and try to make them happen, discussing life and all it's meaning, when I call 20+ times a day and she never get tired of it , inspiring me to try new things, lead ing with strength and courage, have I said enough-I could go on and on and on. I wish you all could have a friend like my Tete.
If you haven't met her you can

I know you'll never know her like I do-but her blog is so inspiring-check it out!

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