Thursday, September 30, 2010


Don't you ever get tired of just plain painted walls?
Once in a while you need to liven things up and all it takes is a little paint, some time, and tape.
What colors you choose depends on the room and the mood you want to achieve. Spend some time looking through home magazines or online for design ideas and color combos that appeal to you.
When you go to the paint store just breathe deep.  Take home a handful of color samples and tape them to a wall where the colors will change as the sun moves throughout the day.  Remember, the color will appear darker on the wall once it dries.
Don't be afraid of color or trying different color combination's that you would normally shy away from!

Here I used two complimentary colors with muted tones and vertical stripes on two walls to get a homey, cozy and inviting room. I also varied the size of the stripes. I like wider stripes for a less busy appearance.

You can also take one color and mix it two or three times with white to get different shades of the same color. I used tape (that blue paint tape) to leave a white stripe between each square for a crisp clean look.

Don't be afraid of bold colors which are great in kids rooms, sport rooms, dens, dining rooms, etc.
This was drawn free hand on the wall and painted around. You can also buy stencils or draw things out on paper and transfer to the wall if you don't feel comfortable doing free hand.
The possibilities are endless and once you try something in one room you'll be looking at every other room with a new eye and paint brush in hand.

Note:  I wasn't thinking when I took these photos that they'd end up on a blog so pardon the rumpled bed, toilet seat up and toilet paper all askew.  I didn't do it!  I swear.

Goodgosh Peggy

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