Separated at Built

Friday, October 31, 2008


Located on Vermont Boulevard, and once moved to accommodate the construction of the neighboring Ralph's supermarket, this Eclectic, Dutch-Romanesque with its sprightly paint job, arched windows and daring trim has long been an eye-catcher along a mostly commercial stretch.

I've written previously about copy cats and slight variations, house plan books and the preservation value of duplicates (see Nightwalking Part 2/1620 Oak 6-26-2007), but seldom is there a match for something so unique.

The book end (albeit with the entry flipped) resides a mile away near Jefferson & Grand. Same passionate symmetry, same fleur-de-lis details (note the bands above and below the second story course), a remarkable survivor similarly encroached by non-residential uses.

A Fish Tale... - Treasury

Thursday, October 30, 2008


treasury 52

I had such a bad migraine yesterday, that once I managed to grab this treasury, I went straight to bed... I didn't have the energy to post before now... a good night sleep, some pain killers, a bit of tiger balm... and I feel much better!!!

So here is my treasury for the week end:

Go visit, check these fishy items, leave a comment... but hurry this treasury ends on Sunday 2nd November.

I've been working on the next EtsyBeadWeavers' challenge... every day I thought I would finish it, and I probably could have yesterday, had it not been for my migraine ruining 1/2 of the day!!! :-) I hope to finish it by today and post it hopefully by Sunday... so come back and take a look... The theme for EBW's November Challenge is Ancestral Expressions - I'm in the process of designing an Egyptian inspired collar, which is something I've always wanted to try and make and have finally had a bit of time to do so!!! :-)  Come back to see my first attempt at beadweaving a collar and read all about how it's connected to November's challenge theme Ancestral Expressions.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, peaceful, happy weekend!!!! :-)

Upcoming Shows


It's shopping season!!! Come visit me at these 2 upcoming shows:

Thursday November 20
7:00–9:00 pm
Wilton Library Brubeck Room
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CDSW Shopping Craze for the Holidaze
Wednesday, December 3
7:00 - 9:00
Ambler Farm - Carriage House

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Hey Pals,

It's me Roxy, or I should say Nurse Roxy. Head Nurse Snickers told me that I passed my nursing exams with flying colors so I get to help her out now with nursing duties.

I still need to take my specialty classes, so Nurse Lacie, Agatha & Asta might come here to be my teachers for those. I really need those classes since I want to help Dr. Snitchybug & Dr. Pierre out with the surgeries at Snitchybug Dog Hospital.

Speaking of surgeries, poor Bert is still waiting for his skin & leg transplant surgery. The donor leg should be arriving sometime next week via the Snitchybug Life Helicopter.

Gertie has been helping Dr. Snitchybug with overfeeding Bert so that his skin can be stretched out for the surgery, hehehehe.

Ahhemmm, looks like Gertie is really enjoying herself with Bert. Blossom told us that Gertie thinks she is in luv!!! Boy will she be bummed out when Bert goes back home after his surgeries. The good thing is that Butchy goes to see Lacie quite often, so Gertie can ride with him to visit Bert. Yep, Bert lives with Lacie, Scruffy & Stan. And NO, they are not the culprits that injured poor Bert. It was a previous tenant at their house.

Guess it's time to go change Bert's dressings on his leg. Gotta be on top of my duties or Nurse Snickers will be after me, tee hee.

Wheely Hugs!

Owl Decoys


There's something laudable about owl decoys, a popular form of pigeon control. Simple genius I suppose, a comic ruse, the scarecrow re-cast.

Most are stationed in shadowy eaves, atop knee braces, or at a gable's peak.

Largely made of molded or inflatable plastic, many are fastened at a base, others are tethered, and sway with the wind.

By all accounts the ploy works, though often only for a time, as even pigeons eventually get wise to an unchanging owl. Accordingly, some homeowners move their great horned helpers around, or employ multiple models (a parliament, as the collective noun goes).

In neighborhoods where home prices are higher, the owls may be high-tech, battery powered models with motion detectors, a swiveling head and lit eyes.

Other home owners favor plastic snakes.

Either way, a pretty green solution.

Not So Smart Buildings (Part 1)?


Many have railed against the "dumbing-down" of America. In popular versions of the argument, educational reform, narrow casting, and poppycock mysticism are faulted, while the built environment garners little mention. Yet we increasingly occupy, emulate, and sanction buildings with little complexity or singularity, and our renovation culture often obliterates delicacy and nuance. But are those buildings and tendencies "dumb-ing," or rather minimal and pragmatic, a justified expression of time and place? Am I equating simplicity with stupidity, and is this the snotty bias of my inner critic?

For starters, great, form challenging, expressive works are still executed (such as Gehry's Disney Hall). A few of the ultra wealthy commission residences of great ambition, and here and there, low-budget whimsies charm (see the Swiss Cheese apartments). Nor is this an attack on the International Style and the expulsion of detail. But in my opinion, the track house de jour among others is a sorry hand me down from yesteryear's creative clutch.

The defenders of the neo-bland will cite the democratization of building (or some such claprap), the cost impracticality of quality materials and specialized labor, as well as different programming demands (like the attached garage).

Certainly the lens of time better allows us to assess buildings. That historical diaphragm may now enable us to view less prejudicially the 1970's: the skyscrapingest skyscrapers, late brutalist works, the shed aesthetic, dingbats; and, recognize lots of wonderful stuff....and lots of dreck. Lots of dreck that we're likely stuck with, littering our sightlines, thoroughly un enlivening architecture (that sadly often displaced more idiosyncratic structures), like blank canvases at a gallery. And things didn't get better in the 1980's, or '90's.

Maybe I'm still recovering from grad school at CalArts (in Valencia), surrounded by miles of neo Mediterranean eclectics, monuments to mass building efficiencies, and developer profit rather than design thoughtfulness, with elements crudely applied--not as post-modern kitsch, or even deliberately false historicism; but, rather as a degenerate set of mannerisms.

End of Part One

Trick or Treat!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I'm going to tell you all a story.... hope you don't mind if I start in early on my Halloween treats! I really just can't hold out any longer! No kidding, I have had a sweeeeet tooth for as long as I can remember! As the days begin to grow shorter and the nights stretch out longer,

I am reminded of a story my Uncle once told me. I'm sure you are familiar with Jack O'lantern,a mostly respectable chap, descended from a long line of O'Lanterns. But do you know how that poor guy ended up in such a predicament? When he was but a young boy round abouts 1868 I'd say, he snuck into Mrs. W. Hazel's pumpkin patch,

and sure enough, she caught him! Little did he know the W stood for Witch, as in Witch Hazel! She nabbed him red handed with her best and most prized pumpkin, the particular one she had high hopes for at the upcoming County Fair! There on the very spot that he stood...ZAP! Well, you know the rest!

Now that Jack he was a handsome devil he was and he had himself a gal, yes quite a girl. A most fetching lass and devoted, she carried his photographic image with her every where she went. A smart and snappy dresser too, very fashion forward for the times!

Mmmm, Yummy, yum yum!

She wore THE largest silk rose and THE most exotic feathers in her fancy top hat,

and on special occasions she would wear a brooch made out of a shrunken head! Some say it was her ex, but I guess we'll never know for certain!

And on her crow toed boots were two shiny cut steel buckles, Oh how they did sparkle and Click, Clickety ~ Clacked when she walked down the street,

you could hear her coming a mile away!


Around her neck was a tangle of necklaces, one in particular was very important, a locket given to her by her mother when she was just a girl of sweet sixteen.

It holds a portrait painted by her father, she wears it every single day with out fail,

she likes to keep it close to her heart.

CRUNCH! ...chew... Oh, where are my manners?!...chew...I have neglected to tell you her name! It is Jill, Jill O'Lantern! You see along the way Jack and Jill got married!

Just look at her admiring her pretty, pretty orange pumpkin self!

And I will tell you a funny secret about ole Jill, but keep it to yourself, else she would have my head, so to speak! Come here, lean over real close so I can whisper in your ear...

tucked away in her handbag, among the collected calling cards and coins (she keeps for emergency penny candy cravings)

is her pet frog, Herbert...

MUNCH! MUNCH! Chew, chew.

thats not even the funniest part.

Every once in a while a passer by might hear the occasional RRRiibbittt...

and Jill, being ever so delicate and ladylike, puts her dainty gloved hand to her lips and says,

Ooops! Pardon Me!

Hee, hee and no one is ever the wiser!

Mmmm, CRUNCH! chew, chew.

Well, to make a long story short, the years passed by and the fair Jill grew older, as we all eventually must do.

But she never, ever forgot about her beloved Jack.

Every once in a blue moon,

she would get out his favorite book of poetry and

just quietly read,

thinking sweet thoughts of him.

And when the sun began to set and the candles burned way down low,

CHOMP! chew, chew.

She would take one long deep breath...make a wish upon a wish, times two,

blow the candles out with a Prrbbbttt...and wander on upstairs to bed.

Happy Halloween to all and to all a Goodnight!
Visuals details: Antique french dress form, Victorian mourning dress adorned with tiny jet beads, jet, ruby and pearl strands, circa 1870 black leather boots,collapsible eye glasses on chain, large carved craft pumpkin, nose sculpted out of polymer clay, rubber frog hand painted to look realistic.

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