Butterfly wings to fight banknote forgery

Monday, May 31, 2010


A butterfly wings might be a way to fight banknote forgery. Expert at University of Cambridge have made realistic imitation copies of the butterfly’s wings after studying the Indonesian Peacock Swallowtail butterfly. Brightly coloured patterns on the insects can now be reproduced on banknotes and passports to minimise the risk posed by fraudsters. Mimicking these iridescent patterns has long eluded scientists as they are produced by light bouncing off microscopic structures in the insects’ wings. The study is published in Nature Nanotechnology journal.
Photo by wikipedia: The butterfly in the study; Indonesian Peacock Swallowtail butterfly.

The butterfly in the study; Papilio blumei is found only on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia and has a wingspan of three to three-and-a-half inches. The wings of the Swallowtail have an intricate, microscopic make up resembling the structure of an egg carton. It is due to their shape and the alternate layers of air and cuticle within the wings that they produce such depth and intensity of colour. But scientists found a way to produce structurally identical replicas of butterfly scales. The copies are created in the lab from a combination of nanofabrication procedures including self-assembly and atomic layer deposition.

Mathias Kolle, who led the research, said: “We have unlocked one of nature’s secrets and combined this knowledge with state-of-the-art nanofabrication to mimic the intricate optical designs found in nature.

“Although nature is better at self-assembly than we are, we have the advantage that we can use a wider variety of artificial, custom-made materials to optimise our optical structures.

“These artificial structures could be used to encrypt information in optical signatures on banknotes or other valuable items to protect them against forgery.

Next time when we hold a banknote in our hand, please remember to say thank you for butterfly as well. They help us stop counterfeit banknote from circulating. As in Malaysia, many counterfeit new RM50 counterfeit cases emerging everyday. Just make sure you check your money before put them in your wallet.

Source:, Wikipedia.

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EHAG Emporium May 31rst Art Sale


The Eclectic Halloween Artists Group May 31rst Art Sale!
The time has arrived and what fun it will be to see all the offerings of the many talented EHAG artists.

I am offering two items for purchase consideration. I gladly accept PAYPAL or PERSONAL CHECKS as payment. Shipping/Insurance on Hallo'Claus is $8.00 and for the Portrai'ments $4.00. If you are interested in any of these special sale pieces, please email (this email address is also my PAYPAL id). These items are being sold first come, first served and every effort will be made to update their availability as quickly as possible. Items ship no later than 2 days after payment receipt. Please scroll down for pictures, descriptions, and prices.... Best Wishes!

Hallo'Claus    Ever think about what Santa Claus is doing between Christmases? For those of you who believe in him, Santa Claus watches out for your best interests year 'round. On Hallowe'en, he is ever vigilant in making sure things don't get too scarey. He may even search you out and offer-up a little Hallowe'en present! Hallo'Claus is sculpted in paperclay, dressed in felt, stands on a wooden base, and measures 8.75" tall. His tiny cat candy container opens at the neck. For ease of shipping and storage, he is completely removeable from the base...ITEM SOLD

For every household black feather tree, here are PORTRAI'MENTS
This is my first attempt at Hallowe'en ornaments. I've done many Christmas ornaments in this manner, so it was time for a new interpretation. These are bas-relief sculpted paperclay on a double layer of sturdy mat board. The backs are finshed as the fronts, in gold with polka dots and feature a tiny ribbon loop sealed with a dresden trim (slip an ornament hook right into the loop).  The SET OF THREE includes Gentleman Jack, Clowning Cat, and Saucy Witch. They measure 3.5" tall. Normally ornaments sell for $20 a piece, this set is offered at a special introductory 15% off price of   ITEM SOLD

Miss Kitty


I bought this basket(yes I bought it because it was pink) at a garage sale on Saturday. I brought inside and no sooner had I set it down and my kitty(she's at least 17 years old) had to get in. She is the first pet I ever had in my life and I really love her. She has so much spunk and personality and of course she loves pink-she told me so!


As we gather with our families to celebrate this Memorial Day lets not forget the reason.... 

A day for honoring the brave men & women that have lost their lives while defending our country and protecting our freedoms.

Report on Allegan


It was a wonderful summer day yesterday at Allegan. No rain and the sun was out in full force as well as lots of people. We were so busy that we didn't picture taken until well after much of our product had sold.


We sold lots of smalls. Our industrial items sold well first thing. Architectural and Garden items like urns did really well including a great old original paint wheelbarrow.


CJ assembled a great display of vintage glasses. The wonderful pair of sunglasses on the plate in the picture found a new home.
 We set up with fellow dealers from Bluedoor Antique Mall. With such good neighbors next door we knew we would have a great time. We also got to see fellow dealer Daine Passi, her daughter Olivia and there very artsy booth display. Joe and Sandy from Rhubarb Reign were there and fun to visit with. We also saw people from Chicago, from the Holland show house and many other friends and neighbors that we wish to thank for stopping by to support us and say hi.
Our neighbor's had this wonderful pink bench made out of a bed that didn't sell. But, it will end up back at Bluedoor in Grand Rapids for those of you that are interested.
One of our  friends Connie Maitland who's items were in the booth next to us. Her creativity it an inspiration to all of us who know her and call her friend.

We had so much fun we are excited about doing Allegan next month. However, today we are just going to rest our tired bodies and recover from some of the very intense hot we experienced by afternoon yesterday.

What We Do For Our Four-Legged Friends...


Or... what we make them do for us!

Yesterday was my dog Vito's 10th birthday. Getting into the spirit, I decided to have a party with doggies and adults. For some reason Vito loves Bichons and Havenese, so his close friends were there to celebrate. My friend Lisa generously donated her house for the festivities!

Forgive Vito's bad behavior...

$27 (yes, $27) for an organic dog birthday cake from a dog bakery. Hope they enjoyed it!

little treats for the guests

"Oh, please take these silly hats off of us!"

"Are you kidding me?" -Buster

Speaking of dog parties...I had to share this cute "dessert party" that Kristy of Posh Pixels Design Studio created for her new adopted puppy, Ozzy.

The theme was “Meet the Puppy,” to introduce Ozzy to her family & friends. There was "doggy" food and "people" food.

So beautifully done...

Biscuits & rawhides for the puppies, candy & treats for the humans...

How creative is this?

For the humans...

For the dogs...

Love that party! So talented!

Are we silly? Yes. We love our animals so why not spoil them? They give us so much joy and unconditional love!

photo credits: Posh Pixels Design Studio & my own




I came across this cool mineral composite panel from Modular Arts ( in a recent edition of Canadian Interiors magazine.  I thought they were so interesting and I think you will too.  Here’s some more images from their website.

image   SNAGHTML56f78c





These panels have been installed in lots of hotel lobbies, nightclubs, offices and restaurants around the world.  But now they have smaller versions of the same product. 

They are fire safe, light weight, durable, paintable, do not off-gas and are so very elegant and WOW what texture do they add to the space!!!  

For more details check out their website at: www.modtiles.comimage


Isn’t this the neatest backsplash….

I can so see this wavy pattern at a beach house it would mirror the water perfectly!


And of course it works in a bathroom as well….

I believe that every space can be comfortable, warm, elegant and beautiful. I would love to help you achieve your beautiful space!

Email me at or if in the Ottawa area call me at 613-762-0818.


Pink Gumball Machine

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Inspiration-found this on another blog(sorry can't remember where)-love the storage for necklaces. Bought this at a garage sale missing glass and painted it pink -I have a red one in the sale barn-may have to put it on here because I've had this for a year and still haven't found the glass replacement



Hey Pals,

Man, we need a new secretary.  Mama has been out of commission for quite a bit lately with all of her doctor appointments, they - rope - peeeee sessions and more doctor appointments.  Then she'll be getting a big shot in her elbow next week, yikes!

The big news is that after we got all of the ponds cleaned up, then storms came.  And ya know what that means???  The koi always breed before it storms.  They were breeding for 3 WHOLE DAYS non-stop!  And who would guess, Koi ARCHIE & Koi SCRUFFY are now fathers, hehehehehehe!

Mama caught them in the act of chasing the female koi.  Mama decided to raised some baby koi from eggs again.  She has done it before, so it's pretty easy.  After they quit breeding, she collected a bunch of eggs from the pond and put them into an aquarium to hatch.  The babies hatched in the aquarium on May 25th and in the pond about a day later as the water in the pond is cooler then the aquarium water.

So Katie has been busy bottle feeding the baby koi, see:

Here are some close up pictures of the babies.  It's hard to get a photo of them since they swim and move around so fast.

We'll raise the babies indoors until next spring.  Then if they are big enough, they will go out into the outdoor ponds.  Mama hopes they will be over 6 inches long.  That way they will be large enough that the bullfrogs won't eat them.  Did you know that bullfrogs will eat a 6 inch koi??  baby ducks?  birds? snakes?  ewweeeeeeee!

When we were cleaning out the ponds, we caught many of the koi since we wanted to catch the ones that we were selling.  So here are the Koi Nurses and errrr ahhhh, Fathers.  The picture is deceiving for showing their size.  If you look at Koi Lacie, she is about 12 inches long now, so that gives you something to go by.  There were some koi in that tub 24 inches long.  Most were hiding farther down in the container.  Oh, and we hadn't caught Koi Nurse Agatha yet, so she is not pictured, sorry.

If you click on the photos, they should biggify so that you can see the fish better.  Guess it's time for Katie to feed the babies again.  I have to help her reach the aquarium.

Wirey Hugs, Purrz & Licks,
Butchy, Katie, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby & Hootie

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