Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Oh, don't mind her, that's my evil twin, hehehehe!

Purrs & Licks,


Monday, September 29, 2008


Hey Pals,
Woohoo, it's Monday Night Football & we're going to the Steelers game in Da Burg with Lacie, Scruffy & Fiona. I'm sure glad Lacie didn't get grounded by Mumsie.

Lacie was wondering how we're getting to her house tonight, WELL.......

Mama decided to give me a birfday prezzie early, (my birfday isn't until Sunday)

Check this out.....

Is that cool or what??? I even have my own flight gear....

Lacie told us it's getting a bit cold there at night, so Snickers & I put on our football attire....

Oh yes, and dear Max is wheelin' around here with joy cause he get's to go to the game too & meet up with his love Fiona!!

Scruffy was kinda nervous about being Snickers escort, (he thought Gussie might beat him up!) so we decided since I have a my very own plane now, I can swing by Mayemphis & pick up Gussie, Snickers' sweetie!! This way Scruffy can sit on one side of Snickers & Gussie on the other side. Gee, just like having her very own body guards, tee hee.

Guess we better get moving, time to fly out & pick up Gussie. See you soon Lacie!!!

Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers
PS Mama told us Ruby has to stay home, somethin' about being scared of planes.

BAO Items of the week and a Happy New Year!!!!


Bead Art Originals Items of the Week (9/29 - 10/5)

Here is my item of the week: Pretty in Pink Crochet Choker - purchase this item from now till October 5th and receive 10 % off + free shipping!!!

Pretty in Pink Crochet Choker - BAO Item of the Week

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I also wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone (who celebrates it) a very happy, healthy and peaceful Jewish New Year - Shanah Tovah Ve Metukah!!!!!! :-)

To my EntreCard droppers, please accept my apologies, but I will not be dropping for the next 2 days and hope to catch up on all my drops in the days following the Holiday - May it be a great year!!!! :-D


Saturday, September 27, 2008


Hey Pals,
We've been berry busy helping Mama & Papa today with the big pond. It's that time of year to trim off the plants that grow in the ponds. Now that it's Fall, the leaves turn yellow & brown & yucky. So it's best to trim them off instead of letting them fall into the pond water. We decided to supervise from the deck:

Ruby was supervising from inside of the house by the french door. (don't tell her we told you, but she napped almost the WHOLE time!!!)

Mama started draining the water out of the big pond on Thursday. This is what it looked like this morning:

There is still about 2 feet of water in the pond. As you can see the green stems & leaves are still on the plants in the pond:

Here is another view:

This is the very far end:

Things were going fine until Papa found this:

Yep, it's a 1 inch whole in the liner & ya know who did it???? Those darn bambi. It's right where they usually crawl in & out of the pond. Boy was Mama mad. So then they had to spend time today patching the liner, what a pain!!

As you can see below, all of the stems & stuff are now chopped off, the pots are all bare looking:

All of the bullfrogs & leopard frogs came hopping out of the pond to go to the other pond to hide since Mama chopped off their cover.

After they got the hole patched, then they started to fill the pond back up with water. It will take at least 2 days to fill it completely.

Mama fed the fish & then she discovered all kinds of baby koi swimming around. They must have been hiding in all of the cover too cause this was the first time she saw the babies. There are at least 3 dozen & some are already 3 inches long! This one in the photo is metallic yellow & about 2 inches long:

We're excited about the baby koi because when spring comes around, they'll be big enough to name. We have lots of our pals names on the list to use for naming too.

Guess we better go take a nappy, we're bushed out from supervising all day.

Wirey Hugs!
Butchy, Snickers & Ruby

Red Wine? Treasury


treasury 43

Here is my treasury for the week.... I say for the week, because although I had this treasury ready for at least 5 days, it's taken me all of that time to actually grab one!!! what a nightmare!!! I had both treasuries lists open all the time, and either they would open when I was fast asleep (3am) or I would get one and as soon as I would start typing the title, it disappeared!!!! enough to drive an old gal to drinking!!!! :-)

Here is my Red Wine? treasury featuring some gorgeous beads and beadwork - go check it out, click on the items, leave your comments - - it will expire on Tuesday 30th September, so don't put it off! :-)

Wishing everyone happy beading and a wonderful weekend!!!

Breast Cancer Project - Part 2 + my love for Sherry Serafini's work :-)

Friday, September 26, 2008


Here is my second square for the Bead Artists Against Breast Cancer fundraiser organized by Jeanette Shanigan (you can read more about it and see my first square in my previous post Breast Cancer Project - part 1 ) Again I was thinking of all the things I love so I started thinking of the sea, water, lakes with grass all round.... I've always felt the most comfortable in life when I've been in water, I love it, LOVE swimming, can spend my life swimming, although I rarely get to swim nowadays, I'm usually watching my 4 year old who can't :-)  so that's how  my second square came about.  








This square was actually finished about a week ago, but have been busy with both my "real" job and I've been working on a Sherry Serafini necklace.... I actually bought the pattern of one of her pieces - A Mermaid's Attire from Bead Pattern Central, collected more or less all the necessary beads I needed for it - although I couldn't find some and had to substitute with the closer thing I could find or I was happy with -  and started beading!!!! and I can't tell you what a joy and how much I've learnt from following this pattern!!!!  I would really like to fly to the US and attend one of her classes... but as that is simply not feasible at the moment :-) this was the closest best thing for me :-)  I LOVE Sherry Serafini's work.... I mean I actually drool over  her work!!!! whenever I'm stuck or am lacking inspiration, the first thing I do is get all my books that have her work in and I go to her web site - her amazing work just does it for me!!!! I'm crazy about it, and I drive all my friends a bit crazy too talking about her, especially as most of them have absolutely no interest in beadwork!!! :-) anyway... :-D this is what I've been doing all week with all my waking free moments.... I keep having these aha moments while I'm beading... this necklace is just beautiful, and how she's designed all the different elements to fit, is amazing.  I've never followed instructions before to make someone else's creation, it's not something that interests me.... I like looking at the instructions to work out how it's done, but to actually execute the whole thing, to me, seems pointless.... as I miss out the excitement of creating something unique and mine! that to me is the challenge, not whether I can follow the instructions, which by the way I can't, as I have no patience.... even with this piece, which I'm madly in love with, I've had to make some changes, some out of me trying to correct mistakes I'd made without having to destroy hours of work, and some because I couldn't find the exact beads I needed so I had to substitute quite a few - and I'm a bit sorry about that, because I would have loved to have made the necklace as it is intended to be, but.... :-)
I am so glad I bought this and that I'm actually doing it, and not just reading the instructions - it's an amazing learning experience for me, thorough enjoying it!!! :-)

I'm not sure when I will have the whole thing finished - so far I'm about 1/3 of the way, but the next bit is using a technique I have not used before and therefore have no idea how long it will take me to do it.... but as soon as I finished it, I'm definitely posting a picture!!! so come back soon :-D

Relief panels

Thursday, September 25, 2008


A glorious ceramic explosion between the first and second floor windows. Byzantine revival, Assyrian boogie--I love all that 1890's exotica!

A relief is a carving, chasing, or embossing raised above a background plane.

Beneath the windows, over the skirtboard or stringcourse, the popular lozenge makes an appearance.

Relief panels are also called Bas-relief panels. Bas-relief is French for low relief, derived from the Italian basso rilievo: sculpture that is not free, standing, or in the round.
The flat panels beneath the second story windows look like painted plywood, dismal replacements for some doubtlessly exuberant ill-tended relief. Such indignities!

Liberty style foliage and a dental frieze at the cornice.

And between the windows, another panel, with some sort of open fretwork, rectangular form. I've seen that form before, it must have a name....oh damn, I feel another obsession--er pursuit--coming on

Steampunk Treehouse


Steampunk Tree House made by Sean Orlando team.

Great photo taken by Zachary Wasserman:

Treehouse at the Burning Man festival:

Steampunk vulture inside treehouse:


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hey Pals,

It's me Bentley. We've had some strange things going on around here lately. Butchy & Snickers told us that an alien pod has landed in our house! Lo & behold, it sure did.

Check this out:

All of us wheely kids & stuffie kids were kind of scared. I got nominated to check out the pod up close...

I didn't see anything inside of it, no aliens. Hmmmmm, wonder if it's invisible??? Finally it stopped glowing & humming. So Digby decided to help me out with the investigation. He climbed up to the top of the pod to take a look...

Nothing here Bentley!! Think I'll have a look inside of the pod.

Oh no, just as Digby got inside, it started glowing & humming again.

And look what I saw in the room???

The alien creature had it's tail wrapped around one of the stuffies! Wonder if it's friendly or not??

Finally the pod shut down & Digby ran right out. Poor little guy, he was scared to death & had to climb on top of me...

I hope there is no alien inside of you Digby. Do you feel ok???

Digby is still speechless. He was so scared that it almost knocked the stuffins right out of him, hehehehehe!

Well hopefully we'll know by next week if an alien hatches inside of Digby. Maybe you best get off of my back Digby in case you turn into an alien beast!

Wheely Hugs!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I watched the Yankees final home game, and I cried. I don't live and die with sports any more. I used to, before I had a kid, and this career, and a house, and a community. I even think my past investment in sports was a bit silly, a waste of time, immature.

But how can Yankee Stadium be razed?! I once wrote about the late Ambassador Hotel, 'If the Ambassador can be torn down, anything can be torn down.' That's likely a bit of an exaggeration, Los Angeles boasts landmarks that may be forever safe: the Eastern Columbia building, Capital Records, Bullocks Wilshire, and others. Still, if New York's Yankee Stadium can fall victim to the wrecking ball.....

The first generation of modern ball parks that began with Barney Dreyfuss and Forbes Field in 1909, is nearly gone. In the last two decades, the White Sox dismantled Comiskey, the Indians left Municipal Stadium, and the Tigers abandoned Tiger Stadium. Only Wrigley Field in Chicago and Fenway Park in Boston remain from that defining era.

Dodger Stadium now shockingly ranks as the majors third-oldest active facility, and in the world of professional sports that isn't an endorsement.



Hey Pals,
It's Ruby Tuesday already! Geez, Mama doesn't have anything ready for Ruby's posts either. She's been so darn busy lately. Her & Papa left us to go to Des Moines on Sunday cause Papa had to work. Well, it wasn't hard work at all. His company had a booth to set up at the big Bank Convention that was held on Monday. Here is a picture of Papa at the booth they set up:

He installs all kinds of office cubicles, bank teller lines, all kinds of furniture, blinds, you name it. They do many banks here in Iowa & some in the surrounding states, some are brand new banks, some are total remodel jobs. So if anyone needs a bank remodeled, call Papa, hehehe!

Ok, now we'll let Ruby meow to you.

Meoowwwww to all of my new pals. Check out this pod bed that Mama made for me:

It's very comfy, I like to sleep in it. I go into a trance when I crawl into it & I go to lahlah land.....


Purrs & Licks,
PS I'm still begging Mama to let me have my own bloggy. I think Butchy & Snickers' blog is too full of their stuff!

Welcome To Sajjanpur

Monday, September 22, 2008


The past week was full of news. Some bad, the Investment-Banking industry and some good, the great news about the Indian oil & gas sector. The week ended with another bomb blast on a Saturday, this time in Islamabad. However this post is not about any of these events. Thanks to the torrent downloads, I am now updated with all the happenings in the movie world. And it has been quite a while since I wrote about any movie.
Just finished watching the new Shyam Benegal directed film, "Welcome to Sajjanpur". The film is seen through the eyes of the central character, Mahadev, played by Shreyas Talpade who is an aspiring novelist. However he ends up becoming a letter writer. And we get to see the variety of things he gets to do being one of the few literate people in the village. He also abuses his position but manages to do the right things in the end.
A slightly different kind of movie from Shyam Benegal. This is set in a small village in the Hindi heartland. The film also touches on a large number of social issues, like widow remarriage, superstitions, organ selling, muscle power in local elections, the third gender, village infrastructure etc. These are mentioned in passing but the focal point remains the letter writer.
And finally acouple of random thoughts which crossed my mind while watching the movie
  1. Pen is mightier than the sword
  2. With great power comes great responsibility

Overall, the film is definetely worth a watch

Bead Art Originals - Items of the week


bao item of the week

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Victorian robots


'The Steam Man Mark II' invented in 1876

'The Steam Man' invented in 1865

'Boilerman' invented in 1893

Pics and info from here.

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