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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Just playing along again in Donna's Funky Junk's SNS (= Saturday Night Special - see also my sidebar button) which has the theme "Window sills" today - so I'll add a phew more shots of my window sill from the same shooting day as the other pictures in this post from when I put the left over iron element from the old french children bed in the window. Oh and btw you are all cordially invited to play along in my 5th bloggiversary giveback at the end of this post!
xoxo~ Carola

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Oh my I'm such a bad blogger dear readers and friends, I know and that in the month of my 5th bloggiversary *blushes*, I promised you a post with a giveback in September and I really tried hard but it was such a busy month, oh well but at least on the very last day of the month of September I finally got arround to do my long overdue post: 

Before I come to my giveback I'd like to share with you my new sofa! As you can see it really is an old french iron children bed. My mom bought it about 17 years ago during a wonderful vacation we had together in the South of France in my favorite Provence in a brocante shop. And we brought it back home on the rooftop of my old car. My mom then had it in her room decorated with her beautiful antique dolls for some years and when new grandbabies arrived, the dolls went out and the grandchildren went in lol but a few years ago she had to put it down because she needed the space and since then it sat in her basement waiting for a new life. When I got the latest Jeanne d'arc Living magazine I saw a picture of a french iron children bed in it and the bed was used as a sofa, I thought that was a genius idea and I suddenly remebered the bed we bought in France so long ago and asked my mom what had happened with it and she told me that she still has it in the basement and that of course I could have it! So yay! Here it is:

I bought a new thicker baby matress for the bed at IKEA. This matress is very comfortable to sit on and also I kind of like the contrast of the dark blue in my living room after some consideration I decided to paint it white again like it was originally. Seeing that for a sofa the bed needed to be open on one side I was lucky to have a scrolly iron piece left to use for further decoration and I started painting with that part and as always when I paint I spot some more pieces that could need a new life in white so I also quickly painted some candlesticks as you can see in this picture below:

 When the paint was dry and I tested how comfortable it was to sit on it I found out that I would need a warm backside to lean on, otherwise it wouldn't be comfortable enough. The feed sack I bought this Summer at our local flea maket sprang to mind and washed it and filled it with two big cushions and voilá my little iron sofa has a cosy backside :)

 On one hand it is a pity because now I cannot see the beautiful scrolly iron anymore but on the other hand I think it is more important to have a comfortable place to sit.

  If you wonder where I put the spare part of the bed well I tried it out here and there but it definitely looked best in the window and did you notice the new old lace curtain on the curtain rod, well that's another thing my mom had laying around and asked me if I would want it. Yes sure because I always thought the window looked a bit bare but I didn't find the right curtain well until now that is :)

 I also redecorated the window side further with the a plant stand I had outside in the garden and  brought in the house now that the outside season is almost over, I put it in the corner with the shutter on top and the table I had there in the corner I could now use as another couch table in fromt of the window.

I think it really is quite a cosy corner now and I love to spend time here, 

 I picked hydrangea bouquets to dry them and decorate for fall and I finally found some cream colored pumpkins for my fall decor as well, thanks to my sister who lives in the country side, Here in the city orange and green pumpkins is all you can get. My cousin Stefanie who also lives more in the country even got me some white Baby Boos that she will bring for me to our family reunion this weekend and I'm looking forward to decorate them as soon as I'm back next week.

I gathered acorns - I love acorns! - and put them in that pressed glass bowl. 

Some close ups of the pumpkins I got so far and the scrolly iron piece in the back. 

Well just for good measure I have to throw in another picture of my faux mantle 

 and of my dining room area as well

 Okay let's change the subject. I've not only been busy painting (and of course swapping but more on that later) this month I was also creative and productive once again in my studio, where it was to hot in Summer, but now the temps up there are just right.

 I was so happy when I found these domed round glasses at our local flea this Summer that are so great to put 3 dimensional pieces under, so I started a new line of pendants:


  I'm not quite finished yet:

5 years of blogging wow I still can't believe how fast these 5 years past and how lucky I still am to be part of this wonderful blogging community of like minded creative women! So for the giveback in celebration of my 5th bloggiversary and as a thank you I decided to give away two of the pendants above to two of my faithful readers/followers. I'll also add 2 beautiful Fall interior magazines that I bought during a business trip to Amsterdam last week. So that means that two readers will have a chance to win 2 pendants and two interior magazines each. All you have to do to win is leave me a comment on what you think about my blog in the comment section and if you are (or become) a follower you'll get a second chance to win. I'll announce the lucky winners in two weeks time!

Okay I gotta leave you know because work is calling, but I hope to see you again here soon when I share with you not only the winners of my give back, but also the beautiful swap I recently had with my German blogging friend Julia from Vintage with laces,

Until then have a good time everyone and enjoy the cooler temps of autumn!

xoxo~ Carola

P.S. I'm linking up with Kathleen's White Wednesday once again!

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