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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I just put this buffet/side board cabinet in at Eastown Antiques. It is the first cabinet I have done like this and it is made of repurposed furniture and architectural items. The back is two doors joined together and the front is half of an old kitchen table.
                                                                           This little robin's egg blue cabinet was a built-in bookcase that I rebuilt as a free standing cabinet. It is also at Eastown antique mall. Our collection of repurposed furniture is drawing lots of attention for which we are grateful. So it is only encouraging me to do more.

We have also had much discussion about our business in the last few weeks. After much hand wringing we have decided to not do Kane this weekend and we we most likely not doing Grayslake next weekend. We have having much success here in our home area of west Michigan and feel that the addition cost of doing the shows in Chicago has not been off set by additional revenue. So like all good busy people we must make changes that have a greater benefit for us. The hard part of this is that we will miss the many good people we have meet at these show. The many dealers and clients will be greatly missed. We can not say enough good about Rubarb Reign and all the help Joe and Sandy have been in doing these shows and introducing us to the right people.

We will have future anouncements about some new shows we will be doing and some expanding in antique mall spaces as we can break the news.

New Possibility


Today we received a link to a new listing that has some real potential!

Basic Facts:
Within our budget! (This is most important!)
3 bedroom
1 bathroom
1 car carport with parking for another vehicle
1252 square feet
Nice green large yard
Good school districts

So here are a few pictures that came with the listing...

Front view of the house. It is brick veneer with a small, but covered, front porch.
I LOVE THE TREES! I hate when someone completely clears the lot - it looks naked to me.

Another view of the front.
I am especially exuberant about the cheap basketball goal.
THAT will be the first to go if it is still there!

Dining Room
 I like this because it is separate from the kitchen and has a wall for my Grandmother's secretary that holds all of her china and milk glass. I also like that there are a lot of windows and natural light.  I'm not crazy about the front door, but that is easily replaced.

Main Living Area
Small, but they have some big furniture in the space so maybe ours will fit there too?

Right now we have this monstrosoty (sp?) of a television in our living room that I am itching to get rid of and replace with a flat screen.. It literally sticks out 4 feet away from the wall and its as tall as I am. It's nice to have a big TV but I would gladly give it up for more space!

I like all the cabinet space - I have a bunch of kitchen gadgets and appliances. Counter space is at a minimum and I am almost willing to bet that around that corner is the washer/dryer connection. But I could make it work with a small cabinet under the nearest window on the right.
I have also mentally taken the cabinet doors off the top cabinets and displayed pretty plates and filled baskets with stuff in those newly created cubbies.

Strange Brick Structure
I'm not sure if this is a wood burning grill or what but if it is that is kind of exciting! Maybe we can start a pizza company! If nothing else, I think it is the good start to a  really cool thing on our new back porch. I don't know quite how I feel about it yet but I am trying to be optimistic.


Pretty plain. I like the green grass and the trees!
I also like that the porch is on the side of the house but it needs to be covered.
In the sake of being optimistic, I will say it is a blank slate
My mother will have a field day (no pun intended) landscaping it!

I won't be home from work in Texas until Sunday night, but my husband is going to go have a looksie at it this week hopefully. He knows what is important to me and important to him, so I trust him. I have a really good feeling about this house and I hope it leads somewhere better than it did last time I had a good feeling. I will be sure to keep you posted!

Coin question for March 2010


Every month, there is over a dozen question asked by my reader about coin, banknote, collection, item price and accecories that related to numismatic world. I will be sharing them starting this month. Do mind though, I am not an expert. I just like to share what I know and what I read about this hobbies. If you think that my answer is wrong, feel free to comment in here. Just make sure you don't spam me with unrelated link. I am editing some of this question to make sure it is relevent to this blog. Keep on giving me question to I will try to answered them.

Question: How can I get buyer for this coin? How to differentiate between nickle & bronze coin?

Dear Lunaticg,
My name is Mr.Azizan. Here i just want to ask you some questions. Actually now 1 have bronze "1 SEN 1976" coins. Based on your informations (Malaysia rare coin price table) in your blog, there's mentioned that only 100 pcs known exist...and the price is RM650-UNC & RM900-BU. Here is my questions..
1) How can i get the buyer for this coin?
2) What is the meaning of UNC & BU?

Other questions:-
1) For "1 SEN 1979 Nickle", based on your informations (Malaysia rare coin price table) in your blog, there's mentioned that only 2 pcs known exist and the price is RM2500-UNC & RM3100-BU. So if i have 1 piece, how & what is the methods to differentiate between nickle type & bronze type?
Hi azizan.
I think if you search my blog you will find the answer you're seeking for, its already there. Just go to Malaysia Ringgit Label.

If you want to sell the item fast, you can always find coin dealer near your place but please expect 50% decrease on its market value. The best way is to sell them online yourself. You can try or lelong (if you're in Malaysia) or you can try eBay. Just make sure you give detail information and clear picture of your actual item.

UNC stand for Uncirculated. BU is Brilliant Uncirculated. Just check my blog under handling tips label.

The color of the coin already a big difference between that two.

Question: 10th anniversary coin for the coronation of His Highness Sultan Hassanal Bokiah worth?

Hi there, I saw your blog, and in it you mentioned that you welcome coin questions.
I'm a 29-year-old American who has a few questions about a 1978 Brunei commemorative coin. I need to sell it in the next 5 days and was wondering what I could expect to get for it. I was also wondering its value. I understand that by selling it quickly I'm going to take a loss in proceeds. Do you have any recommendations for the method in which I go about doing so?

Coin description:
10th anniversary coin for the coronation of His Highness Sultan Hassanal Bokiah (1968 1978) $1,000 mint condition, encased in hard plastic shell encased coin is in a box that is in very good condition, looks to have been made in the 70's.

Certificate of Authenticity is included. Certificate is in good condition, slightly aged but with no wrinkles, stains, or tears. It names this coin as being number 805 out of the 1000 minted. It lists the composition as being 916.7 Gold and 83.3 Copper (I'm not quite sure what those numbers mean). It lists the diameter as being 40 mm. Weight: 50 g, plus or minus 0.27 grams. Date of issue: 1 August 1978

I was only able to find one example of this coin being sold in the past online, and wanted to get a second opinion as to its value to confirm my assumption. Hopefully, if you do reply and are able to help with any of this information, you won't tell me you found one last week in a crackerjack box.

I'm attaching 2 poor pictures of the coin. They're of poor quality because I don't have a digital camera right now, only my phone, and snapped these on the spur of the moment, halfway through this e-mail. I apologize ahead of time for the blurriness of the snapshots, but they'll atleast give you an idea of what the coin looks like. Rest assured I'm a real person and my e-mail is genuine; I'm not sending you some sort of weird virus in the attachments, I promise.
I appreciate any time you spent reading this.
Hi Julia.
You're the first one asking me with so much detail about your coin. Look like you already make a research about it. That is a proof 1000 dollars 10th anniversary of Sultan's coronation. The coin price is USD1700. Nice collection you have there.

eBay is the best if you're looking for a high price. If you want to sell them fast, you can asked coin dealer near your place. Just make sure you asked around for a good price before you decided to sell them but expect a 50% decrease on the price. You can also try asking any gold shop if they want to buy this item. The coin gold price almost the same as its current value.

Wish that will give you any help and good luck on selling your coin. Just remember to asked around for a good price before you decide to sell.
Hello again Ahmad,
I just thought you'd like to know that I managed to speed-sell the Brunei coin for 1300 USD, the one you blue-booked at 1700 USD. This was more than I had hoped to get for a speed-sale (my highest realistic estimate was at 1150) , thanks to you and the wonderful current market value of gold. I took a gamble by avoiding a place that wanted to deface the coin to test it. Instead I went out of my way and opted to sell it to a nice local coin shop (with people who could also appreciate and respect the coin). Another coin shop tried to rip me off before I settled with this one. It certainly pays to do the research! Thanks again for all of your help.

Question: How much Iraq Dinar worth?

I would like to know how much these items are worth.
saddams 25 Dinar note (one dinar note, five dinar note and ten riyals note), i brought these back with me after the war in Iraq...thank you so much for your help.
Hi Rusty.
I cannot see any picture but if the Iraq dinar is a new one (1990), Most probably it won't worth a thing since Iraq dinar cannot be traded as currency. For banknote collector, only the old Iraq Dinar have value but it don't worth much. 3 US Dollar for 10 dinars-uncirculated for 1986 notes.
Wish That can help you.

Question: Where to get coin album in Subang?

i stumbled across your website and it was a fantastic website. i just started to collect coins and the problem is i dont have an album to put it. i had searched in all major bookstores but couldnt acquire it. sorry for the silly question, but can i know where could i get one? i'm staying in subang area.
hope to hear from u soon.
Hi leon.
You can try popular book at Summit USJ. They should have them. If you want to put a precious collection and want a better coin album. You can try go to Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya Saturday and Sunday. There is a flea market there with almost every coin dealer in Klang Valley coming. You can read it in my blog under flea market label or just search amcorp mall in my blog.

Question: Good place to pick up China banknotes in Penang or Kuala Lumpur?

Love your blog. Need your advice. Is there another good place to pick up china banknotes in Penang or KL?
Hi Samuel.
Do you mean China old banknote? You can try Steven Tan shop in Kuala Lumpur. You can find the address in my coin dealer list. just go to my blog and look for coin dealer label. If you're going to Penang, you can try Tan coin & trading. Their shop located at Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling.
Had visited Steven Tan and most of his good stuff is already sold. Tan coin & trading sounds interesting, will certainly visit him when i'm at penang.

Inspirational Thought of the Day


Go for it 100%.

Not 98%, not even 99%.

You have to believe in yourself with every ounce of your being, and you have to go for it 100%.

And just when the going gets really tough, because it will, and it feels like there's no hope- give 110%.

That's when the real magic happens!

That extra effort, and the reward you receive from it, will make all the difference in the world.

~Layla Palmer

A Mysterious Delivery from California


Mrs. Flagg and Patsy are enjoying breakfast in their cozy kitchen. Bucky is close by, hoping Patsy will spill her cereal or drop her toast. Mrs. Flagg is about to pour herself some cereal when the door bell rings.

"Now who can that be?" asks Mrs. Flagg. "We aren't expecting anyone are we?" she asks Patsy. Patsy shrugs, but can't answer because her mouth is full.

At the front door they find a delivery man on a bicycle. He has a large basket balanced precariously on his handle bars.

"Oh my goodness!" says Mrs. Flagg. "Is that for us?"

"Yes ma'am," says the delivery man, "All the way from California."

"From California!! We don't know anyone in California," says Mrs. Flagg, "Who can it be from? Is there a card?"

"Well ma'am, there was a card, but it blew off the basket as I was riding over here, and it flew away. I didn't see where it landed." He just didn't want to get off his bike and chase it.

"You have a lovely uniform, by the way." says Mrs. Flagg.

"Thank you ma'am. They make us wear it. They think it makes the deliveries look more classy, but it's hard to ride a bicycle in these pants, and the buttons on the vest get caught on the packages. It does scare away dogs though, so it is safer to do my deliveries."

"Yes, I wondered where Bucky went. he usually comes to the door with us," says Mrs. Flagg.

She looks at the basket again. "Oh my. This is very exciting and very mysterious." says Mrs. Flagg. "Patsy, what do you think? A basket from California!"

Patsy isn't listening. She is fascinated by the delivery man's bicycle. She would like to try to ride it, but she isn't sure how to get on.

Besides the delivery man is ready to leave so she has missed her chance.

"You ride safely now. And thank you for bringing the basket!" calls Mrs. Flagg as her rides away.

"Thanks! Ride!" calls Patsy, wishing she had a bike.

In the living room Mrs. Flagg unpacks the basket. It contains California wine, oranges and sourdough bread.

"What a thoughtful gift," says Mrs. Flagg. "I can't imagine who sent it. What a mystery, If only he hadn't lost the card."

"Mom, can I have an orange?" asks Patsy.

"Not right now," her mother says, "You just had breakfast. Speaking of breakfast I had better clear the table. You and Bucky leave that basket alone. You can have an orange for lunch."

Yes, Mom." says Patsy says as her mother leaves the room. But she isn't really listening. She and Bucky are busy.

A few minutes later Mrs. Flagg is on her way upstairs. "Patsy," she calls, "I am going upstairs to make the beds. Remember what I said and stay out of that gift basket.

Patsy doesn't answer. She and Bucky are way too busy to listen.

I wonder if this mysterious basket has anything to do with Collette;s discovery over at My Realitty. Check this out!

White Shell Wednesday


Nothing melts my heart like a man's emotionally driven works of art.  Something that those big, bear paw hands have taken the time to create a gift so intricate and delicate while utilizing the beauty that nature has provided them.  Sailors valentines are such pieces that when I look at the detail of work I cannot help but swoon.  Such love and adoration these men had for their loved ones while at sea that was often many months away from families, friends and lovers.  See, already I romance this.  Sailor's valentines were created with colorful seashells found along the beaches of the exotic islands and ports they anchored at.  White shell sailor's valentines are rare and I love the pristine look of them.

This valentine measures almost 24 inches across.
My personal favorite.  Incredible detail and I really like the dark wood outlining the white shells.  (this is a large photo so you can double click on it to see the details)

I love the shape of this piece (Circa 1870s).  Almost like a badge and in the middle the photo of a loved one.  (photo also enlarges for detail)

A smaller, later piece (late 19th century) using mostly pearliscent shells.  Pretty handpainted shell in the middle. 

A contemporary piece using a vintage handmirror base created by  Peggy Green.  Miss Green does lovely work and you can access her website by clicking on her name above.  Such a neat handmirror, perfect for a sea witch.

Of course, this is just silly, but I couldn't resist the photo when I saw it.  But it did get me thinking of taking an old pair of platform shoes from the 80s sitting in my closet and converting it over with shells.  I may have to do that one day. 

Wishing everyone a beautiful, white shell Wednesday.  Sea Witch

Bunney Table Runner


A cute way to dress up an Easter table-a bunny runner!

Blog versus Diary: Just New Technology or a Whole New Way of Thinking?


Since college in the late eighties, I have been torn between two worlds. I have been "old fashioned" since I was a little girl. I love old books, old buildings, old documents, and old ways. I was the girl who wanted to be an archaeologist in six grade so I could learn more about King Tut and see what it was "really like" to walk like an Egyptian. I was the high school student who volunteered to organize old scrapbooks at the local Vanderbilt mansion so I could learn what it was like to live in a different time, under different circumstances, in big poofy dresses with early plumbing and electrical systems. Then I met my husband, who had been taking apart computers since the age of 11. He dragged me kicking and screaming from a typewriter to a computer so I could write my college papers in the newfangled way and move from the "dark ages." Next up, there came graduate school where I was thrust into technology and absorbed as much as I could. Finally, in my first job, I was hired as an archivist / reference librarian in a public library where my position quickly expanded to include "Internet Coordinator" and my transformation was complete...

"You are the youngest and fresh out of grad school so you know more about computers than the rest of us and we need a library web page." Marvelous!

I love computers. I love them because they help me make the connections between old and new that I so love to evaluate. I love using my computer for organizing, researching, photo editing, etc. I love to write things on my computer that I plan to share with others. BUT that's exactly what my computer is to me -- a tool for sharing. It is not for the things I plan to keep all to myself or for my family legacy.

For the private, I use my diary. It is a small book that I keep by my bedside and I write in it with a pen -- and I'm not ashamed to admit that I prefer the fancy old-fashioned kind of pen too. The kind that you may get once in a lifetime. I love the tactile feel of it all and of the cozying up under the covers, while reaching into my brain to figure out what is going on in there. A cup of tea beside me or a glass of wine helps too. The artifacts and environment are certainly part of the experience, but as usual I digress and will save that observation for a later day.

In some ways, this is a game of semantics as the words I use in my profession and to identify myself are slowly hijacked by those more ensconced in computer than I (I guess). My Twitter friend Dennis Moser said it well in his blog "Non-Flat Culture" in an article titled "Curate" Archives"...What's Next" . (Go take a look at his rant so that I don't have to repeat it.) I just wonder, should we use new words for new online things? Why do we have to forget about things like the value of being with ourselves to just hand over the words to new technology?

Now, let's take the word "blog." According to Wikipedia "A blog (a contraction of the term "web log")is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video." And there are many different types of blogs. The one that most interests me for this posting is the "personal blog" which crashes into my little world of off-line diary writing. According to Wikipedia, "The personal blog, an ongoing diary or commentary by an individual, is the traditional, most common blog. Personal bloggers usually take pride in their blog posts, even if their blog is never read. Blogs often become more than a way to just communicate; they become a way to reflect on life, or works of art. Blogging can have a sentimental quality. Few personal blogs rise to fame and the mainstream, but some personal blogs quickly garner an extensive following."

Obviously, I blog so I can appreciate this. I write this ArchivesInfo blog. I also maintain a Garden blog. I love using this media to communicate with the world. And that's the crux of it all. A blog is a tool of communication. I am not sitting down to work out my most private thoughts with myself. I am very much aware that you are reading what I am saying. So, is this just a new way to write my personal thoughts or is it a whole new way of thinking about personal thoughts? Should I be sharing my diary with you online as well? Is the private become less private and is that okay for us as a human race?

I once mentioned to my college advisor, who is also an enthusiastic diary keeper, that sometimes when I write in my diary I think about people who might one day read the diary. She was horrified and quickly said, "I NEVER think about that." To her, a woman about twenty years my senior, the diary is very personal. To me, a practical archivist living on the cusp of a huge change in society, I tentatively let go of some privacy, but yearn to keep some of it at the same time.

I am heartened by those who take on blogging as a means of expression, while at the same time I am disheartened that these people may totally give up the idea of diary writing. I am glad that computers (when people can get access to them) help level the playing field a bit, giving everyone a voice. But I don't want the old to be totally lost among the new. When we turn totally towards computing, we lose a bit of something special. Somehow, handing down my ThinkPad to my daughter is not the same as giving her a box of my diaries. This generation needs to think about whether blogging and other computer tools are just a new technology to make the old better or if we are beginning to think about culture in a whole new way. I believe that it is quite possible to we are losing a valuable piece of culture and self-expression by plunging ahead without appreciating what is behind.

Sweet Peas at Warrenton

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I thought I'd show you some pictures of Gloria's Tent at the Warrenton Antique Show.

As you know Gloria owns Winnie & Tulula's. Half of WT is Sweat Peas which specializes in custom bedding.

Her space was so beautiful, I wish you could have seen it in person.

She is in the field with the building that says "The Gin"

Ask around, someone can tell you where she is.

If you are going to the show, be sure to find Gloria and tell her hello.



Here's a cute little tree frog that I snapped a picture of last year at our cottage. I think he is so cute and he makes me think of spring!



by Katherine Wang

Jean Baudrillard’s 1979 text Seduction defines seduction not as a form of sexuality, but as a play of signs. The French sociologist and post-modern theorist writes

“It is a power of attraction, of absorption and fascination, a power that cause the collapse of not just sex, but the real in general - a power of defiance.” (p.81)

Seduction is an evergoing cycle of seducing and being seduced. One cannot seduce others, if one has not oneself been seduced. Because it is psychological, it has no boundaries and no limits as it plays with the neverending imagination using fantasies. If the secret to seduction were to be solved, the solution would be sex. However, the difference between seduction and sexuality is biological reality and femininity as a principle of uncertainty.

“If femininity is a principle of uncertainty, it is where it is itself uncertain that this uncertainty will be greatest: in the play of femininity.” (p.12)

Transvestism likes to play with the indistinctness of the sexes. As they are not legitimized by their gender, transvestites become more obsessed and spend more time integrating seductive signs into their lives to please themselves, and possibly others. For example, by taking femininity to the extreme, drag queens are able to draw fascination from a crowd by showing off their ability to simulate superficial sexual signs. The passion that comes with transvestism and being able to seduce does not come from substance but purely from the pride in being able to trick and play with people’s minds.

The transvestite Lady Bunny shows the exaggerated play with gendered fashion codes that heterosexuals take more seriously.

Baudrillard also defines seduction as a challenge in which one must appear weak and render the opponent weak. It is unavoidable and inevitable because it is essentially playing with vulnerability. Unlike production, which has it’s limits, seduction does not accumulate. It is about perfecting an absence, which seduces presence, and making it desirable.

“The seductress turn desire itself into an illusion or trap...Love itself, or the sex act, can become moments in a seduction if given the ecliptic form of appearance/disappearance” (p.85-86)

Cabaret is the performance of seduction

While seducing, the seductress may show flashes of intimacy and amorous or sexual affection as long as it does not become a relationship. In order to continue being the superior subject of desire, one must be able to handle a certain mental cruelty towards herself as well as others. To be the superior character in a game of seduction, the objective is to provoke and deceive desire. The subject must be led to think that he is the object of desire without getting caught in the trap. However, since desire is only a hypothetical prize, it is disappointment of being caught that ends seduction.

The seductress does not attach any meaning to what she does, nor suffer the weight of desire...Her power lies in the irony and elusiveness of her presence.” (p.87)

Animal seduction is the most purest form since it is seemingly based solely on instinct. It is also ritualistic and the most naive form. Lacking in complicity and perfection, animalistic seduction is actually quite primitive compared to that of humans. The more simpler societies may also be seen as being underdeveloped in the game seduction.

Animal prints express the primal desire, Cavalli for H&M

Highly developed societies look to incorporate chance into their games and do not tend to have as strict of an obedience to ritual. Having no functional objective, mastering seduction is simply mastering a cycle of meaningless signs.

The presence of the seductress is immortal. As desire can go on and on, she continues to tease the mind. Every woman and man has the power to seduce and either uses it or not. There are numerous ways to master the game of seduction depending on who their subject is.

Scarlet Johansson for Dolce & Gabbana, 2009

Love & Seduction in Fashion


Sexuality is a common fashion subject. The term however is very general and can be seen more specifically in messages of both love & seduction.

Steven Meisel, Ferre SS 2009

1. What do we observe in reality & media that communicates the message? Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or class, people express love and seduction through clothing. This is not only by gender expression but in aiming to attract others.

Desirability is subjective. Love and seduction as are normally associated with showing off the body as in the images above through arms, chest and legs. There are however sophisticated strategies of seduction as in the mother figure above which can also be seen as loving. Below, the androgynous form can be found and among men the dominant seduction codes are the expression of their power through suits, power uniforms (pilots or professional athletes) or simply showing the athletic chest.

Media is dominated by images of love, seduction and sexuality.

Two public figures that communicate love and seduction through their clothing are Kate Moss, who shows skin and sexual poses in her personal life candid shots above, and Matthew McConaughey who is often seen either in unbuttoned suits or shirtless.

2. How can we describe the message? Communicating sexuality is a desire to connect with others by love and a process of seduction.






Honesty, openness

Between all people


Heterosexual, Homosexual

Femininity, Masculine


Skin, touching


The bedroom, hotel

"Love & Seduction" is a blended allegory of capitalism. The codes are sometimes soft and romantic resembling love, and sometimes more sexually charged and they are often combined.

3. What writing also expresses this message? In the posts below there are two important texts. A Lover's Discourse by Roland Barthes analyzes the signs of love. Seduction by Jean Baudrillard explains the process of seducing as does Neil Stauss' The Game.

4. What clothing forms communicate this message? The historic corset has transited its way into outward clothing. This along with any visible presentation of under clothes are seen as seductive, inviting others in to one's privacy. Anything that clings to the body or reveals the body's form is also seductive.

In general any clothing forms that elicit touch as considered to seek love and practice seduction.
Wedding clothes are expressions of love but when designed to expose the body or modify gender expression they communicate seduction.

5. What images communicate this message? There is no shortage of fashion photography that communicates love and seduction.

Tim Walker
Guy Bourdin above and Mert & Marcus below. The bedroom and hotel room are common settings for scenes of love and seduction.

The mystery man, Louis Vuitton 2000 and Derek Lam 2010
A 3 image sequence advertorial by Prada, 2000 shows a couple meeting, confronting one another and embracing

6. What brands communication this message? There are many brands that sell sex but a few that are precise in their communication.

The Kooples brand image is built on the love of real world couples.

Gaultier has spent decades establishing a brand that communicates a provocative form of seduction seen online and in the print campaign below.

Versace is a fashion house that is associated with Italian glamour and power but it's online brand strategy and print campaigns communicate a very feminine form of seduction.

Calvin Klein is well known for a seductive strategy. The famous 1981 Brooke Shields commercial set a precedent for brand values that continue. The Eternity commercial focused on romantic love using real life lovers Christy Turlington and husband Ed Burns.

Eva Mendes, 2009

Chloe presents an online brand that emphasizes love and using print campaigns that show woman intimately connecting and showing a sisterly love for one another.

7. What is a binary message? An opposing message to love and seduction is refusal and resistance. For example the faith based modesty of the Amish of Eastern sects use full coverage clothing to communicate a refusal of open sexuality. While the man on the right shows family love for his child, seduction is not being communicated to the outward world by his clothing.

The Bennetton ad below, showing barbed wire from war zones around the world communicates the hatred that exists in the world.


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