Happy New Year!!!

Thursday, December 31, 2009


All the best in 2010. May all your mini and full sized wishes come true!!

See my new house at: 862 Ocean View Drive

The bedrooms - 862 Ocean View Drive


Mostly Lundby with some Reac, Petite Princess and found items added.

The kitchen & view of the roof


More views of the living room


Welcome to 862 Ocean View Drive


Please join Better Doll Homes and Fake Mini Gardens for a tour of one of the most interesting houses in Susan's collection.

862 Ocean View Drive is a delightful house, built in the second half of the last century and deliberately decorated by Susan herself.

The soaring, high-ceilinged living room is enhanced by a Le Corbusier white leather sofa and an Eames Pony Lounge Chair (both from Reac).

Opposite the Eames Lounge chiar is a lovely sea green Swan Chair, also from Reac. Between them sits a Petite Princess table by Ideal.

Across the room, on each side of the Lundby Stereo is a MacIntosh Hill House Chair from Reac.

Beside the sofa is an Eames Elephant Chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1945, and nearby is an Eames pony chair.

The agate coffee table and most of the vases are by Susan. Other items are as found.

The family room, just below the living room has a pair of Bibendum arm chairs (Reac), and another Eames Elephant.

The coffee table and Buddha are Petite Princess by Ideal, as is the tea cart by the china cabinet.

The red floor lamp is Renwal, the dining room suite and floor rug are Lundby. The wood cabinet, fireplace tools, cloisonne vase and glass side table are found objects. The black and white lamp is from Bozart.

The kitchen has a W. Germany green cupboard and fridge, a Lundby stove and chairs, and a found table.

The bathroom is by Bozart.

More tomorrow!!


Welcoming in the New Year with Friends


My friend Kelsie and her husband Bryan came out to the house after dinner at Monicals. Other than them being overwhelmed by our 3 dogs, I think we had a good time visiting! She's been a close friend of mine since high school and I really value her friendship. What a Great way to welcome in the New Year!
Happy New Year to You All!

Blue moon count down to 2010


Greetings and blessings to everyone these last few hours of 2009.  My honey and I are busy packing to return back home tomorrow morning.  We had a wonderful time in Cancun.  Not sure I will return, prefer Puerto Vallerta and  Cozumel as Cancun is kind of for the MTV, Spring Break crowd and the locals have adapted to that. 

We are blessed with a blue moon to end 2009 and ring in 2010.   I took these shots a few moments ago and wanted to share them with you.  Both are taken from the balcony of our hotel in Cancun overlooking hotel row. (all photos enlarge if you click on them)

Wishing everyone the joy of family and friends, good health and prosperity for 2010. 

All I want for Christmas is a doll house


I hope Santa brought all of you what you wanted for Christmas. I must have been a very good girl this year because I found an incredible doll house under my Christmas tree.

A local shop that specializes in mid-century modern items had been advertising this doll house on craigslist for several months. I was interested, but controlled myself and stayed away from the shop ... until my sweetheart and I drove by a few weeks ago and there, prominently displayed in the window was the house.
"Oh, look! It's in the window! Turn around. I need to see it!" My sweetheart, who is a kind and amiable person, turned the car around and pulled up in front of the shop. I explained to him that I had seen the doll house on craigslist, but felt that the shop owner was asking too much and I had no room for it anyway. I thought that was the end of it, but when it came time to exchange gifts there it was. I was genuinely surprised, very excited and very touched. No one had ever given me a dollhouse before. I felt like a kid at Christmas. LOL.

The house is an A-Frame, mid-century modern, and is beautifully handmade. The tall chimney, the paths to the two outside doors and the floor of the balcony are made of a 1960's floor tile that resembles field stone. At some point in my past I lived with this tile. I think it was in the house my family lived in when I was in high school. It does look like fieldstone if one hasn't lived with it as floor tile. I think it is quite effective.

The house has a large raised living room with soaring ceilings and a full height fireplace. The huge A-Frame window and lovely front deck look over the ocean, I am sure - although here in Toronto I guess it looks over Lake Ontario. Or maybe it is in the mountains and has a spectacular view of snow topped peaks.

There is a staircase on each side of the fireplace. One leads down to the kitchen and the other leads down to a large family/dining room. A second large, full height fireplace is in that room.

The kitchen and bathroom are to the left of this room (left, if one is facing the fireplace), and two bedrooms are at the back. The bedrooms are below another large A-Frame window at the back of the house.

The kitchen stair has a burgundy carpet on it, and there is evidence of the same carpet in the living room - gone now. Perhaps the whole house was carpeted, it's hard to tell. It seems that wallpaper has been torn off the bathroom walls. Despite this and a few other places where wood or trim is missing the house is in fantastic condition.

There are roof pieces that attach with dowels. Both pieces are there for the living room section, but there is only one for the back section.

The house looks rather like a barn with the roof on. See the picture below.

The house is surrounded by a large lawn, made of that astro turf stuff people put on their patios back then.

The house has the numbers 862 over the front door. I wonder if it was based on a real house.
My Sweetie included the tractor with the house. I guess he knew that the doll family wouldn't want to cut that big lawn with a push mower.

This picture shows the house from the kitchen side with the roof on. The first picture of this blog is from the family room side with the roof off.

I had a lot of fun deciding how to furnish this house. That is coming up in my next blog.


Looking Forward to a New Year!


Not a whole lot going on this evening. Just sitting around with the family and playing games.

We did just pop out on the back deck for a few to watch a fireworks display that was put on up at Grandview Park. However, due to the fog and drizzle this is all we could see.


2009 has been a rather unpleasant one for us. We have lost several family members this year which really tugs at our hearts.
Finances have been the lowest ever and I know that they say that money doesn't make the world go around but it sure makes life a bit simpler. You can only stretch that buck so far and trust me it is stretched as thin as it can be.
**Hubby works in the building industry and due to the poor economy people just can't afford to build right now which greatly affects his salary.**

So with that said, I am very much looking forward to a healthier, happier and hopefully more prosperous year.

To all of my "blogging family", I wish you the same.

A Happy New Year... full of good health, happiness and prosperity.

Christmas Birthdays


Friendships are the true gifts in life!
I have three close friends who celebrate their birthdays on the 23rd, 26th and 29th of December!
Five of us have been friends for over 35 years, our age spread is 10 years from the youngest to the oldest. Four of us lived in the same apartment building when young and single.
We have held each others' hands through the ups and downs of life...including one divorce, (new husband of 12 years already is wonderful); one separation (marriage is now stronger than ever); two breast cancer suvivors and one husband cancer survivor. We have four wonderful childeren among us (one childless couple); one couple's grandchildren, several children's weddings. One couple's made major change of religious affiliation, which also created a major lifestyle change. We've had some many mostly minor tiffs and much love and support for each other.
I am a May baby, and the other friend is an October baby. We two usually host the luncheon for the December birthday girls. We don't always manage to celebrate the December Birthdays in December...due to family obligations and schedules we have occasionally moved the celebration to January.

This year we were able to plan the get-together on December 30th! The September girl doesn't enjoy decorating her home for the Holidays, but as you can tell from my posts....I absolutely love it! Therefore she cooked a fabulous lunch and I made the dessert and set the table.

Dutch Appel Taart - Oma's secret recipe!

We enjoyed a delicious poached Salmon, salad of fresh baby Spinach leaves tossed with Pesto, fresh shaved Parmasan Cheese and toasted Pine Nuts, accompanied by a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and/or Sparkling Water with a slice of lemon. Dessert featured Appel Taart with coffee/tea and home made truffles.

My Dutch Mother made the best Appel Taart in the least my friends thought so. They begged her for the recipe, which she claimed to be a family secret. The secret part was that she didn't have a recipe...she just put it together and it always came out fabulous.
I tried to write it down once while she was preparing it...the result was a miserable failure! Before she passed away I did manage to get it down on paper correctly and have become the standard bearer of this cake, which is now referred to by all as Oma's Appel Taart! Unfortunately the picture shows only one slice...! I will put the recipe in a post sometime in the future...promise!

Friendships which last a lifetime are truly the best gifts!

Happy News & A Happy New Year To All!


Hey Pals,

Mama hasn't helped me blog for several days cause she has been berrrrrry busy. Yep, she's been trainin'. Trainin' what you ask?? Well...............................Hootie. She started out training her to come into the back door inside of the washroom. Then she was training her to walk inside of a crate for transporting. See, Hootie needed to get spayed before she goes into heat. We didn't want any ol' tom cats hanging around Hootie outside & getting her pregnant. Outdoor cats living in Iowa go into heat as early as the beginning of February. So we needed to hurry up and get her fixed.

But Hootie had other plans. She's a sneaky little kitty. We already knew that Hootie DID NOT like snow. And she really doesn't like the below freezing temperatures here in Iowa either.

So, after two days of training, Hootie decided she did not want to live outdoors. Nope, no way, won't do it. Mama couldn't get her to stay outside for nothing. So, softie Papa said 'I guess Hootie is an indoor cat!' Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I now have another kitty sissy. Mama told Papa he can't change his mind & made the appointment for Hootie to get spayed. Little Hootie went yesterday for her surgery & got to come home late afternoon. She's doing just fine! Here are some pics of her & one that shows her surgery scar.

Hootie is about 7-8 months old going by her teeth. So she was probably born last May-June. She is even smaller then Mama thought. She only weighs 4 1/2 lbs. So she's much smaller then Ruby. Ruby is only 6 lbs.

'I knew I could talk them into letting me live inside of that warm house!'

So now I don't get to play with Hootie outside anymore....

But that's ok, cause we're already wrasslin' in the house, well, in the washroom. She's still scared to check out the rest of the house yet. It will probably take her a few weeks like it did the other cats to check things out & feel more comfortable.

Hmmmm, maybe I can teach Hootie how to play fetch. The other cats won't do it.

We hope everyone has a Happy & Healthy New Year!

Wirey Hugs,
Butchy, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby & Hootie

White Sale


What is a Winnie & Tulula's White Sale you ask?

If it's White it's on Sale!

Jan 6 thru 9th

20 to 50% off throughout shoppe and mall

White Sale but will also include “honorary white” items

White Food Served during Sale

Winter Hours

Wed Thru Sat 10 til 5

And guest Vendors: The Willow Nest, Linda & Ludmil Marcov
Items pictured may not be available
Some photo's by David


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