1st of Advent, first snow & studio news

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear blogging friends, readers and viewers! I'm so sorry for the long absence again, I always have so much to blog about but so little time. Yesterday was the first of Advent, only 24 days left until Christmas and I took a few photos of my festive decorations for you.

I created 3 small x-mas stockings from another template out of Julie Collings book "Pretty little felts". They are made from felt of course and lace etc. and then my dear cousin Stefanie sewed them together for me, because I have no sewing machine. I'm quite happy with the way they tuned out and decorated them on my faux fire place/mantle, you can always enlarge my photos bei clicking on them to see more details.

This year I found 2 of the gorgeous cone candles and put them in my silver vases on the mantle.

Then I decorated one of my chandeliers with silver stars, diamond pendants and glitter snowflakes as well as a new pretty silver cone. I tried to get a good picture of it with the candles glowing and no flash, but they came out a bit blurry:

Here's a sneek peak of a parcel I send out to Cerri of the Little pink studio last Friday, hopefully she'll get it soon because I put all my favorite German Living and Crafts magazines, the Christmas issues in it:

Last Sunday (November 30) we had our annual Winter magic market at my friends cottage at the country side and my Dad was so kind to build me a Christmas tree from a broomstick. I used it to present all my pendants and ornaments and it is very useful in my studio too now to organise my pendants. Thank you very much again Dad! :)

This is what my little booth looked like. The horse stables at my friends cottage are such a beautiful surrounding for our Winter magic market.

In the next photo you see a close up of one of my new Winter/Christmas pendants/ornaments. Got the sweet wintery sleigh girls picture from a scanned old postcard from my friend Anita. I think the mica flakes really give the pendant the look of snow:

On November 22nd we woke up to a real Winter wonder land here in Bremen and I started taking pictures right away, it was still a bit dark outside, but everything looked so magical in my garden and I so like that you can even see the snow softly falling down in the pictures (click to enlarge the photos!):

Here's what my front garden looked like covered in soft new snow:

Of course when it's cold outside it has to be warm and cosy inside so I lit my red glowing candle glasses. The paper/cardboard cake stand in the photo below is one of my latest creations. I used 45 year old paper lace and silver Dresdens borders to embellish it:

Next is a photo of my latest Vintage Wallpaper Wallbox, this time I chose other colors than usual. It was custom made for someone in the US with the intials M S, but she couldn't afford it in the end, because of the high mailing costs to the US and other reasons, so it's still in my studio and I think I'll have to put the letters M S off:

Talking about my studio here is a mid November picture of one of my fave corners in the studio, although it's constantly changing, meanwhile it looks much more festive:

At the beginning of November I told my mum about an old paper cutter I had seen in the latest German Country Living magazine issue and showed her the photo and told her that I would like to find one like this fpr my studio too and then she said to me "wait a moment, I think I have what you search", went down in the basement and came back up with this beautiful old paper cutter. Score!!! She was so clever to save it from the bulk garbage of her neighbors a few years ago, which was my luck now :)) Thank you mum!

I decorated it with pretty vintage ribbon on wooden spools, my new twine holder and an antique Santa ornament:

Another peek in my studio. The small glass container is filled with pretty Yoyos I got send from my dear friend Anita of My Country Cottage Garden last month:

And lastly I leave you with a photo of some very pretty Christmas craft supplies I recently purchased from Brandy over at the Brandyvine boutique:

Have a great time at the run up for Christmas everyone!
Hugs Carola xox

Bead Art Originals - Items of the Week


bao item of the week

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My item of the week is:

Blazing Flowers Earrings

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Inconceivably Preposterous...


Will you just look at what yesterdays sugar sweet raindrops have cultivated...

Tip toe through the tulips with sure to stop and smell the roses, but be careful not to get too close, you just might get your nose pinched!

I was surprised, I always am! I suppose I should have suspected as much...after all my good friend Horton did discover them

all those years ago! And he did you know, hear a who, you know and more than one he did, he did!

So I really should have listened up,

Yes, I really should have guessed!

That an eensy,

weensy girl, well, two in fact, three in back, ok, four to be exactly exact!

Where in the midst of playing a minuscule game of hide and seek, taken in the babiest of baby steps with the teensiest of feets.

Quick, move along over there, duck under and around that stem, rest your elbows up on it, put your face in your arms, close your eyes and count down,

count down, 10- 9 -8- 7- 6- 5- 4- 3- 2- 1, ready or not here I come! Then go a look'n, hide nor hair, here nor there, where,

oh, where can they be? Lots of nooks and crannies, perfect for hiding mongst the buds and blossoms.

Each one keeps a little secret, tell us now, tell us how...but wait I hear snickers and giggles and small little laughs bouncing back and forth mongst the flowers! Don't you peek, don't you dare!

Looking high, looking low, looking here and there, is that? Can it be? A silly funny fellow, excuse me sir, do you know? Have you seen?

Oh, they may be in, they may be out, look up and then look down. Did you see that move? Did you hear that jiggle?

Oh yes! I get it!

Now I see! Hidden in plain sight, a yellow dress, red hair and freckles! Many smiling faces, there's 1, there's 2, but where are you.. tucked in among the posies?

Tip high, tip low, tip tip, tip toe through the tulips with me! Ok, I know people, I have no excuse, cept to say that it all does just roll out

and falls trippingly off the tongue!

As I've mentioned before,

I quite like the thought of the inconceivably preposterous!

I mean will you just look at what a simple seemingly, innocently bestowed gift of a bouquet of flowers has caused?!

And what's more, I can not let them fade away quietly into oblivion

without capturing their rare beauty in each and every stage of existence.

Always and forever, remember, never to forget, each and every moment comes but once!

And now to announce the Where Women Create winners! First prize, a one year subscription to Where Women Create goes to Studio Mystele! Second prize of a WWC exclusive tote bag & treasure box goes to Tatting Chic! And third prize of a WWC tote
bag and designer pen goes to Fannie! Congrats friends and be sure to email me with your contact info!

Visuals details: Half inch tall porcelain dolls, just a tad bigger than your thumb nail, carefully hand painted(my eye still twitches now and then) to resemble some childhood friends and kiln fired. Fresh flowers courtesy of my husband and mother nature.

Oven Roasted Veggies


Simple & Healthy

Nothing special or fancy about this recipe but it is really good. I ate so many of these right off the cookie sheet that I hardly had enough room to even eat dinner. There are so many different vegetables & spices that you could use but this is what I chose for today. Any leftovers will get used in a pot pie recipe that I will post tomorrow.


2 large sweet onions
2 bell peppers
2 small zucchini
2 sweet potatoes
6-7 medium size white potatoes
7-8 carrots
olive oil
Mrs. Dash Table Blend
McCormick's Low Sodium Montreal Steak Seasoning

Wash veggies.
Peel if you please. ( I leave the peels on the potatoes.)
Toss all veggies into a LARGE bowl once they are chopped.
Onions get cut in half, then quartered and then pull the layers apart.
All other vegetables get cut into 1 inch chunks.
If you chop them much smaller then they will bake & turn to mush.
Now all your veggies are chopped & in the bowl.
Drizzle some olive oil over top of them and toss to coat.
Take two greased cookie sheets and layer the veggies on them.
Next sprinkle the basil, parsley, Mrs. Dash & McCormick's seasonings on top.
The amounts depend on your preferences.
Bake in a 375 degree oven for 1-2 hours.
It all depends on the size of your veggies as to how long to roast them.
Just check on them every so often till done.

Pot Pie Recipe coming tomorrow!



Hey Pals,

It's Sylvester, reporting from behind the trunk. This has been my favorite spot to lay the past few days.

I sadly must report today that the Seizure Monster visited poor Miss Snickers & she had some more cluster seizures last night. Mama nursed her through them & Snickers did ok during the night. Today she seems to be doing ok too. Butchy took off in his plane last night to go get Nurse Lacie & Nurse Asta to come nurse Snickers & cheer her up.

Butchy had a little trouble on the take off due to the snow we got last night & can you believe it's still snowing? Here are some pictures of the yard this morning:

When Mama & Papa were walking Snickers they saw these wild turkeys out in the field:

They must have survived Thanksgiving! hehehehe!

Here is Snickers out in the snow:

Mama told me that Snickers still doesn't look quite her self, but getting there. It usually takes at least one day for her to get back to normal.

Here is the pond that our pet koi live & the water is starting to get an ice layer now. Those silly deer have been walking on it too. Sure hope they don't fall in like last year.

Hmmmm, wonder when this snow is going to stop?? See you next Sunday.


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