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Sunday, September 26, 2010


I receive this old newspaper story from a friend about fake 50 sen coins story in 2006. The report made by STAR newspaper regarding public complaint to Kuala Lumpur Gerakan Youth chief Ma Woei Chyi. Ma told the press there had been five cases of traders enquiring about the authenticity of their 50 sen coins to him. I try using magnet before but still some of my 50 sen coin cannot be accepted by some parking meter in Klang. I am not sure if it is a forgery coin since the details is the same as original.

Photo by the Star Newspaper: Magnet test for fake 50 sen.

"We found out about the counterfeit 50 sen coins after traders came to our office and enquired why their coins had been rejected by parking meter machines in the Kuala Lumpur, Jinjang, Selayang and Petaling Jaya council areas.When we checked the coins, we found some differences between the original and the fake ones, such as the wau logo at the back is not as detailed. A magnet test can determine whether a 50 sen coin is genuine because the magnet will attract the fake coin. When you drop the coins on the floor, there is a difference in the sound produced between the two," said Kuala Lumpur Gerakan Youth chief Ma Woei Chyi.

Here is the answer by Bank Negara Malaysia dated 22 June 2006:
Clarification on fake 50 sen coins

Recent news reports alleging that a large number of the 50 sen coins in circulation are fake is incorrect and misleading. Investigations by Bank Negara Malaysia revealed that such forgeries are isolated cases and the amount involved is insignificant. Bank Negara Malaysia works very closely with Polis Diraja Malaysia in addressing cases of currency and coin forgeries, and actions are promptly taken to apprehend those who are involved in such criminal activities. Members of the public should continue to use 50 sen coins with confidence.

Any of you having the same problem? I cannot take picture of the coin since the parking meter will take that coin. But on the receipt, it telling me that my coin is fake. Will take pictures of the receipt and put it here next time, If I am lucky.

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