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Monday, November 30, 2009


This coming Thursday is the Uptown Shop Hop. It takes place in four of the city's hottest shopping districts (East Hills, East Fulton, Eastown, and Wealthy Street). Many businesses offer special promotions and shoppers can hitch a free ride on the uptown trolley. Both our booths at Eastown Antiques and Bluedoor participate in this event. Come see us and sample some great food. The trolley runs between 4-9pm. This is a very Christmas event!

Sun King


The image of the radiating sun (referred to variously, from the Baroque period forward, as Sunburst, Sunrise, Sun-in-Splendour, Sunset, and Sun-in-Glory), was the most popular turn of the century decorative motif .

Top image: Classic example in gable, glowingly rendered in gold leaf paint.

Many ancient patterns represented the sun, including the swastika, wheel, and Egyptian sun disc; still, figurative examples are the most common.

Middle image: corner brackets with delicious detail.

Bottom image: Craftsman era rendition with attic vent as fiery sphere.  

Rochelle Illinois Hotel Rooms


Relax in beautifully remodeled guest rooms and spacious suites, with urban lifestyle amenities that add comfort and convenience to your Rochelle hotel experience. Our new Rochelle accommodations feature comfortable beds, cable TV, wireless high-speed internet, refrigerator, microwave, voicemail, and plenty of space for relaxing and getting to business.

Rochelle, Illinois Rooms For Every Lifestyle

Double Rooms.
This comfortable room features two double beds, activity table and chairs, high-speed internet and all of our signature features.

King Rooms.
This spacious room is outfitted with a comfortable king bed, a lounge chair and ottoman and a host of modern amenities and features for both leisure and business travelers.

King Suites.
Our over-sized suites feature a separate bedroom with a king bed and jetted whirlpool tub, comfortable living room with a lounge chair and ottoman, two flat-screen TVs, two telephones and a private balcony for enjoying peaceful views of historic Rochelle.

Comfort Inn & Suites Rochelle - Rochelle, Illinois (IL)
1133 N 7th St. Rochelle, IL 61068
Reservations: 815-562-5551 Fax: 815-562-3911

Holiday Blog Party! Woo-Hoo!


Bella Dreams is sponsoring a Holiday Decorating and Craft Blog Party this Sat Dec. 5th.
I have signed up to be a part of the fun. Come back and visit me this Sat to see the projects coming your way, then visit Bella Dreams to see links to other participants in the fun blog party event! You are sure to find some holiday crafting inspiration from talented people all over the web.
Happy Holidays!

It's Monday! Some freebies! And Graphics Fairy Brag Monday!


Here are a couple of quaint images from my stash. I love this adorable little baby girl, isn't that smile just heavenly?

And this image I love as well, the subjects are all so adorable, the baby with the kitten, the neat old wagon, the windmill in the background all make for a fabulous photo.
Hope you like these free images today.

For more free images head on over to the Graphics Fairy
I'm featured on her blog today!
She has an abundance of wonderful images that she works very hard to share with us all, plus she is having a giveaway of her own and you don't want to miss out on that!

Also don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win my black Friday giveaway
Leave a comment and post about it on your blog for a chance to win, then comment each day for more entries! Click the link to find out more ways to be entered!
Also I'm doing a mixed media ornament swap for anyone who is interested in that just let me know.

One last giveaway link...

Have a happy Monday!

A project for the Graphics Fairy Brag Monday!
A fairy wand using her bluebird tag

I made the wand using a vintage lace spool as the handle, a stained glass topper with the bluebird image, some beads and the fairy pendant. I also made a gift wrapper for it and attached the tag "Genuine Fairy Wand"
Thanks Karen!

Vintage Christmas Monday!


Hello again dear readers and blogging friends and welcome (back) to Boxwood Cottage in Germany.
Today I join Joan @ her Vintage Christmas Party (if you wanna join in too, just grab the "Vintage Christmas Monday" button in my sidebar and let Joan know that you wanna play along)
Seeing that I love Christmas and Vintage items it is the perfect blog party theme for me.
I have just rearranged some parts of my living room to make space for a vintage french brocante mirror that I had outside on my deck for the last 4 years and wanted to save from decay now and an old iron window I recently got from a good family friend.I hung the old mirror on the door to my basement and decorated it in spirit of the season with my soldered nostalgic Christmas ornaments, a silver glitter star, some silver tinsel and a white satin stocking.

I think it fits so well with the old iron window that I have decorated for the season too with snowflakes and vintage inspired paper ornaments as well as a Merry Christmas sign and four white letters spelling NOEL:

I also hung a very old little bird cage, a wire basket and a little toile de jouy covered inspiration board on the shutter and I decorated the little white shelf in the corner with silhouettes and bottle brush trees and I further hung up an old cream colored iron chandelier, decorated with some of my favorite Christmas glass baubles above the table that I decorated with my vintage putz houses and more bottle brush trees. Some pinecones in the wire basket sitting on the vintage cream colored chair complete the arrangement.

I have to say that this is my fave corner at the moment. Vis-à-vis is my white wooden mantle with the golden mirror that reflects the old iron window. Of course the mantle is decorated in the spirit of the vintage Christmas theme too with two old sauce boats that I filled with moos and fir tree peaks, decorated with olive green glass baubles ( an idea I got from the Christmas book "Merry and Bright" btw.)

I took one picture without the candles lit and one with candles lit to see which one brings the sparkle out more, I'm still not sure, are you?

The white paper lace on the edge of my mantle is old vintage stock too and I also have an old black iron stove standing in my faux mantle piece. The wonderful silver glass glitter garland spelling ~WINTER ~ MAGIC~ is a friendship gift from my friend Madai over at Wren Cottage . She makes these beautiful vintage inspired glitter creations and also sells them in her etsy shop, in case you want one too ;-)

On the table beside of my mantle stands an iron chandelier that I decorated with some of my vintage glass baubles.

Close ups of the decorated sauce boats (gravy boats)

Another gorgeous gift from Madai is the vintage inspired ivory bottle brush tree that I hung in the corner between my white plate shelf and the old dark framed mirror so that it reflects in the mirror too. Can you tell that I love mirrors and reflections?

On the knobs of my glass cabinet which is filled with vintage rose china I hung a fabric toile heart made by my friend Anita and a cute frame with a picture of a vintage girl with her cat, another sweet gift from Madai.

The chandelier above my sofa table is decorated with lot of vintage inspired glass diamonds. Our 5 month old tom cat Riley is always watching me from his bowl on the window sil while I decorate the living room.

Some more close ups from the toile de jouy inspiration board, a friendship gift from my German friend Anita, decorated with little silver Christmas items I love, like the vintage glass bauble picks, or the very old silver trumpet:

The gorgeous silver cone is made my Madai and is from last years friendship parcel exchange.

I also love the vintage bird cage a gift from another family friend.

And I can't finish up this post without showing you some more treasures from my dear friend Madai's latest friendship parcel.
That sweet girl knows so well how to make me happy :)

The picture below is from my latest order from, Brandy also creates and sells the most beautiful vintage inspired Christmas ornaments:

In case you would like to get one of my soldered nostalgic Christmas ornaments 2009 that you can see in the next photo please go to

Of course they are not vintage, but vintage inspired and soldered with real silver gleem solder (lead free) that will tarnish as time goes by and gives them a very vintage look (you can always polish them with silver or metall polish if you want them to shine again). I chose the sweetest vintage postcard images with winter children in the snow and sprinkeled mica flakes over the pictures for a faux snow effect. Don't they look splendid hanging from the wire basket?
As always you can right click on all  the pictures to enlarge them and see more details!

Well that is it for today but if you like to see more Vintage Christmas inspirations please go to Joan's blog  Anythinggoeshere

There you'll find a list with all the participants in here blog's side bar!
I would be happy if you'd leave me a little comment so that I know you stopped by and I hope you liked my Vintage Christmas Monday pictures.

I'll hopefully see you again next Monday with photos from my mum's Vintage Christmas decorated home and until then I wish you all lots of fun with your Christmas decorations!

xoxo Carola

Peanut Butter Balls


Well you all guessed that Mark was making cookies in my last post.

Pretty close but not quite.

He was making my most requested treat during the holidays and my most dreaded to make ~ peanut butter balls.

Over the years we have come to an agreement. I whip up the peanut butter mixture and roll them into all the little balls but then he has to help with dipping each one into the chocolate and that is what he was doing in the photo.

These are oh so good but such a pain in the rear to make so our agreement works well, or so I think. :)

Peanut Butter Balls

3 lbs. powdered sugar
4 cups peanut butter
1 lb. butter
2 (12 oz.) bags of chocolate chips
24 tsp. vegetable oil (or less)

Mix peanut butter & butter till creamed well.
Add powdered sugar slowly.
Roll into tsp. size balls and place on a wax paper-lined cookie sheet.
In a double boiler, melt chocolate chips and oil.
**See note at end on double boiler & oil amounts**
When chocolate is melted, plop a few balls into it and make sure all sides are coated then remove it with spoons. (Try to let the excess chocolate drip off before placing back on a wax paper-lined sheet.
Let set a bit till chocolate hardens and then package and store in refrigerator.


I received this recipe many years ago from my aunt and since that time I have made these using a few different methods.

Let me start with the oil amount. I choose to use chocolate chips as opposed to dipping chocolate just because it's what I usually have on hand. The recipe actually calls for 1 tsp. oil for every ounce of chips but I prefer to use less oil than that so I just kinda guess when adding it. I just add enough to make the mixture smooth and dippable *if that's even a word*.


Next, if you don't have a double boiler don't worry. Just use 2 pans that will sit on top of each other like I do. Fill the bottom pan with an inch or so of water and then place the second pan on top and fill it with your chocolate mixture. Turn stove on low to medium and stir till the chocolate mixes.


Some other tips that have worked for me are:

#1. Sometimes I place the balls in the freezer for just a bit before I begin to dip them in the chocolate.

#2. Once dipped I place the whole cookie sheet of peanut butter balls in the freezer to get good and hard. ( Plus if I left them in the refrigerator they would be all gone before Christmas!)

#3. If I do make these up ahead of time then I just package them and place them in the freezer till Christmas rolls around. If I make them close to Christmas then I just refrigerate them.

Hope I have explained the process well and didn't make it seem too complicated but I wanted to give you the recipe as well as a few hints that I have used over the years.

It's time to wake the kids up and get our day started so I will catch you all

Holiday Craziness

Sunday, November 29, 2009



Well, the Thanksgiving weekend is winding down. It was nice having four whole days off in a row! It gave me a chance to finish decorating for the holiday. It's only taken me just about two weeks to get it all done! Isn't that just crazy? This is why I need to get started early. I don't have all day to devote to just decorating because I work evenings, so I just do two or three...if I'm lucky...hours a day until I'm done. I'm so glad it's done!! I had Thanksgiving dinner at my house. It was a good day and everyone enjoyed the food. It seems like no matter how much you try to prepare ahead and clean things up as you go, you still end up with a huge mess to clean up at the end of the day. It's not just the dishes, it's extra tables and chairs that were set up, extra food table, sweeping the carpet, putting everything away, making room in the refrigerators for the leftovers and just putting your house back together again! Whew! But, I do like having people over for the holidays or I wouldn't do it.

Now...a little more Christmas craziness...Black Friday, the biggest holiday shopping day of the year. Stores opening at 4:00 a.m., people standing in line to get into the store at 2:00 a.m. for those great sales. I did this once with my husband, but never have since. He loves to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. He was up at 3:00 a.m. as I was just going to bed. I told him to have fun. He met up with his sister, shopped for a while, had breakfast, and was home by noon. His gifts were wrapped and are now under the tree.
Mine are still in boxes waiting to be me...and before you know it with all of the shopping, decorating, inviting friends and family over for dinner, visiting with others, etc., Christmas is here...and just a day. It's amazing how much of your time goes into preparing for one day. I get a little sad after it's over because I really enjoy this time of the year. Then reality sets in and I'm looking at two more weeks of taking down decorations and putting them all away. Yikes!!! But I'll do it again next year. I love the music, the lights and decorations, the Christmas movies, the yummy cookies, the food...but not the weight gain that comes with that...the wine to help me get through it all, the closeness of family and friends, and to help someone else have a better Thanksgiving and Christmas with a donation or a tag from a Christmas tree for gifts. It's a magical time of the year for me which I will always keep in my heart.



My favorite find of the season from Reddoll on Etsy. A military-style, double-breasted wool coat with a high collar, circle metal buttons, and black satin lining throughout the coat. The skirt is a full cut circle. Custom-made to fit you!

photo from Reddoll

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Christmas Trivia - Santa Letter

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Here's a fun place to visit. Click on Santa Letter link.

Thank you


A great big Thank You
to everyone who came out both Friday evening, and Saturday for our Remembrance of Christmas Open House. We hope that you found inspiration and maybe a treasure to two to take home with you. We love our Customers and hope you enjoyed our little Soiree.

Here are just a few of the lovely displays that were there to inspire you.

I'm so amazed by the wonderful talent that is all under 1 roof at Winnie & Tulula's

There is a lot still available, so come on by Wed-Sat 10-6

We hope that everyone has a great Christmas Season

Christmas Lights and a Sneak Peek!


Thought I'd share a few photos of some of our Christmas decorations!

We decorated outside a few weeks ago while the weather was still warm and I am glad because it's a bit chilly now. I know these are a bit blurry but maybe you can still get a feel for the views that we settle down with each night during the holiday season.


This little tree sits in our bedroom on a bookshelf. Right next to it is the candle and pear that I won over at Carmen's and yes Carmen the candle is still in the wrapper. It looks and smells so pretty that I hate to even burn it. ☺


I made this Santa about 10 years ago. We made these as well as snowmen and sold them at a craft fair. They sold great! So great that I never kept one for myself. This one was made & given to my mother-in-law. We found it while going through her belongings this summer so I thought I'd bring him back home with me.

*Note to myself--make a few more but prim them up a bit!*


Well that's all for now but here's a sneak peek at what I'll be posting about on Monday. I had a helper in the kitchen today. Can you guess what he was making?



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