Purple Flower - Finally finished!!! :-)

Monday, June 30, 2008


I started this piece in around April , and although the actual flower was finished and the necklace part started, I just could not get my head around finishing it. I seriously had a mental block against beading the band in herringbone stitch, but finally this week-end I literally hid in my bedroom and put my mind to finishing it... and am so glad I did!!! finally!!!! :-) I am terrible.... I get bored so easily!!! so the prospect of beading not one but 2 plain long bands was just more than I could take! :-) but once I put my mind to it, I really got into it, of course I was in front of the telly catching up with all the programs I missed during the week... and the next thing I know.... it's actually finally finished!!! :-) I have to say.... this piece looks so amazing on!!! I must find a model for it.... my 6' something houseguest is a bit too hairy to carry it off :-) + am not sure he would do it anyway ;-) but in the meantime.... here it is!!!!

purple flower 01 copy

purple flower 03 copy

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Today I'm teaching, and tomorrow is my son's 4th birthday, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to add this piece to my etsy shop.... but soon :-) In the meantime.... let me know what you think :-)

Happy beading everyone! :-)

I added this piece to my shop:

Hoops and Hallways


The National Basketball Association draft was held last Thursday and the Los Angeles Clippers chose Indiana freshman Eric Gordon with the #7 pick. I liked the selection of Gordon, but the player I really coveted, Texas point guard D.J. Augustin was drafted two slots later by the Charlotte Bobcats. Why Augustin? Because he's relatively small, an inch or two under six feet and probably around a buck-sixty eight; and, I think small is always underrated.

People fall in love with size, be it basketball prospects or real estate. Hey, square footage is square footage, and I wouldn't necessarily kick it out of bed; but, nothing beats a good floor plan (or floor general). Most can note the obvious waste, labyrinthian hallways, oversized landings, or bloated foyers; but, often the space kept clear to allow the passage of people is what's most limiting.

Just as some NBA teams are "going small", the AIA (American Institute of Architects) report a downsizing trend in new home construction, inspired by sustainable design principles, the housing slowdown, emerging weakness in the national economy, and a growing "Hummer house" backlash. Some municipalities have begun to impose restrictions on height and adopt tough lot coverage ratios as well.

Of course criticism of large homes isn't new, it occurred during the Gilded Age too; and now, as we stand on the edge of another cultural precipice, perhaps we'll come to appreciate the Augustins and Iversons and the T.J. Fords, as much as we do the Yao Mings and the Shaq O'Neals.

Le Petit Theatre & A Little Love Affair

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Hello Boys and Girls!

See how you beam of seeming white,

Is braided out of seven hued light,

Yet in those lucid globes no ray,

By any chance shall break astray,

Hark, how the rolling surge of sound,

Arches and spirals circling round,

Wakes the hush'd spirit through thine ear,

With music it is heaven to hear!

With that go fast into the night,

A moments haste, the slightest fright,

A curtain rises on the two,

She's dressed in pink,

He's dressed in blue.

With love at every corners turn,


Good night!

True love doth burn!

Mademoiselle Angelique Du Parc is the object upon which the affections of Monsieur Armande Fleurant are fixed at

the present moment.

He met her, I believe, while she was attending school in the city last winter,

and what with accompanying her to matinees,

taking her to church

and lingering by her side in the parlor,

oftentimes in the evening,

with the gas turned low,

the heart of Monsieur Fleurant gradually was induced to throb

only for the pretty lass from Luxembourg.

She has been very gracious to him

during all the time that he has devoted himself to her,

and has seemed to like him so well that there is really no reason

for doubting that when the climax of the little drama is reached,

and the question asked, she will droop her eyelids,

crimson her cheeks with blushes and whisper "Yes!"

It seems I am busy working on projects that are destined to fly away, by that I mean, a piece be either for a special customer or a variety of publications, and while I am honored and beyond thrilled to be able to create these works for others, when I can create a little piece for my very own collection I am just tickled pink! This is such a piece, I have been trying to finish my Petit Theatre and it's tiny patrons for nearly 2 years now! I would work on it a bit, constructing a wooden shadow box, wallpapering it with 150 year old blue and grey striped silk, wiring it for electricity, weaving a miniscule chandelier, then it was back to "real" work! I smooshed together the teeny Mademoiselle's and Monsieur's, cooked them up and dressed them in my finest bits and scraps and was finally able to finish it up last month!
Note: My next post will be on July 13th, at which time I will share more exciting news!
Adieu, my Lovely Friends, until next we meet!



Hey Pals,
We are still struggling with the internet connections here in Iowa since the floods. It's very frustrating. We get all logged on to things & we're on about 30 seconds & get knocked off again. We have been working for 3 hours just to get this post on here. Sorry we haven't been able to leave comments on all of your blogs in the last few weeks. We have been getting most of them read though. We haven't been doing much the last few days. Mama has been watching Snickers like a hawk & she still is doing just fine. So we're hoping no more seizures.
Here we are walking on a trail on our land.
Of course Snickers is hogging the screen. Below are some pictures of a bambi eating the ash in our firepit. We've never seen them eat actual ash before. Seems very strange.

They have also been eating ALL of Mama's flowers this year, hostas, daylilies, daisies, bushes, trees, you name it, they've eaten eat. We think the floods have something to do with it. Usually they don't eat that much stuff in our yard, but this year they have been eating everything in sight. The Mama deer that comes here daily only had one baby this year. We see it all of the time in the yard running around, but haven't been able to get a good picture of it yet. With all of the flooding this year, many animals have lost their eggs & young. We did see one mama pheasant with her little baby chicks running in the road yesterday. She had at least 8 babies which is good. Turkeys have been in the yard, but with no babies at all. Wildlife numbers will surely be down a lot this year.

We do have some more Japanese Iris blooming, so here are some photos:

We'll try to post some waterlily photos tomorrow. Also, we're almost done making our Koi photo bubbleshare filmstrip to put up on our blog. The koi's name will be on the photos too so you'll know which one was named after you! We hope everyone has a great week.
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

The 'Hood (Part 1)

Saturday, June 28, 2008


The neighborhood, that real estate morsel gets smaller and smaller, and often more rarefied, North of this, South of that, highlands, lowlands, canyon. Most every American metropolis brands itself a "city of neighborhoods, " often capitalizing on a nostalgia for smaller, so-called simpler places (and times). Sometimes a place name is nothing more than an organizational overlay, or the latest marketing come on; but in other places, the distinctions remain relevant and valuable.

Faced with an urbanized realm of multiple, overlapping and often competing identities, boosters seek to assert uniqueness, emphasizing local amenities, topography, architecture, or ethnic concentration. Often though, identities and associations are imposed rather than elected, nasty proclamations, part imputation and allegation, race regard and raunch.

For years, West Adams has gotten a bad rap. Boyle Heights has too. So have many other neighborhoods in parts of South and East Los Angeles. There's a few reasons why. One is the nature and extent of contact outsiders have with the community, residents, and amenities. For many, West Adams means USC or the Coliseum, and a brawl-riddled Raider game in 1987. A few have been to Exposition Park, or a car dealership on Figueroa. Seldom have outsiders probed the idyll of the West Adams Avenues or stately Wellington Square. Seldom had they reason to.
Simultaneously, in communities wherein residents have less economic and social mobility (even potentially as a result of age), or feature a degree of ethnic insularity, the opportunities to ameliorate negative perceptions are stunted, contact is limited.


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