Saturday, February 28, 2009


Hey Pals,

It's Snickers posting today. As some of you know, Butchy is off on his date with Lacie to Bermuda. They met Rosie & Petey there too. All are having a good time so far. When Butchy gets back, we'll try to post some photos of their trip.

What is SCW you ask?? Well it's Saturday Cat Wrestling you sillies. Silly Sylvester & Scuby just luv to wrestle, so Mama took a few videos of them with her camera. Here is one of the videos:

By the way, does anyone know where Spring is??? We're waiting for Spring to arrive here in Iowa. We are tired of freezing our tootsies off. We were looking through some of our camera videos and decided to show some things that we look forward to for Spring around here in our yard.

Around May 1st, the Ruby Throated Hummingbirds will return to our house:
(if you turn up the volume loud, you can hear the hummingbirds making their chatting noises)

In April, usually the Wild Turkey start hanging around daily getting ready for breeding season. They have been hanging around here already, but not steady like they do in the Spring.

And of course Mama can hardly wait for the ice to melt on top of the koi ponds. She really hates not seeing her pet koi for about 6 months out of the year. Once the ice is gone and the water reaches about 55-60 degrees, the koi will start breeding. Here is a video of them breeding, the males are chasing Koi Cookie!

Are you ready for Spring now??? We sure are. Mama and Papa have cabin fever, so they are going antiquing with their friends tomorrow. Hmmmm, wonder if Mama will find any Wire Fox Terrier items???

Wirey Hugs,

Congratulations SandFibers!!!


Congratulations SandFibers on your 3 year Etsy anniversary!!!!

To celebrate this milestone, SandFibers is offering 20% off from now till the 6th March!!!!

Please visit SandFibers' blog for details. In the meantime here is a selection of some of my favourite items from her shop:

Ok I could go on and post almost every single item in her shop.... sooo many gorgeous and funky beadwoven pieced!!! Here are just a handful of some of my favourites.... visit her shop and see all the rest!!!!

Don't forget to visit SandFibers' blog for details on how to qualify for the 20% off!!!!

Maggie's Got the Right Idea!

Friday, February 27, 2009


It's almost 60 degrees here today but dark, dreary and rainy.
Two of the kids are getting colds and just not feeling themselves.
So...I think Maggie has the right idea. Curl up somewhere and take a nap.
Or just sit and stitch a while:)
Though, I do believe I will find a cozy couch or bed instead of a child's lawn chair.
However she seems quite comfy just where she is at. The other 2 fur kids are asleep as well. It feels like it should be a Monday here but thank goodness it's FRIDAY!!!

May I Introduce Oxford Square


United Neighborhoods Neighborhood Council (UNNC) banners rose recently, along the avenues and boulevards that bound many West Adams neighborhoods. A neighborhood name appears against a field of red-orange above the UNNC icon, a broad, sheltering tree.

Elsewhere the fledgling Oxford Square-rs unveiled bold signs, a neighborhood coat of arms, helping define their house beautiful district North of Victoria Circle and South of Windsor Village. (North of Pico, South of Olympic, West of Crenshaw.)

Place naming and recognition can help foster a sense of community, often the basis for collective action, even social participation. Bravo Oxford Square!


Thursday, February 26, 2009


I am so excited I just got a call that I have been chosen to do a space in a Designer Showhouse in Holland this fall. The Boys and Girls club of Holland is doing their second fundraiser designer showhouse.
Dan & I went to look at the house last week to see if we were interested in doing a space. We fell in love with the house! It was built in the 1920 in the French Normandy style, and was moved from Lake Macatawa to it's present location (not far from there) in the 1980's. I has some original historical details, like built ins, floors, moulding, hardware, window, doors & tile. I submitted design proposals for 3 spaces giving my first , second and third choices. I am pleased to tell you that I was awarded the upstairs original master bedroom and bath! The bath has all original tile, and fixtures - so pretty! I thought that you might like to see part of what I submitted to them as concept for doing the bedroom. I did a water color rendered floorplan and elevation showing the bed etc. The other two photos are inspiration for what the furniture and bedding might look like. We will use mostly all antiques, vintage bedding, quilts, fabrics, furniture and accessories. It will be open in November and December so I will add some vintage Christmas to it all too. I will keep you informed of other developments as they happen. This should be soooo FUN! Oh and don't you just love this teal dresser with yellow striping! I hope to have a pair of them in the room. Lots of the items in the room will be for sale too. How fun is that!

Different but Cute!


I haven't posted in awhile so I thought I'd add another one today. I used an assortment of turquoise color acrylic beads which included some flowers and leaves. It's on "brown" wire which is actually dark copper. It's different but I think it turned out pretty cute! That's the thing about wire crochet. Picking the beads is half the fun and you don't really know how it will look till it's done!



Here is a new one created with Amazonite chips and silver wire. It's such a pretty aqua color.
I've signed up for an Artfire Studio and will be listing some items for sale! Artfire is a fairly new site to buy and sell handmade goods.
I'll keep you updated.

I've been Inspired!


I have been looking at all of these blogs that do stitching. I have cross-stitched for a long time and even made a simple stitchery for my mother once with a cute little saying on it. (Which I don't thing she truly appreciated! I thought it was cute and funny but you just would have had to of been there. It was more of a gag gift!)

Anyways I went on the computer and searched for some cute primitive patterns and found many. I had everything I needed except for the muslin so I picked some up the other day. Yesterday I traced the pattern onto the fabric and now I'm ready to begin. This will make a nice TV craft. I don't watch much TV. (It's kinda hard to watch when you can't pull yourself away from the computer.) But I hope to take some down time in the evenings and stitch away. I'll be sure to share a picture of the finished item when I get it done.

Curb Address Numbers


Curb numbers in Los Angeles are without standard. Many are faded--obliterated even, others employ reflective paint, still others are embellished with specialty stencils.

Raider stencil on Menlo, in the shadow of the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Those that refresh their numbers regularly are often concerned with nighttime visibility, visitors, deliveries, or emergency services; and some, mark both planes.

The flags of the United States and Mexico from E. 40th ST.

A cross surrounded by stars from Jefferson Park.

Oftentimes, charity groups refresh the curb numbers, usually asking for a donation of $5 - $15, depending on neighborhood.

Not So Smart Buildings (Part 2)?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


(See Not So Smart Buildings Part 1 from 10/29/08)

Over the years I've worked many a home tour, often as a docent, which has happily led to contact with tour takers, strangers, and the occasional exchange.
Them: "I love these old homes, but I couldn't live in one."
Me: "Oh yeah, why not?"
Them: (some combination of) "They're too busy/It's all a bit much/I need a simpler palette."
And these are the sympathetic folk, who can hold their balance in a Queen Anne parlor, unsettled by Malibu tile and William Morris inspired wallpaper?!

What can I say? We're living in a era wherein concrete floors and a field of white is championed as good design (and it might be, for the few it truly serves). The return to minimalism in contemporary building and design is likely, typically, a response to preceding movements, the playful, sometimes cloying, affectations of post-modernism, and the excessive structural pursuits of computer age architecture.

While I may seem overtaken by the sentiment classique, it is rather that I resist the embalmers, those who would label that which falls outside today's International Style redux as ideologically astern.

This current fetish, for atomic age modernism, the boxy and planar, clerestory windows and machine age materials is fad, standard fad, neither the divinations of the design gods nor the ultimate vessel for 21st century man, but merely another point on the architectural continuum.

Ironically, the era recalled eschewed historical precedents and references, and sought to formulate new concepts of form and space. The revival amounts to sincere appreciation, nostalgia, marketing snap, and cyclicity. The revival is, at times, pure cliche.

(Five images of six wonderful buildings from six different eras.)



Hey Pals,

Did you notice our surprise from Mama??? She made us a brand new background and header for our blog. She finally got around to upgrading to the new blog templates which use the new widgets and different coding and had to switch our template to the Minima so she could make our own background and things. The new widget coding is a bit different from the regular HTML, so Mama had to learn a few things on the way.

In case anyone is interested, she used graphics from free scrapbook sites, then modified some of them with words, changed coloring where needed, sizing, etc. Credits for the original graphics are located at the bottom of our page. You should have seen how many different designs she made up before deciding which one to use, whew! Thought she would never get done.

We can't believe it has already been 3 years since we started our very first bloggy. Our first blog was over on the Yahoo 360 site. Later that year we started our blogger blog. We kept both blogs going for a while, but then 360 decided to drop the photo program that had all of the picture albums Mama had loaded onto our blog. So that's when she decided to drop that blog totally.

We still have cyber pal links to add to our blogroll and Mama would like to add some bubbleshare slideshows towards the bottom of our blog for our water ponds, flowers, critters, etc. When we get those loaded onto the site we will let you know so that you can scroll down to the bottom to see them. Did you even notice the matching colored scrollbar if you are using Internet Explorer?? hehehehe! (that coding doesn't work viewing through Firefox)

We also wanted to remind everyone that yesterday was National Spay Day 2009.

Now remember, just because the official day has passed, doesn't mean you don't need to spay your pet. You can get your pet spayed or neutered ANY day of the year. Please be responsible pet owners and get your pets spayed or neutered.

Wirey Hugs,
Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby

Done Playing Around & Seeds are Sprouting


Well I think I am done playing around with backgrounds for a while. I spent so much time yesterday fiddlin' around with it and then by late last night I pretty much went back to the same old thing. Oh well, at least I won't want to mess with it for a good while. It takes too long and I don't know enough so I get frustrated. I did change it to a 3 column which is gonna take some time to get used to.

Enough of that!

The seeds that we planted on Thursday have begun to sprout. I was surprised that they did so quick. There are several different flowers coming up. I also have tomato & pumpkins breaking throught the dirt. Sooo neat! Now if I can just keep them alive long enough to tranfer them outdoors to the garden. We shall see. It's giving the kids something else to learn about if nothing else. They are watching and recording in garden journals that I had them start.

Antipodean Steampunk Adventures


Antipodean Steampunk Adventures
"Follow the adventures of the maduncle as he endeavours to make contact
with the rest of the steampunk universe from the outer colonies"

Projects made by Mad Uncle Cliff (Cliff Overton).
Check more info and photos on maduncle's blog:

Beautiful and very original PC mod.

Little Lord Cameron.

Boxed ray gun.
Ray gun on a stand without a box was posted before in Weapons.

Bear with me Please

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I'm still fiddlin' around with backgrounds. You'll have to be patient while I play a little bit.
Feel free to leave me a comment about any likes or dislikes. Hard to read, not the right color, etc.
Thank You!



Hey Pals,

It's FAT TUESDAY! Does that mean us furkids get to have extra food & treats??? We sure hope so. Mama wasn't too happy this morning. Sylvester started chatting to Mama at 4AM for his brekkie. Hmmmm, I think he got his internal feeding clock from me Butchy, tee hee. We're not supposed to get up until Papa does at 5AM. Then Mama gives us brekkie. I Butchy have the bad habit of trying to wake them up starting at 4AM and now Sylvester is doing the same thing. Mama thinks it's due to the time change in the Fall where we go back one hour. She's hoping when we spring ahead one hour that we will wait until 5AM to start begging for food, hehehehe.

Scuby wanted to show you the new toy that Mama made for the kitties. Notice it's for the KITTIES! not for us DOGGIES!! Hmmmmph, why couldn't she make it big enough for us dogs??? Well we're going to get her on the stick and make a big one for us dogs to play in.

Since I Butchy don't fit inside of there so well, how do I get to Scuby???

Oh there you are Scuby.....

Let's play....

Now where did she go???

Hehehe, you crawled to the other end!

Scuby really likes the tunnel. She even just naps inside of it. Ruby likes to run through it very fast. Sylvester hasn't even gone inside of it yet. He just pokes his head inside of the end looking at Scuby.

This is nice, 2 things in one, nap spot & toy!!

We better get Mama busy now making a tunnel for us dogs. She still makes & sells items to her previous customers as a hobby. We have a few photos of some new things she has made so we'll post them another day. She likes to make things to stay busy so once in a while we'll post an item that's up for sale to anyone. Need to find a way to pay for Snickers' medications some how right??? Keeping our paws crossed that Snickers won't need to go on the additional medication to keep the seizures away.

Have a Happy Fat Tuesday!!

Wirey Hugs,
Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby

Messin' Around with My Blog


I need opinions please!!!
I have been messin' around and changing some things on my blog. There are so many different things you can change out that I could literally spend ALL day on here.
My questions are....
1. Does a three column blog just seem way to clustered and hard to read?
Not to mention the added green on the sides that scroll over top of all the writing.
2. Did you like the plain old green background better?
I get tired of the same old thing. That is why I am so happy when each season changes to the next. I guess my blog world is gonna be the same. I'm gonna want to change it every so often. I just have so much more learning before I can do so easily.
Let me know what you all think!

More John Deere Purses


A fellow blogger emailed me to see if I could make her a few John Deere purses a little while back. She saw the post of the one that I made for myself and really liked it. I have not sewn anything for almost 6 months and I just couldn't seem to get a movin' on them. However, I sat down this morning and finished them both. FINALLY! The one pictured is my favorite.

Hopefully I will get back into the sewing mode now!

Stepping Stones - Bead-embroidered collar


Well, here it is the piece I blogged about a couple of weeks ago.... After a few false starts I finally settled down and stuck to one idea and carried it through to the end. I was so petrified of not getting this piece right because I was using one of Lisa Peters' Art's beautiful ceramic cabochons and I really didn't want to mess it up!!! hence all the starting, unpicking, cutting up... but I am pleased with the result and doubly pleased that Lisa liked it!!! :-)

Stepping Stones

Lisa is a fellow member of the Bead Art Originals and she makes the most beautiful ceramic beads, buttons and cabochons. If you are not familiar with her work, you must check her out!!!

I am the proud owner of quite a few of her pieces (and have some on the way).... Between wanting to do her pieces justice and selfishly wanting to keep them all to myself so I can look and touch them (they are sooo gorgeous) I've been reluctant to use them.... hopefully I've gotten over that little mind obstacle and you should be seeing quite a few of my future pieces incorporating these gorgeous ceramic treasures! :-)

If you are interested in finding out more about the materials used for this piece and the measurements, please click on the picture or here.

For now, I'm off to play with my new keyboard.... at the age of almost 42 I decided to take up piano lessons and I'm loving it!!!! and I'm one of those people that when they start something new they need to get all the equipment! :-) of course a piano was out of the questions (too expensive) but a keyboard, that I'm sure my son will end up using as much as me, didn't break the bank, so 2 days ago I went and got one! :-) and I'm so glad I did, and by practicing a couple of hours every day I have already seen an amazing improvement... my piano teacher will be so impressed and surprised! :-)

Wishing everyone a great day and happy beading! :-)

Relaxing Weekend

Monday, February 23, 2009


Well I haven't posted anything since Friday. I took the weekend off...kinda.
I still did all of my usual weekend things but just a bit slower. I always clean the house good, which is sometimes useless with everyone home, but it makes Monday mornings so much easier when I know all the big cleaning is done. Mondays are just Mondays...if you know what I mean.
We went out to eat at my all time favorite place which is a very small Italian restaurant called Undo's. Yummy! Good way to start a weekend.
I went shopping with my Dad on Saturday. I was in search of a new desk for the computer that he gave us. My daughter loves it. She can play all the learning games that she has and I don't have to worry about her really screwing up my computer.
Other than that I just sat back reading a few books by my favorite author. I LOVE historical romances by Carolyn Davidson.
So here we are! Monday and back to the usual routines.
Is it Friday yet?

BAO Items of the Week


bao item of the week

Here are this week's items from the BAO.

My item this week is:

Black and Pink Pearl Pendant

Purchase and pay for this item between now and 1st March and receive 5% off + free shipping to anywhere in the world! :-)

Please visit the BAO and check out all the amazing bead artists that belong to this group and see what specials are being offered this week:

Quick project, V-day swaps and heart love

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear readers and blogging friends!
I know it's been awhile again since my last post but I've been busy partying (my b-day was end of January), caring for our new housmate Elvis, creating and swapping etc. as you will see in the following photos:

While the weather is still wintery outside and the garden is sleeping (see picture below) I used my spare time to finish my V-day swaps and to create new soldered jewelry and other things. Today I made the pink ribbon and yoyo wreath in the photo above. It was a quick and fun project. I had this straw wreath laying around and suddenly felt the need to use it, so I cutted pink florist crepe paper in stripes and wrapped it around the wreath, then I used all kind of ribbon and lace that I had laying around my desk from other projects and tacked them on the wreath with small pins. It looked beautiful, like a ribbon and lace sample wreath, but not finished so I used some yoyos I got from Anita and Cerri and tacked them on with pins as well as some buttons, pper flowes etc.. You can click on the photo above to enlarge it and see all the details. I'm quite happy with the way it turned out.

Did I ever show you a picture of our new tomcat Elvis? We got him right after Christmas (our old cat Sammy unfortunately died a few weeks before) when he was exactly 6 month old and we call him LV and he's a real cutie but he needs a lot of my spare time as well. He's not yet allowed to go out alone, but soon he will discover the garden with me and I think he's already dreaming of all his future adventures:

I also like to show to you some swap parcels I received in the last weeks.
I had a private friendship parcel exchange with my sweet friend Madai from Wren Cottage in South Carolina. She pampered me with all kinds of silver glass glittered goodies like one of her wonderful garlands saying Happy Easter, a star garland, a beautiful glitter heart and a gorgeous glitter cone, because she knows just how much I love them as well as her hand made button garland and all of the other lovingly chosen goodies like the enchanting little lamb. Thanks again dearest Madai! xoxo
I had to pick up her parcel from the German custom office and had to open it there (they thought they could charge me taxes for it). My mum came there with me and we ooohhhed and aaaahhed while I unpacked the treasures from my dear far away friend. My mum instantly fell in love with the sweet little lamb too!

I put it under one of my glass cloches where it always says SPRING to me now!

Another wonderful swap I got came from Ellen from the Netherlands. We were partners in the "All that we love" Valentine swap of the "Year of colour" group from Artsy Mama.

When I opened the beautiful turquoise ornament bag I found all these delightful parcels (click picures to enlarge) above and unpacked it looked like this: Wow!

Ellen spoiled me with two of her handmade journals, aren't they pretty? I love how she made them look like Vintage treasures:

And she also made one of her sweet felt birdies for me, which of course is an instand fave of mine :)

I was further very lucky to get some flea market finds from Ellen as you can see in the next two photos. I especially love the wooden silk spools which are so hard to find today:

Thank you so much dear Ellen I really love it all!

Well lastly I like to show you my latest soldered jewelry. A good friend of our family was so nice and cutted a couple of heart shaped glasses for me and I had so much fun to decorate and solder them, they are all two sided.

I guess I'm going to sell most of them, but I'm I'm not yet sure where and when.
So that's it for today, I don't want to make this post too long.
Hope you liked what I shared with you and I'm always happy if you leave me a comment!
Love Carola xoxo

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