When France meets Sweden...

Friday, April 30, 2010


...You get the Swedish flag!

Pretty wood bowl


Here is the after picture of my wood bowl.


I found the deal of the year. I went to a garage sale this morning in the rain and found this Ugly wood bowl. Its 15 1/2 inches across and 5 inches deep. It took me a while to get it cleaned up and pretty again but here it is. I think I will keep it for a while. Here is the before picture.

Fantastic Giveaway - you must enter


Miss Rebecca Ersfeld for Vintage Living has a fantastic giveaway to announce the opening of her new blog shop. 

Rebecca's work is lovely and she offers some of her best pieces along with wonderful antique treasuers...I'm crazy about the lace making stand with the bobbins still attached.

Her giveaway if for a fabric collage using your family pictures like the one below.

In addition, she will also give away a Where Women Create mag.

It doesn't get better then this so click on over to her blog and enter.  Have a wonderful weekend.  Sea Witch

An earthquake in NW Arkansas!


Well friends, I survived an earthquake and didn't even know it till later. We had ourselves a little earthquake in NW Arkansas yesterday. Strange, not a very common thing.
Magnitude 2.5 with the center not far from where I live and work. Good thing it was so small. 

People in California would probably laugh at how some people have reacted to it. On the other hand we have a tornado watch in effect till 8pm tonight and that would probably freak them out, LOL. Looks to be clearing up a bit. 

Anyway that concludes the weather report from Vintiquities Workshop.
Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Windy Days


Yesterday was an exhausting day- up at 5:30 to clean the house for 2 hours then over to the barn to clean until 1:00. I've got some great parents- they came to help. We each took a section and it was hard, dirty work. It was so windy we couldn't open the doors and there wasn't much room to re-arrange everything like I had hoped. We made a huge difference and although there is still work to be done- it's a lot more presentable. I had planned to work over there this afternoon- but the wind is just too much again. I'm hoping for some time tomorrow to really dig in and get things finalized and priced. If you get a chance to stop by- remember it's a barn! Here's my cash wrap area and my sign with a huge spider that I haven't taken down since halloween. The signs made from an old victorian fainting couch. I'm hoping to fill all the bottles on the shelves with fun stuff- and if it's pink- all the better!

Unanswered question for April 2010


Every month, there is over a dozen question asked by my reader about coin, banknote, collection, item price and accessories that related to numismatic world. I cannot answer some of the question because I cannot find any information about it. I am sharing it in here for anyone to give answer for that question. Just make sure you don't spam me with unrelated link. I am editing some of this question to make sure it is relevant to this blog. Keep on giving me question to I will try to answered them.

Photo by Wikipedia: Japanese invasion money.

This month, only one unanswered question for April 2010. Navin asked me about Japanese propaganda money. I am not collecting this kind of banknote because I don't have enough information about them. I too want to know if there is any good books that will help me to understand this notes better. The Japanese dollar was one of several forms of Japanese invasion money issued throughout the then newly expanded Empire of Japan. Similar currencies were issued in Japanese-occupied Burma (as the Japanese rupee), the Dutch East Indies (as the Japanese guilder) and the Philippines (as the Japanese peso). Almost all of the notes contained the text (The Japanese Government “Promise To Pay The Bearer On Demand”).

Navin also asked about Malaysia specimen banknote. I know some of you are collector of this banknote, please share your information in here.

Question by Navin:


I am currently doing some research on the Japanese propaganda banknotes. I have book written by Wong from Singapore as a reference for the time being. I have been also searching for this banknotes for some time but its not easy to find...Since you are more longer/experience in this field, i have some questions as below :

a) I only know the Japanese banknote $5, $10 , $100 and $ 1000 over printed as VJ victory is genuine although there are some fake ones. Do you know other type of over printing ( other stamp marks ) which is also genuine ( probably during communist time ? ) I have seen some Japanese banknotes over printed in different stamps in the Internet but not sure its genuine...

b) Probably i am not finding the notes in correct way....Do you think these VJ printing, banknotes with calendar of 1945 and 'Wang Jepun akan mati sama Jepun' is easy to find in market? Is the price stated in KN Boon or Steven Tan book is reasonable or too low?

c) Do you have some books which i can have as a reference regarding this banknotes?

d) Do you have these banknotes or you know other people who wanted to sell this banknotes?

e) Besides that, for Malaysian specimen banknotes, we dont have a price reference....Is it a buyer willingness or you have some price reference?

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An Oreo Delight


Wow! It's going to be a gorgeous day today with lots of sun and warm temperatures. I've got a few chores to get done and then I hope to have some time to sew a bit and then outside to enjoy the day.

Update on Garden:
Yesterday morning was the last morning that they were calling for frost so I went ahead and took the newspapers off last night. I saw a few spots of black on a couple leaves but that was it so I think all of my plants will be alright. I still have tomatoes, peppers and zucchini to plant but I'm waiting till about the mid of May to do so.  Don't want to risk it until warmer weather arrives for good.
Well I'll share the Oreo dessert with you all and then I'm off to enjoy the day.

Oreo Delight

1 large pkg. Oreos, crushed
8 oz. cream cheese
1 cup powdered sugar
1 container Cool Whip, thawed
1 small box instant vanilla pudding
1 small box instant chocolate pudding
3 cups milk

Crush Oreo's and reserve enough to sprinkle over the top of the dessert when finished. (about 1 to 1 1/2 cups)
In mixing bowl, beat cream cheese, sugar and 1 cup Cool Whip.
Add crushed Oreos to that mixture and mix.
Pat crumb mixture into the bottom of a 9X13 pan.
In another bowl, mix both puddings together with the milk.
Pour pudding over crumb layer.
Top with remaining Cool Whip.
Garnish with Oreo crumbs.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

The Magic Christmas Star

Thursday, April 29, 2010


This is a Hallmark presentation. Very sweet story for children.

White Christmas Cartoon Song


I love this version of White Christmas. Hope it puts a smile on your face.

Farting Elves 12 Days of Christmas


O.K. So you need a sense of  humor for this. Leave it up to JibJab!

Antique report card image


Found a report card in my family pics that belonged to my Grandma Mary. I thought it was neat.
Being poor at "arithmetic" must run in the family, LOL. I always hated it.
So glad I'm no longer graded on it. See...there is always something to be thankful for.

Have a very happy day!

Counterfeit New Zealand polymer money


Look like nowadays, polymer notes also cannot run from people counterfeiting it. This counterfeit New Zealand polymer money look like original, only the colour is a little bit different. The news about the fakes $100 and $50 New Zealand currency reported by almost every New Zealand news website yesterday were found in Wellington. Police are expecting more fake $100 and $50 notes to surface in Wellington after a man allegedly tried to use one in an inner-city convenience store.
Photo by The Dominion Post: Seized Counterfeit notes.

Three men have appeared in court on a range of charges after a shop worker noticed what appeared to be a counterfeit bill being used to pay for for a small item early on Monday morning. Tauranga police had warned on Sunday that counterfeit $100 and $50 notes were being used to make small purchases in the western Bay of Plenty so as to get legitimate money as change. A group would go into a store and distract shop staff as the counterfeit notes were handed over, police said.

Police believe the counterfeit notes may have been used elsewhere in the North Island. Detective Sergeant Martin Todd said the Wellington convenience store attendant realised the $100 bill was forged and called police, who arrested a man while he was in the store. From there two other men were arrested and several forged bills found on them and at a Wellington address.

"It would be nice to think we got them before they went too crazy.., but we anticipate there may be more calls to police (about the notes)," Mr Todd said yesterday.

"These fake notes vary in colour and texture to legal tender notes.

"My advice to retailers is to ensure any $50 or $100 bank notes.., are carefully checked to ensure they are the real thing."

In Wellington District Court on Monday, Brian Charles Henare, 21, was charged with attempting to use a forged $100 note and possessing three $100 and two $50 forged notes.

Whetu Williams, 18, was charged with having a forged $100 note.

Christopher Isitol Uritua, 26, unemployed, was charged with having under his control 41 forged $100 notes and two forged $50 notes.

He was also charged with possessing five forged $100 notes and using a forged bank note with intent to obtain property dishonestly.

All the charges relate to incidents in Wellington on Monday and no pleas were entered. The men, from Auckland, were remanded on bail until May 17.

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Can't decide, need assistance!


I'ma gal who almost always knows exactly what she wants or what she is gonna do next.  Rarely do I second guess a decision or have to think about a choice...I just know what I want or like and embrace it.  However, every once in a while (must be the full moon from yesterday that has me in a color choice quandry) I need a little insight from creative folks.  I need your opinion with a color makeover for a faboosh vintage sunburst wall clock that I found.  It runs beautifully, but has a good bit of metallic detoriation on the metal spokes. 

Once this happens, you really must steel wool it away and put a primer/paint on it to stop the continued rust and decay.  Normally I paint these either diner pink or diner aqua...but I came across a couple of spray paint cans in this glorious light, lime green that I am jonesing to use.  So here is where I need your help...should I use the really cool lime green or stick to the diner pink or aqua? 

Lime green which would be perfect for a sunny yellow room or retro den, would look great against the black clock face...and, and, and you rarely see this color used...which is another reason why I am leaning towards the lime green.


Diner pink...a color you can never miss with. 


Diner aqua...another color you can't miss with.

So there, can you not see my color quandry?  So please leave your color choice as a comment and help this sea witch figure out which color to use.  I will post the repainted photo next week.

Now, as long as we are talking color, how great are these spring petunias?  I am crazy about this magenta. (you probably recognize that I moved the petunias to put the clock up and snap a photo of it for today's post.)

Petunias are back on the stacking benches at my entrance where they belong.  Have a glorious day everyone.  Sea Witch

A New Blog!


Another unidentified piece from a photo album. Where is this from?

Yesterday I had a brainstorm while on my treadmill (perhaps I should get on my treadmill more often). Why not launch a blog about great-grandfather's work? I will still continue to post about my discoveries on this blog, but the new blog will be solely concentrated on his work. Don't want to inundate you all with every piece of information I find!

Still have a lot of "tweaking" and adding to do to it, but thought I'd share the beginning stages with you.

Take a peek here if you'd like!

Chalet Leftovers


Wilcox Estate Grand Rapids Symphony Designer Showhouse May 1-23


Tonight is the opening Gala Preview Party for the Wilcox Estate Grand Rapids Symphony Designer Showhouse. Dan & I did and upstairs bedroom from the old Butlers apartment. We were inspired by "Where Women Create", so we created an artists studio retreat space. We used this antique French Louis the XVI bed , Dan built the bed crown, the ottoman a fantastic industrial lamp and an artists cabinet. The last 2 you have to visit the house to see :-)
I also used my Dad's beautiful antique oak drafting table that I have been using for years now. 
Furnishing our space with antiques is our "thing" of course but it also felt like the right design decision for this fantastic 1920 Spanish Mission style building. The building is fascinating on it's own. It was built as part of the Wilcox Estate as an activities building, housing and indoor pool and squash courts. Build in a square with a center courtyard for entertaining. It ounce had an amazing greenhouse off of one side that they grew fresh vegetables in year round. The Butler and the gardener had apartments here as well as the laundry and equipment garages. This is a wonderful historic adaptive use project. All of the Designers have done a great job. It is a must see! visit the web site for more details

Pepperoni Burgers on the Grill


So sorry for the awful picture but they gobbled them all up before I got a chance to get a good picture. I had to quickly cut into this one to get a picture before my brother scarfed it up.

Well I told you all that I was in picnic mode this week so here is another recipe for your grilling-out recipe box. Nothing fancy about a hamburger but the toppings that you choose can really make a world of difference.
I grilled these hamburgers then placed them on the top rack of the grill so that they didn't burn. I then topped each burger with pepperoni that I had diced up earlier in the day. Next I added a slice of mozzerella cheese. Shut the grill lid for a minute and allow the cheese to melt. 
We had these with just the usual fixins' but you could heat a bit of pizza sauce up and spread on top as you place it on a bun ~ Grilled Pizza Burger.
Simple ~ Easy ~ Tasty
Do you have a favorite topping or way to make an ordinary hamburger taste over the top. If so, do you care to share?

Valuing the Non-professional Archivist


Professional astronomers value amateur astronomers...should archivists follow their example?

I was inspired by a show about the night sky at my local planetarium that briefly discussed how non-professional astronomers have propelled science through wide-ranging amateur exploration. The help of these amateurs has effectively given professionals extra sets of eyes, allowing them to see things that they otherwise may not have had time to locate. We similarly have the potential to expand our archives universe (so to speak) by seeking interested non-professionals who can help archivists identify and care for important archival sources in places we don't have time to reach or cannot access.

Online sites like the Astronomy Zoo encourage amateur exploration and invite the layman to help astronomers with their mission. The site opens and immediately encourages those interested in the science. It reads "Welcome to Galaxy Zoo, where you can help astronomers explore the Universe." It then discusses how individuals can help scientists, what has been achieved to date, thanks the viewer for his help, and ends by declaring "happy classifying!" (Who wouldn't feel wanted and eager to help at that point?)

Similarly, the ecology site Opal invites those interested in wildlife to "find, study, and record nature in your local area." Imperative statements such as "Download a free survey pack and get involved today; Learn more about the water survey; Enter your results online; Find out about other OPAL surveys" encourage those exploring the site online to actively participate, learn more, and become engaged with Opal's cause.

Similarly, a few years ago, I discovered the Great Sunflower Project to help the scientists count bees and gather information that would help ensure the survival of vital bee populations. It seems that the idea of the "Citizen Scientist" is alive and well across the Internet.

Like scientists, archivists need to recognize how partnerships with non-archivists can assist our goals. In fact, we can not be fully successful at our attempts to document our areas of interest without help from non-professionals. We also cannot sustain our work without raising awareness and encouraging an appreciation for our field and the resources for which we care. Active, hands-on, in the field work by non-professionals who have ready access to resources which archivists may not be able to locate on their own is key to the success of archives management. An archivists potential resources can be found in virtually every home, association, and business in the Western world and often remain undiscovered by "experts" and therefore lost to history. Archivists would be greatly empowered by seeking assistance from our local communities and encouraging non-professional (dare I say "Citizen?") archivists who can provide our field with its own extra eyes.

(Thank you to my Twitter friend and overseas colleague Anna McNally, History Project Archivist at the University of Westminster, for supplying telling me about the Astronomy Zoo and Opal sites. Yesterday, I mentioned on Twitter that I was inspired by a recent trip to the Christa McAuliffe Planetarium in New Hampshire and Anna immediately responded that she was attending a presentation about the subject on that very day. Science lecturer Alice Bell was the presenter at her session.)

Some Great Finds


I was lucky enough to get to shop early last year at a local antique dealers garage sale. I found some wonderful things. I asked her if I could do the same again this year-YEH! This is most of what I bought. I've got a few things I need to pick up.

The planter is a keeper- it's exactly my style and I have rarely seen a window like that-I think it would be perfect for old pictures. The metal piece in front(we both didn't know what it was) will be spray painted to put in my garden. The metal tall round items are old lamp shades which she put candles in the yard. I have several of the old pictures from the 70's of the bathtub scene. I don't have them up anywhere- but I'd love to have a little cabin to put them in. A great day for finds!

Luca goes color

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


When a lot of people goes new painted  and kill all the other colors i prefere to go original colosr.
But that is my choise.



Hey Pals,

We've been having trouble posting, but finally things are working.  Mama has a zillion photos and videos of Katie.  Oh yeah, plus Mama has been going to they - roooooo - peeeeee for her bad neck, so she hasn't been able to sit at the puter much.  Hopefully we'll catch up soon.  We have lots of photos of our flowering trees too and some goosies that have been visiting our pond.  Not to mention all of the time Mama spends training the little tazmanian devil, errrrr, I mean my sissie, hehehehe!

So here is Katie with her first stick:

Katie loves to grab EVERY piece of grass as we walk by it just like I Butchy do.  We drive Mama crazy.

Ok, on Monday Katie had her first trip to our vet.  She got to meet all kinds of doggies and people.

Check out this cute Hairless Terrier she met:

Can I go to my room now???

Not only did she go to her room, but first she walked into the lab room all by herself and walked right onto the hoooooge floor scale to weigh herself, hehehehe!  She weighs 4 lbs. 4 oz.

Ok, is it my turn now???

That's a long way down....

Ok, back onto the floor safe.

Are you sure he knows I'm in here waiting???

Well hello Mr. Broom, what are you doing over there???

I'm still waiting:

Oh boy, it's my turn...

Say ahhhhhhhhh.........

Can I have more of those treats???  They were yummy.  (usually Butchy won't eat the treats when the vet hands them to him, but he will eat them in the car, Katie scarfed down every treat he handed her!)

Needless to say, Katie disrupted the whole office, tee hee!  She was there an HOUR!  She met 6 dogs, big and small, and of course all of the vet's helpers and the hoomans that brought their dogs there that day.

Mama has they - roooo - peeee again in the morning, so we're not sure when we'll get to post more of our photos.  Hopefully soon!  ( I think Mama takes at least 200 photos per day, geeeesh!)

Katie says HI to Bertie too!  ( I think she's in luv......)

Wirey Hugs, Purrz & Licks,
Butchy, Katie, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby & Hootie

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