Special moments and beautiful garden days

Saturday, May 31, 2008


This post is about special moments. One very special moment for me is to see the first rose of the season finally opening it's buds. This year my historic rose "Rosa Mundi" which you see in the first photo won the race between my roses. Hm you should smell her, she has a divine scent!
Well come on let's do a lil stroll through my May garden before the month is over and I'll share some more special moments with you, not only in the garden. This post has over 30 pictures I gues which took during the last week so maybe you better make yourself comfortable with a cup of tea or coffe so that you'll hopefully stay with me until the end of this long blog post?

Another special moment for me is to go out in my garden in the morning because the light is always so beautiful then. The picture above is from my potting bench and below you see part of my deck. The photo below is from this morning, we had such wonderful weather today, well actually the weather was quite beautiful during the whole month of may with just one rainy day that I can remember.

As always you can click on the pictures to enlarge them and see more details. Below is another picture from my potting corner

On my patio it's blooming beautifully at the moment, the rose Wenlock has opened it first two buds today and foxgloves, lupine and delphiniums are in full bloom among many other summer flowers

My cat Sammy is always enjoying these special times and moments in the garden with me.
Here is another summery photo from today

And here another photo of Rosa Mundi which meanwhile is in full bloom

The rose in the next photo is my darling Eden 85/Pierre de Ronsard which has opened the first few buds this week

And this is my dear Constance Spry, an English David Austin rose which has just started to bloom at my old rose arc

This is the rose arc glowing in the sun, I took this photo at 11.00 this morning and until dawn Constance Spry had opened several more buds, she has practically exploded in todays heat

This is a picture of my foxgloves which have self seeded in the spares between the stones of my deck and I love them there

I took these next pictures one morning last week, when my pansies still looked beautifully, they have suffered a bit from the heat we had the last days with temps around 30 deegrees celsius, but I just had to show you these last photos I took of them before they are over and I can use the pots for summer flowers which are already waiting impatiently to get planted

I so love the radiant colors which came from the gorgeous morning light that day, a very special moment for me again

In the next photo you see some of my Alliums which are now in full bloom. Planting Alliums since 2004 it's the first time this year that I have a white variation which is called Mount Everest:

The Alliums Purple Sensation in the back of the next picture are almost finished now but the Globemasters are still growing

More white and purple Alliums in bloom and in the background is my Peony which has got 5 huge buds this year, yeah!

I took this picture from the very back of my backyard. Looking in the garden from there always gives me this "Secret Garden" feeling which I love! This year I hung another iron chandelier in my tree than last year, this one is shabby white and has some gorgeous curls hich you'll see better when you enlarge the photo:

The glorious Clematis in the next picture is a newbie to my garden of which I first heard from my friend TWT in Canada, so when I found her last fall I just had to buy and plant her and I have not regretted it, she is such a pink filled beauty when in bloom like right now:

And I just have to show you another photo of my ruffeld Rococo pansies, which are very special to me

Since this week my purple bellflower/Campanula Punctata Sarastro is blooming. See their big and gorgeous purple bells in the foreground of this photo? Their color fits so well with my Lavender and Pansy colors on the deck

Btw you may have spotted this gorgeous fabric bunting in some of my photos posted above. I hung it out on my white parasol today, these buntings give me that special feeling of summer and are made for me by my creative garden and blogging friend Anita from

We recently finished another private swap which indeed was a very special moment for me to get and open it as well as to create, wrap and send my part to her. The next picture is a close up of Anitas wrapping. After our last swap she felt a bit ashamed because she didn't thought about pretty wrapping so this time she took a great afford to it and it really shows, don't you think? She also added some of the gorgeous rose papers she wrapped her parcels with to my swap and wrapped it around cardboard rolls (from kitchen paper towels) and then closed it with gorgeous lace and satin borders. They looks so pretty now here in my studio that I don't think that I will ever be able to open one of these gorgeous rose paper rolls

Make sure to click the following pictures to enlarge so you can see all the wonderful details, everything was so beautifully wrapped, the big white envelope where the fabric bunting garland came out was adorned with two of her enchanting yoyo's which I love to use in my creations and a lovely border which says Vergiß mein nicht which means Forget me not in English

When I had unwrapped all the pretty parcels above this is what I found. See the delicate wire basket? I so love it!

Anita not only sent me the delightful fabric bunting garland no she also sent 2 of her fabulous Lavender filled hearts from her latest Welcome Spring collection and one white quilted and red stitched heart. These are all so precious to me, as well sweet birdies that are hanging from a chandelier in my living room. Thanky you so much dear Anita!

When I took these photos the fabric bunting was still hanging in my living room window and I really like it there too:

Now you may probably like to see what Anita got from me for of all these hand sewn treasures? Well handmade items all the same, here is the whole bunch packed up prettily and ready to go. Anita became a huge pink lover during the last month (cause when I first met her she wasn't that keen on pink lol) so I mainly made her pink things and packed it all in a pink rose tin box:

She wished for one of my paper cones and for a change I chose one which is not pink lol

Then she asked for this pendant from my last bunch of finished soldered pendants:

and she also wanted one of my soldered paper weights which I costum made for her with her initial and of course PINK

I also put some pieces of my satin borders with lovely french words from Andreas 100 wishes shop in her parcel

And lastly I made her a garland too, but a paper garland and of course all in PINK. This is the way I packed it:

It's not easy to get all 7 dresses in one photo lol

Okay here is nother try ;-)) click to enlarge:

The garland is two sided so at the end I embellished 14 dresses, all different but all in soft shades of pink. I've posted some more pictures of the 7 Victorian paper dresses garland here:
Wouldn't you agree with me that this was one special swap, always to be remembered? I'll sure do!
Lastly I like to thank everyone who commented on my last post because I so need your feedback here and reading your comments is another special moment for me every time again.
I'm currently thinking about another blog give away because I haven't had one for quite some time, so stay tuned!
Tomorrow I'm off to a fabulous garden party at my middle sis Cordulas country home and I'm really looking forward to it. Happy Birthday to you dear sister!!!!
Now I'm wishing happy and sunny days to all of you my dear readers and blogging friends and a fab start into the month of June!
Carol(a) xox

The season's flavors: Facebook and IPL

Thursday, May 29, 2008


With the league phase over and the knockout phase about to start, the IPL show is about to end. Surfing on the net found and interesting article about facebook and IPL. If IPL had a profile on facebook it might be something like this....

Here's the link to the article

Trunk Show at Kaleidoscope


Stop by Kaleidoscope in Stamford for my trunk show... I will have my entire line with me.. all sizes of dresses, vintage rattle necklaces and other great gifts!

Saturday, June 7
10 am - 4pm
Click here for store location

See you there!


Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Hey Pals,
It's me Roxy here today and I'm going to show you some of the flowers that are starting to bloom around the yard & pond. I got to follow Mama around while she worked on things outdoors.
Here is some creeping phlox by the pond:
This plant is a wild geranium:
They also grow all over in the woods behind our fence.

This is a plant that has tiny purple flowers. It is a creeping plant & is just starting to creep out from it's original spot.
This is the water-forget-me-not that grows by our stream:
This is a really tall purple salvia up by our garage:
Papa really likes these, tiny white daisies:
This plant is Cat Mint, it grows tiny purple flowers:
Doesn't that huge hosta make me look tiny???

This flower is the wild columbine:
These are Mama's white lilacs & they smell really nice:
I even got to help feed the fish today:
Can you see the bug?? This is one of the water iris in the pond that is just about ready to open & this nymph landed on it:
This plant is sweet flag:
The koi fish really like to breed in these plants.

Here are some of the hostas by the smaller pond:
Some more hostas by the stream:
Well that's it for the tour today. Roxy signing off.
Wheely Hugs!

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