Fall has arrived… (again *sigh*)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Last year I picked up a few of these cool papier-mâché pumpkin ornaments. 
(with an idea in mind of course)

I was all excited and got right to work on them.
First I cut out an opening just how I wanted it.  I then gathered some different  shades of orange tissue papers to cover them.

I picked out the images I wanted to use to decorate them with, had everything ready to go.....

and then……….

the next thing I knew, Halloween had passed, so I set them aside.
Now a whole year has gone by and my little unfinished pumpkins sadly sat in a box…..
I have brought them out and renewed my goal to get them done this year.
But now what will they become?
I still have the original idea in my head, but …..will they be what I first planned or will they turn into something else? I have gotten some other ideas in my head for them now, but I need un-cut ones for that.  Hmm, maybe I will have to pick up a few more.
While I am at it, I had picked up these little plastic pumpkins (last year also…*sigh*)
and I think they need a little up-cycling themselves….

Maybe if you come back and check up on me I will post pictures of the finished products. (plus if I know somebody is watching, well.... I will have to get them done)

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