Seeing Red!

Thursday, July 31, 2008



I bought these gorgeous red large Delica beads a few months ago from Bogal Ltd., and I really love the colour, so I figured I would just start using them and see where it takes me... this is my effort so far :-)




Obviously red is on my mind, and it was about time that I created a treasury, so I did! :-)  This treasury features some of my new Bead Art Originals team members. treasury 36







 (expires Sunday 3rd August) Go and check out these pieces and visit the artists shops.  Search for BAO team and see all of the amazing talent that makes up this wonderful new team!

Bead Art Originals is a newly formed Etsy street team, comprising of both artists that bead and artists that create beads.

Above is only a small taster of this new team and of what is to come!  Please go and visit Bead Art Originals: web site  and blog and meet the artists!

About Miss Rose Potter, Marie Antoinette and my sweet grandma


Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear blogging friends and readers and to a no garden photo post for a change although I have tons of July pictures from the garden still to share with you but this month flew by far too fast.
Today is Miss Tiffany's "Show me your form" day! She has got herself a new old/vintage dress form a few weeks ago for a bargain price, which she has called Nadia and her hubby called her a "scary thing" and so she asked her blog friends to help her show her hubby that she's not the only crazy one loving old dress forms by posting pictures of our dress forms.
I feel so very lucky to own an antique dress form, which I got as a gift from a very dear friend in December 2006, you can read my story and see my photos about that here in my second post from May 2006.
These antique dress forms are very hard to get hold of nowadays and if you find one you often can hardly afford her which makes my Rose even more special to me. My daughter calls her Miss Potter, I call her Rose, so I named her Rose Potter!

In the picture above you see a close up of her beautiful neck. Thing is she has had no neck at all when I got her, so I asked my dad to make me one and I think he did a very good job!

I love to move Rose around in my studio and to redecorate her every now and then.
For this photo shoot she has got my vintage chapeau clac that I got from my mum as well as a beautiful vintage blouse with lace that I got from another dear friend - gell Al ;-)
The rose wreath I have had for ages already, it was hanging in a window, but suddenly it occured to me that it would look great on Rose's breast, what do you think?

The beautiful milliney roses are a purchase from Holly over at Holly Doodle Designs.

Tiffany sent us an e- mail that she has 50 participants in her Show and Tell today, so I suggest that when you have finished my post you'll head over to her's here:
where you'll find a list of all participants and so to see all the other beautiful and oh so inspiring photos of bloglands dress forms.

And now to change the subject I'd like to show you a little project which I was inspired to do by my friend Sandy over at ArtTeaLife Blog. She and her "Royal Confections" buddies had the idea to do a round robin in which they alter the Vintage styrofoam body form that you see in the next picture and which you can get from Cerri's Little Pink Studio.

I found Sandy's idea so fascinating that I had to order me a styrofoam body form from Cerri and start altering her and here is what came out of it. This is my first try (double click picture to enlarge and see all the details) :

It's Marie Antoinette in case you didn't guess ;-)) She was so fun to create! The fab thing is you don't have to sew or glue to dress her up. I just pinned everything on her with my hat pins. Even her hat is made with a hat pin (you can get these gorgeous hat pins at Cerri's shop too and also at Andrea's Onehundredwishes and others). I used a vintage wallpaper border from my friend Nicole of Small Treasures, a fabric yoyo for the hat from my friend Anita of MyCountryCottageGarden, a millinery flowerm,some borders, pink Dresdens, lace etc..
Here is a close up of her dress:

And to finish today's "creative post" here is a picture of my last Vintage Wallpaper Wallbox.
It's made from a Kellogs Smacks cardboard box this time and the sweet children in the picture are my grandmother Elfriede and her lil brother. If you haven't seen my first one have a look here: The fabric border below the old picture says "VergiƟmeinnicht" which means "Forget me not" in English and I feel that when I use her photo in my art she'll surely never be forgotten about at least not as long as I live.

That's all from me for today folks, I'm off now to look at all the other "Show me your form" posts which will take some time I think, so if you do so too, you'd better make yourself comfortable ;-))
Happy summer days!
Carola xox
P.S. All pictures in my posts should enlarge to see more details when you click on them and then click again on the orange button in the lower right corner of the photo.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Hey Pals,
Roxy here today. As some of you have already heard, there is a disturbance in the Wirey Foxy Force. Our good pal Jackson received some disturbing results on his recent tests.
But the Wirey Foxy Force is strong. Foxies all around the globe are uniting to eliminate this disturbing force. Even the Wheelies are uniting:
What are they doing you ask? They are forming prayer circles all around the globe to push out the evil force from Jackson's body. Even the Non-Wheely Stuffies are mounting a revolt.

Today has also been declared JACKSON DAY over at Scruffy, Lacie & Stan's place. "Prayer flags have been mounted up on Mr. Everest to represent the seemingly insurmountable troubles that Jackson has already overcome and to remind us that hope is always present and prayers that his current problems can be healed."

Please join us in our prayers for a MIRACLE for dear Jackson.

Wirey Hugs!
Roxy & the gang, Butchy & Snickers

keeping it! :-)



well.... the problem with me using turquoise is that I love all things turquoise too much to be able to part with them... so here is another one that will be added to my collection of turquoise jewellery that I won't be selling :-)

All the ideas I had in my head didn't seem to quite work, so I opted to keep it simple (sometimes simple is best) and after finishing the bail, I decided to simply string it onto 3 pieces of brown leather and.... here is my new necklace! :-)

Tomorrow I'll try and stay away from turquoise and see if I can come up with something a bit more....hmmmm.... interesting? :-)

Not sure where this is going :-)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


DSCN4675 I finally got to bead weave yesterday... It felt like I hadn't beaded for so long that I couldn't remember how to! :-)

Didn't really have anything specific in mind... or maybe I had too many things flying around in my head that I couldn't see any of them too clearly... am not sure...

So I figured that I would be better off to just start rather than just sit and stare blankly at the table! :-)



Turquoise is my favourite colour!!!! and when mixed with a sort of lime green, it just blows my mind!!! 
I've had this large turquoise donut for a while now... and just bought some de-stash from Elements Jeweley containing lots of Delica beads that I'm not so familiar with using.... am not sure that it will work together, but sometimes it's fun to see how a piece develops when you combine things together that you usually wouldn't, whether in terms of using a colour combination that you usually wouldn't use or combining elements together that don't quite make sense... the worse that can happen is that you'll end up hating the piece!!! :-) but if that doesn't happen then you will not only LOVE it but will have created something new and different...


and this is what I'm doing.... I love using the Delica beads because they are so even, but am not sure if I like them with the natural feeling of the turquoise stone.... not sure of it.... but worse comes, I'll just cut it up and I will have learnt that I don't like the combination! :-)









Hopefully I will be able to work on it some more later on.... let's see where this takes me! :-)

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments! :-) I love hearing everyone's different takes and opinions! ;-)

Last of the thank yous :-)

Monday, July 28, 2008


Yesterday I took the day off!!! I didn't do anything with it.... but I stayed away from work, computer and beads! :-) sometimes it happens, batteries need to be recharged... a holiday, as I have not had one in oh.... longer than I care to think of, would be better, but a day off helps! :-)

Here is the rest of my thank yous! :-)

Thank you TheBeadedLily - wonderful beadweaver, jewellery maker and person! check out her blog and her shop!




Thank you Ixela for being a wonderful and caring friend!!! and for making these gorgeous crocheted necklaces/bracelets... I have to get myself one!!!! :-) I LOVE them!!!! Check out her wonderful blog and shop! - ok... so I got one!!! I just couldn't resist!!!! I really, really love it!!!!!


Thank you Waterrose - who makes the most wonderful embroidered cuffs and rings! check out her blog and shop!




Link to Inspire Emotion

Thank you Nicole of Inspire Emotion - check out her wonderful blog!


Thank you Jean Hutter who always takes the time to comment on my blog! She is not only a wonderful bead artist but also creates beautiful paintings! check all of her blogs and shops :-)
Jean Hutter - Water Media Artist + art blog
TotallyTwisted - shop and blog


and last but not least.... Art for Hair - who makes the most wonderful hair sticks ! Check out her shop and blog!

Ok! so this turned out more of a wish list than a thank you list :-) so if any of my family actually ever comes over here to read my blog, any of these would be very much appreciated!!! :-)



As for what's going on in my life.... well yesterday I decided that rather than spend my life worrying about these men climbing over to my balcony again, I would show them what to expect if they did, so I put on my karate gear, which hasn't been worn in over a year... or is it two?.... and went on my balcony, in plain view to all of them and in the sweltering heat and burning sun, did some karate training and practice my Kata!!! yeah, come on over now, baby!!! :-) I don't like being the victim, neither do I like playing the victim nor seeming like a victim!!! I am no victim!!!!!

Today, as you can imagine my legs are killing me! :-) and I think I broke my foot again (last count I broke about 7 different bones in my feet, but still love karate!)... ok, so I probably shouldn't have been kicking a piece of metal, at least not on my first attempt in so long :-) a softer alternative would have been sufficient :-) too late :-) so I'm limping a bit, it too will heal :-)

Today I'm spending the day beading!!!!!! yeah!!!!! now that is what makes me truly happy!!!

Check back soon to see what I came up with!!!!

2158 W. 24th ST.


Kinney Heights Craftsman Retreat

A broad, recessed dormer and a bold two-story bay punctuate this dynamic early Craftsman form, with generous, extended eaves and supple rafters. The delightful complexity continues inside with substantial, successive, detail-rich rooms, each with dual exposure. Dramatic interplays of volume persist on the second floor with soaring, lancet-shaped cove ceilings, and an intimate, tree top sleeping porch. Sophisticated kitchen, with pantries, recycled glass tile backsplash, and superb linoleum inlay floor, opens onto a mature acacia tree, providing beautifully filtered ambiance, and picturesque sightline.

An unusually generous lot size, bolstered by an exceptionally wide frontage, is made even more pronounced by a relatively small building footprint. An unrivaled, outdoor life inducing green space results. The front garden is landscaped with live oaks, toyon, coral bells, lilacs and a host of California natives and climate-suited Mediterranean plants. Gravel mulch gives way to thick shows of wildflowers in spring. Stonework and a dry-stream bed by Pasadena firm Urban Organics capture and keep rainwater. The rear garden boasts a second arroyo, an Italian fountain, and meandering paths dividing beds stocked with apple, apricot and plum trees underplanted with roses, sage and lavender. At the rear is a raised bed for vegetables and a two-story carriage house with room for garden equipment downstairs and a studio above.

2158 W. 24th ST 90018
3 beds, 1.5 baths
1,712 square feet
Year built: 1906
Lot size: 58 x 150
Lot Area: 8,700



Hey Pals,
After the long weekend wait, it's finally over. The Dogter called Mama today & I Snickers have a GOOD LIVER!!! My tests turned out well. So now that just means I have plain ol' Epilepsy. All of the other causes of seizures have been ruled out by tests. I've already started on the medication to prevent the seizures. It will take 2 weeks to get into my system so I could possibly have some seizures during this time. After the 2 weeks, if I would then get a seizure, then the dosage of medication will need to be increased a bit. With the current weight that I am, I'm right in between 2 dosage levels. So we're starting with the lower dose. Mama was laughing while she was on the phone with the Dogter cause he told her I could act a bit spacey when first starting this drug, hehehehe! Hmmmmmm, I thought I was spacey from Lacie's smoothies!!

Gee, those darn strawberry seeds are stuck in my toofies again from the smoothies:
Hey Nurse Lacie, can we make these seedless by chance????

Many thanks to all of my pals for your paws & prayers!!!
I have to show you another birfday card I just recieved. It's from my good pal Lenny! Doesn't that wirey dude look like Lenny too??
So cute!!!! Thanks Lenny!!

Wirey Hugs!
Snickers & Butchy

One Year Blog Anniversary!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


All of my life, I have never quite fit in, always felt out of place, odd man out, you know? Some times over exuberance, adventurous curiosity and creativity can cause others to misunderstand and even shun you, but here, with you I can be me. I can express my self freely with words and visuals

and not only do you accept me but you encourage me too! And I tell you, it is ever so appreciated! Today, among all of you sister artistic types, well, I can finally say, I fit in, the puzzle is complete!

Having the opportunity to share the artistic life with all of you brings me more joy and happiness than I can ever express! When I began this fantastic voyage up and out into the wide expanse of the great blogisphere , I really wasn't sure just what to expect.

You see, for a year or so I had been quietly stopping in on all of you, Oooing and Ahhing, smiling and laughing, admiring fabulous works of art, fawning over charming children and sweet little pets. It was one amazing adventure after another!

I am still and always will be, absolutely astonished that I am so lucky as to exist in a time where this kind of communication and sharing exchange is possible! I often daydream of times long ago, when wardrobe was elegant and fanciful,

manners were delicate and always a'minded, and romance was, well, it was romantic! Nevertheless, the reality is, I am continuously excited and exhilarated at my good fortune to be here at this very moment in time and as we are all well aware, every moment exists just once! Now, I know, I do ramble and can go on and on

about the simplest of things, but to be able to visit each and every one of you (even if it does take me some time to get around) I truly cherish and relish the time we "virtually" spend together, no matter how short! When I visit you,

I travel down the page to catch up on all that I have missed! And you stay with me as I go about my days, there are
always lovely little reminders that pop up and make me think of you... the pretty flowers at the market... Oh, how absolutely

intoxicating the photos of her ever so lovingly tended garden were! Or while strolling my little dog though the park, I catch a glimpse of children at play and remember... that adorable baby curled up and fast asleep in mom's shopping cart! Then

there's the kindness and sensitivity and honesty and friendship from a far away friend, a friend yet unseen, but a friend still indeed, a friend in need, in need of seeds! ;) ...and I hope they grow too! Let us not to forget, the traveling I do, Oh yes, a virtual jet setter I am!

***a break in the story here, This is the first of my "GIVEAWAY" items. She is a tall witty lady made from porcelain and glass!***

Continuing right along... Why, just yesterday I had a tangy parfait with the most fascinating of ladies, in Paris, no less!

Then a last minute, late night cap and a biscuit or two, over some stamps and ink, in the hippiest, dippiest pub in all of London!

AND... the Food! Yes! The Food! Delicious, delectable recipes for finger lickin, lip smackin, cookies and candy, pastas and soups and

cupcakes, yummy, cupcakes, both real and faux! Then lets us mosey on down to the O K Corral to join in on the

artistic adventures of a creative cowgirl!

And just before cruising on back home,

and hopping the last train to Sleepyville,

***a short break again. This is the second of my "GIVEAWAY" items. A sassy dress form in a studded bra!***

and we continue... headed straight for Dreamland, don't you know!

I popped in to see a colorful character, a weaver of magic and mischief in a patch of the world so very far away, turned upside over,

or I should say, way down under!

A visit to get a lesson from the master herself, on applying my new shade of lipstick! Oh, Yes!

***guess what, break again! The third "GIVEAWAY" item. A risque mannequin wearing only a skirt and a necklace, for shame!**

And we're back... And when my head hits the pillow and I finally close my eyes at night to drift off to sleep, my mind is torrentially flooded with marvelous images and colors and words from the wonderland of on line journals and artwork I have absorbed into every fiber of my being!

So this is our collective legacy... Cheers to you, here's to me, and all that will be, we go up, we come down and then circle around, to meet in the middle, on a soft quiet day, to live and to laugh and to share and to play with God speed! Here's to us, to us, yes indeed!

***one last break! The fourth, fifth and sixth of my "GIVEAWAY" items, 3 porcelain head blanks, to do what you wish with!***

Thank you one and all, for sharing your talents...

Thank you for sharing your time...

Thank you for always being so supportive, it truly allows me to create with abandon and joy!

The world spins, time flies, life goes by... One year behind me and full steam ahead!

My appreciation runs deep... Thank you for being one of the beautiful intricate pieces in our creative puzzle!

I like to give away things that are special to me, because I feel, if it carries meaning for me, it will carry that meaning with it, to pass it along so that it may be re-enjoyed and re-loved by others! These 6 items are to celebrate with you!
Please make sure I have a way to contact the 6 winners, on Sunday August 10th I will draw 6 names at random and then match one of the 6 giveaway items to a name. (*porcelain half doll with marbles dress, *dress form in studded bra, *risque mannequin, *small porcelain doll head blank, *medium porcelain doll head blank, *large porcelain doll head blank)
See you in two weeks to announce the winners!
P.S. Thank you Dear Donna, I have finally found the perfect little bodies for the china heads you gave me!

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