Saturday, October 31, 2009



We wish everyone a safe & fun Halloween!

Wirey Hugs,
Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby

I'm a Little Goth Girl


I alway try to dress up like someone I would never be- see the tatoos, lip ring and nose piercing and I love pink!!!!

Halloween Wishes!


Wishing all the little ghost & goblins a safe and Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!



Friday, October 30, 2009


I have developed a real love for vintage fabric which is should come as no surprise for anyone that knows my wife. This past summer I started collecting old feed sacks that had great graphics. Many of the graphics and the type of fabrics remind me of of some of the wonderful vintage French fabric that we both love. So today we decided to cut upsome of the sacks and turn them into pillows. We are taking these along to Kane this weekend. So here is one picture before they all disappear this weekend.

~My French Bucket Totes now available at The Bella Cottage~


The Bella Cottage has added my line of French Bucket Totes to their Boutique.

These are the latest in my French Collection. I did another post on them showing some great uses for them:

I enjoy designing unique Home Accessories to add a beautiful, yet useful touch to your home...

The newest items I am working on are French Shopping Totes, perfect to take to flea markets, the beach, grocery shopping or to give as a gift. I will be doing a post on them in the next few weeks.

You can click on the link below to view my entire Collection on their website.

They are available in ALL of my designs. If you would like to order a specific design, feel free to e-mail me.

The First Halloween Party at the Coon Estates


I just found these pictures today of our first Halloween party and had to post them. They brought back some great memories.

The Coon Estate at Halloween Side porch

The witch on her broom or her bike(the Wizard of Oz)
Us inside the smokehouse
The Master of the Coon Estate
My mother(getting some food) and me as the Mistress of the Coon Estate
Notice the book cover -Evil of the Cities

Elizabeth in her bed
Elizabeth sick (or is it something else-notice her neck)
The Ghost of Samuel
Cousin Samuel in his casket in my funeral parlor
The corpse of baby Sarah
Cemetery Hay Ride Around the campfire

Around the table

Green Slime Desert (green jello with gummy worms) and finger breadsticks Meatloaf Man (meatloaf in the shape of a man with blood (ketchup) and a knife to the heart)

Spooky Lunch


Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) or Halloween
is a very popular day in Santa Barbara...

There are many events all around town for little ones and adults....

our singing Count Dracula welcomed 20 Park Highland neighbor Ladies
to my Spooky Lunch

"Come on in dearie", said our ghostly witch

We served up some skull & bones soup....

some Raven Salad

paired with Twisted Tree

Bug Under Glass for starters

scary favors for my guests...

finished up with some special sweets, served on heirloom silver of course

the Ravens and our other "pets" cleaned up the left-overs

thanks so much for stopping by our Spooky neighborhood lunch....

Recipe (from Trader Joe's) for Soup I served. Delicious, easy & filling soup to serve a crowd, corn bread and a sliced melon, grape & apple salad, served with wine & iced tea

cookies & coffee for dessert

Peruvian Chicken & Rice Soup (serves 8)

(could also be called Tortilla Soup, just add some corn chips and shredded cheese)

1 box Chicken Broth (32 fl oz)
1 box Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Soup (32 fl oz)
1/2 jar Corn & Chile Salsa (bit spicey)
1 large bag (frozen) Chimichurri Rice
Cooked sliced or chunk Chicken
Juice of 2 limes

throw it all in a big pan, heat properly and serve!
(everyone wants this recipe!)

come by again next year...I'll start seasoning and aging the bones now....

Hope you have a spooky Halloween where ever you are!

Christmas Coloring Page


Happy Halloween!


Wishing you a SPOOKY and fun Halloween! Be safe!!


Kane County This Weekend!


This is such a fun time of year to do show! We are loaded with vintage Christmas and gift items for Kane County this weekend as well as some realy great furniture, cool industrial and archectural. Can't wait to see all of you!

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