Caution Detour Ahead to Pure Imagination!

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Take my hand, come along with me, the land we are headed to is situated upon a point in the far west corner of a distant memory, high atop a clown mountain!

Inside this room all of my dreams become realities

and some of my realities become dreams! I bet you recognize this, just play along, or uh, sing along that is!

Let me in I'm starving!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...

Hold your breath,

Make a wish,

(Note: print this secret letter out and hold it up to a mirror to reveal it's hidden message!)

Count to three.

Come with me,

And you'll be

In a world of Pure Imagination!

Take a look...

And you'll see

(print out and hold to a mirror to read me!)

Into your imagination...

We'll begin, with a spin, traveling in the world of my creation,

What we'll see will defy explanation!

If you want to view paradise,

Simply look around and view it,

Anything you want to, do it!

Want to change the world?

There's nothing to it!

There is no life I know,

To compare with Pure Imagination,

Living there, you'll be free,

If you truly wish to be! To quote one of my favorite muses, of course, Mr. Willy Wonka!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! That's what my grandmama always used to unexpected package arrived at my doorstep, leaning over to pick it up I could hear it's contents rattle! As I opened it and peered in, I saw my fractured reflection looking back at me, and before even the slightest hint of disappointment could wash over me, a light bulb went off above my head and a large smile curled across my face! This is Perfect! I know just what I'll do! What a great gift! Thank you!

Details and Devices:
Camera, one broken mirror, paper masks on popsicle sticks, vintage backgammon game, one (ironic) packing label, card stock & circle punches, oil pastel sticks on construction paper, black & white acrylic checkerboard painted on canvas, one big red flicker kiss brooch and just a sprinkling of pure imagination!



Hey Pals,
Our parents have turned into traitors! Yep, they keep leaving us for an hour at a time & then they come back smelling funny. They have been doing this for days now. Hmmmmmm, I, Inspector Butcho figured out they have been to their friends house that have the pet deer. Seems their friends asked them to babysit the deer, 5 cats & fishies! Can you believe that?? even 5 kittie kats??? I guess it's ok since one of the cat's name is actually BUTCHY!

So we figured we better show you some updated pictures of the bambi. This first picture is how Janie & ZuZu looked a few weeks ago:
This is Janie giving her Papa a smoochie on the nose....
This is ZuZu. Her Mama is telling her to be good for Auntie L. Notice her nearly bald areas??
She is losing her baby hair & spots & getting her winter hair. Deer shed their hair each spring & fall. The winter hair is much darker than the summer hair. Her short new hair feels like velvet.

This is Janie giving you her butt shot, hehehehe!
And here is Janie showing you that she can squat to go potty just like a girl dog!
Here is Janie panting like a dog! She had been running around like a nut & when she stopped, she was panting just like a dog. See her mouth open??
Awwwwwh, here is Janie actually licking ZuZu's ears for her...
This is ZuZu....
This is Janie in the front, wondering where Mama & Papa are going???
They love to be pet just like dogs & really like their ears & head rubbed. They also like to lick the hoomans all over the neck & nose & arms & legs, tee hee! Mama told us it tickles. They still are bottle fed, but now are eating a granular dry feed. They have also learned to eat the greens from the ground - grass, weeds, clover, leaves on bushes & trees. They are given their dry food first, then they get their bottles of goat's milk. You have to hide the bottles in a bucket & cover it with a towel or else they try to get the bottles. They even beg for their bottles. They come up to you & nudge your arms, bump you on the leg with their nose. They are already spoiled rotten! Well it's time to get some sleep now. We haven't had one nap today.
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Goodbye Summer garden, a prize, paper & collaged pendants


Hello dear bloging friends and readers, before I'm off to my vacation in Italy :) I'd like to say good bye to my summer garden and share with you some new creations and a fab prize that I won!

The picture above I forgot to show you in my last post. I attended a paper making class at my sisters art studio at the beginning of August and this is the result. 9 different sheets of selfmade paper. It was so much fun to exercise with the paper pulp. My cousin Stefanie was there with me as well and we both decided that we have to do it again very soon!

Last weekend I played with water colors, chalk, ink, acrylic paints, stamps and all sorts of papers and embellishments and out came the collage above (it's just a part of the collage, which is to big to scan in one part). Then I scanned it in parts and printed it out and embellished it more and scanned it again and then printed it out again in different sizes and then cutted it in shapes for my pendant glasses and the outcome was a new line of collaged pendants

which is still in the works. I didn't really know how much fun it is to actually use a self made collage for my pendants instead of using found papers and just do some cut outs and pastings. This felt so much more like real art and was very satisfying. I haven't got around to solder them yet with all the preparations for our vacation, but I'll do that as soon as I'm back home.

A sweet parcel arrived at my door step this week from Sandra Evertson. I was so lucky to win a prize from the 1 year blogging anniversary of her inspirational art blog It's the cute little porcelain doll head in the photo below. He was all bold and I just had to embellish him a bit for his first photo shoot so I made him a party hat and gave him a paper lace collar and stuck him on a round cloth pin and put him in an embellished glass bottle. He came in that cute little box with a darling Edwardian lady card.
Thank you very much Sandra for sending him over the big ocean to Boxwood Cottage where he is appreciated a lot!

Click on the photo to enlarge it!

Now it's time for me to say good bye to my summer garden. I guess when I'm back home in two weeks time nothing will look the same.

These pictures are from the shady part of my back yard under my trees and between the hedges. This is the best place to spend hot summer days at, because of the shade the trees provide.

These Hydrangeas, Nicotianas and Lobelias are growing in a pot on my hot patio/deck.

The Monardas and some Alchemillas are growing again after beeing cut back before.

The bumblebees are always enjoing my Verbena bonariensis, which has meanwhile selfseeded everywhere in my garden, after I first planted it two years ago.

Eden rose 85 aka Pierre de Ronsard is providing me with new buds all summer long and is still blooming beautifully:

On my deck I always have a parasol open because otherwise some flowers would dry out and die in no time:

Well now it's really time to say good bye and good night! Don't forget that you can enlarge all my photos to see more details. I hope to see y'all again mid September when I return from my journey to Venice, Tuscany and Rome.
Until then I wish you a wonderful late summer time!
Carola xox
A word to my nice blogging friends giving me blog awards again lately. I appreciate it a lot. I just don't like to post them on my blog. Same with the tag games, it all takes so much time, that I prefer to spend in a creative way, at least as long as I still have my full time office job. I hope you understand and don't feel ignored. It's so sweet that you think of me and it makes me very happy that you like my lil blog!


Saturday, August 30, 2008


As the title suggests, this post is about my home state, Bihar. I am a proud Bihari and never have had to hide my state of origin to anyone. Although what there is to be proud of is a question to which I do not have any ready answer.
As I write this, over 2 million people have been rendered homeless due to the sudden floods in the Kosi river. The current occurence has been due to the sudden shift in the river's course due to the breaching of the embankment upstream in Nepal. The flood waters spread across the vast plains have caused large scale devastation with the worst probably still to come.
A natural disaster of this scale may or may not have been avoided. But the thing which really annoyed me is the almost complete lack of awareness of the situation amongst people outside Bihar. Here I am in Mumbai and I have heard no mention of the devastation amongst the people or even in newspapers. Only through the internet did I become aware of the magnitude of the situation.
This situation raises a pertinent question. Does India really care about Bihar? or has Bihar totally slipped out of the national conciousness? Bihar has become a by-word for lawlessness, and Biharis are the first ones to be targetted by the xenophobic politicians of every part of the country to raise their vote banks, be it in Maharastra or Assam. The question is why this state of affairs regarding Bihar. Maybe it is because of the politicians, always the first and easiest target.
Or is it because of the Biharis themselves, who have got so used to situation that they have stopped caring. We Biharis work hard. There are no doubts about it. But the hard work is for getting out of the state. Nobody wants to go back.
The state's infrastructure is in a mess. The education levels are amongst the lowest in the country. There is no industrial investment of any note in the state. Outsiders would not even think of going to Bihar. Whats the cause of all this? Does anybody have an answer?

The Joker and Game Theory

Friday, August 29, 2008


First of all, I must make this clear. I really liked the movie "The Dark Knight", specially Heath Ledger's potryal of the Joker. While surfing found an interting link connecting one of Joker's actions with the Game Theory. In one of the sequences, the Joker plants bombs on two ferries stranded in the middle of the river with their detonators on the other boat. There is no way to go out from the ferry and the people have half an hour time to take their decision, otherwise he would blow up both the ferries. A case similar to the Prisoner's Dilemma. The attached link connects this sequence to the Game Theory and Nash Equilibrium.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Hey Pals,


Do you remember me?? The wheely stranger a few weeks ago?
Well I'm the largest wheely that lives here. Yep, I live here now. Butchy was supposed to find out some info on me, and discovered that I didn't have a name. My petagree was Line Bros & I came from Ireland. Mama told me that I'm actually one of the Aire-boy wheelies, so guess what she named me???
STANLEY!!! My name is Stan the Man, hehehehehe!
See, I even have the terrier rump!
Since Butchy is away riding on the Aire-Ruby Anniversary Flight, I, Stan the Man was put in charge of Koi Guard Duty. Ya know why????

That darn Monster Bird - Great Blue Heron knew Butchy was gone & kept trying to get Mama's koi fishies today. Boy was she furious. She kept running outside like a mad woman, flapping her arms, screaming at that darn bird. Finally she got wore out & put me in charge of protecting the koi. Here is what Mama saw this morning, some beady little eyes & a pointy beak....
So she kept sneaking up closer....
and closer......
and closer....
and then she screamed like mad & chased that darn bird away!!!

No need to worry now, Stan the Man is in charge!!

Wheely Hugs!

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