Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Hey Pals,
This is Max speaking today. It's hard to believe it's Wheely Wednesday already. We don't even have any new pictures of us wheely kids. Mama has been very busy making doggies clothes that she has sold. Plus she took Snickers to the vet on Monday, which by the way, Snickers' heartworm test came out negative so that's a relief. Her thyroid results aren't back yet but hopefully her medication won't need to be changed. Then Mama took Butchy to the vet this afternoon. Boy did he get the work over. First they stole his blood for his heartworm test & then decided to do his thyroid panel now too since the blood had to be taken anyway. It was due to be done in one month, so why go through that twice right?? Then he got all kinds of shots that were due. He got the A-OK from the vet then. While Mama was paying the bill, Butchy decided to check out the dog food room. It's piled high with dog food bags & he told me it smelled soooooo good. Mama had to drag him out of there, hehehehe.

We did get some pictures of a few bambi tonight. Mama is finishing up her order, so we'll post the pictures tomorrow. Gotta to help with the sewing.
Wheely Hugs!

Yom Hashoah - Holocaust Remembrance


Never Again

My necklace from Ixela

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I just managed to take a photo of my gorgeous necklace that I received yesterday from Ixela and here it is... still love it!!!! :-) I wore it yesterday and got so many compliments on it... but i'm not surprised because it is just G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!! :-) I'm so lucky to own it!!!

Go check out her shop:

and her blog:

I am Back

Monday, April 28, 2008


After giving some thought to the friends who actually read the crap that i write, I decided to keep posting my random thoughts in the blog

Actually today's post is inspired by an article I read about a blogger who posts everything about her life on her blog which is more like a personal diary and is getting about a few million hits a month on her blog page. My blog has an average of 50 hits / month :(. I definetly do not want my blog to become a personal online diary but still here are a few things which I did over the last month. Visited relatives, got bored at home, saw a few movies and appeared on national TV (a telecast which I did not see myself) and got bored more. and so decided to re-enter the blogging world.

My learning from the previous month
"Doing Nothing is seriously boring work"



Hey Pals,
Whew, we finally have that silly garage sale over with. Now we can get back to blogging. We did get to meet several nice doggies & Mama even sold some doggie clothes. We weren't sure if the sale would start on last Friday morning or not cause we had that horrible rain storm on Thursday night into Friday morning. On that Tuesday we had gotten 3/4 inch of rain, on Wednesday we had 1/2 inch and by Friday morning, we had gotten another 4 inches! Yep, most areas around us also got 4 inches on that Thursday night. It was awful. Flood warnings were everywhere, many schools were closed. It rained so much that the water even flooded over our driveway in one spot & flooded everything around our ponds. We had rivers running through the yard. Here are some pics Mama took early on that Friday. This was after the storm was over, but water still kept running everywhere.
It flooded all around our fish shack:
Can you see all of the hickory nut shells that collected here? There were piles like this everywhere in the yard.

More hickory nut shells:
Of course the shells then floated into the big pond & were all at one end. We had to remove some of the rim rocks to force the nuts to wash out with the water.

This is one of the rivers going through the yard:

All of the rivers merged & went passed our fence into the boy scout camp & formed a huge pond.
We feel like we live in a marsh now. When you walk on the ground, your feet squish down into the ground about 3-4 inches, it's very gross! Mama even had to search all of the rushing streams for koi that might have gotten washed out of the ponds. Luckily she didn't find any. At least the duckies like the water. Well that's all the news we have since Mama & Papa spent all weekend having the garage sale. Oh yeah, Snickers did get her blood stolen today, hehehehe! By those silly vampires at the vet's office. She's getting her thyroid levels checked & her heartworm check done. Poor me, I have to go on Wednesday, sigh......
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Tuesday, April 29th


Tuesday, April 29th.

I'm holding open 2892 W. 15st ST today from 11 am - 3 pm, and from 6 - 7:30 pm.

Gone in 20 Minutes


Josh Berman continues full throttle on his restoration rampage. First he removed the asbestos siding from his Craftsman Bungalow (see Before and Just After, 3/4/08), next he began to strip moldings and casings (of paint). Saturday, he recruited me to help remove his front (so-called) security door. I issued my terms of engagement, "I'll need a grinder, extension cord, two cut-off wheels, and a take out order from the taqueria on Jefferson."

These metal doors are generally installed with one-way screws, impossible to back out even with bit and gun. My technique is to grind the screw heads off and then using a very large carpenter pull (see image left), twist them out. Ultimately we were able to tip the entire door construct (rigid frame and all) forward and off.

The recojedores, hip to the scrap resale opportunity, loitered just beyond the work scene, buzzard-like, puzzled--though not the least bit distracted, nor made introspective--by our bourgeoisie obsession with things pretty.

Once the grinder emerges, it's hard to holster. With missionary zeal, we sought to eradicate other blight. Neighbor Kathleen beckoned, "you can cut off my window bars, I'm tired of the penitentiary look."
"Ok," Josh commanded, "we'll need an extension cord, two cut-off wheels, and a take out order from the taqueria on Jefferson."

My first birthday present!!!!! alomost glad to be a year older :-)


I took my son to day-care this morning, after 10 whole days at home... we are both still alive :-) am not sure who got on whose nerves more the last few days... the poor little chap, I'm not easy to live with :-) so was already over the moon to have a day to myself... the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and I was almost floating on air... Finally I could start exercising again, which I haven't done for so many months I'm ashamed to count them.... but the weight has piled on and sitting at my beading table or the computer does not burn too many calories, so I did my 85 minutes on the treadmill... feeling great... decided that this week i'm going to attempt to finish all the projects that need finishing and promised myself that I would not start anything new until at least 3 are completed. Well that was the plan... reality set in after a few hours of beading that 1) my legs and my not-so-little-bottom were killing me ,2) exercising on only 4 hours sleep after such a long break was probably not the smartest thing to do and 3) if I didn't go and take a break I would probably collapse from exhaustion... so I went to my room to catch up on some tv and rest... and just as I was about to relax.. .the door bell rang, the dog went nuts... I run to the door and am greeted by the postman who after all these years hasn't yet worked out that my Hebrew is terrible and I really don't understand a word he is saying, but he hands me a package and it's from my friend in Italy Alessandra of Ixela.... I open it curiously and.... the amazing person that she is has sent me one of her beautiful jewelry pieces. How absolutley thoughtful and gorgeous of her. Not only she sent me one of her gorgeous jewelry pieces but she actually sent me one of my favourites!!!!

Check this out!!!! this isn't the actual necklace, but the light is not good enough to take photos now. My necklace is very similar except that the gold chain has large pearls every 3 links... I can't begin to tell you how beautiful it is!!!! the picture does not do it justice. The large vintage crystal is so beautiful... I actually got terribly emotional and cried... like a soppy cow :-)

Thank you so, so, so much Ale!!!!! so nice of you and so unnecessary, but I absolutely love it!!!!!

In February I ordered one of her necklaces for my baby sis (I say baby because she's the youngest, however she is 35 :-D and has 2 babies of her own) and she loved it!!!!

So if you are thinking of surprising anyone or spoiling yourself, go and check out her shop. Her jewelry is classical with a twist. She even has some pieces with teddy bears and fish. I love it!!!!!

Go and pay her a visit at or go and visit her blog where she features different artists every week

I must mention this.... One thing that has come out of me opening my Etsy shop is that I met the most generous and amazing people, from all over the world, and Alessandra is one of them.

So again, and I'm sure she is going to get sick of hearing this.... but.... thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! You have made my day and probably my year!!! :-)

My birthday is not for another couple of days, and I'm sure by then my happy cheerful self will have completly vanished and in its place will be my usual I-hate-birthdays person... thankfully that person also vanishes within a few days after the dreaded day, when reality kicks in and I once again become thankful to just be, regardless of how old I'm getting :-)

Tomorrow... less excercise, maybe only 45 minutes, if I can acutally walk, and I can tell you, it does not look so good now.... lots of beading and hopefully I will be able to post my new pieces soonish :-)

In the mean time... wishing anyone who is celebrating their birthday a very happy one :-) and happy beading to the rest of you!!! :-)

Blue Denim Ball

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Come one, come all! To the Blue Denim ball!

Step right up! Step right in! You're invited!

Be my guest and join the party!

It's all about recycling isn't it? And I want to do my part!

Ever wonder what to do with last years, a bit too short and a tad too tight denim skirt?! Ok, so it's not last years or even the year before that, gosh, you see,

I really can't bear to throw anything out, I think a lot of us are that way and I have a box of old clothes that I'm just not ready to part with, oh, but for various reasons,

maybe a certain sweater I was wearing the first time we kissed,

or a pair of jeans worn on our last anniversary, you know sentimental stuff!

Well, that was the case with this old denim skirt, I knew I would never wear it again, Heaven forbid,

but wanted to hang on to it anyway!

Famous last words, I'll find something to do with it...

So I figured, hmmm, denim... canvas...Oh, canvas! Yes that's it!

Why not create a fancy dress ball?! And send out invitations, have all the party girls dressed to the nines, in frills and feathers and lace and such!
And maybe some curtains with fringe on the bottom, and vases filled with flowers?! Well , why not?! Anythings possible!

And party goers toasting and chatting and whispering " Did you see what she's wearing, why the nerve of that girl"!

"Isn't that last years skirt, has she no shame"?! "Well I do declare"!

For all the details and instructions pick up a back issue of the Spring 2007 issue of Altered Couture available here and there are 2 pages of free clip art included of the prettiest girls in town dressed in their finest and ready for the ball!

And to get your party started, here is a free downloadable, from me to you. These lovely ladies are from my private collection of La Mode Illustree , Bureaux du Journal, Paris circa 1868
Feel free to use them in your personal artwork! Enjoy!


Saturday, April 26, 2008



Announcing a new concept in learning to quilt. This is a minimalist, low cost approach to acquiring quiltmaking skills; or a renewal for quiltmakers who are tired of the current emphasis on the "fast, fast, what's new and popular" approach currently found in the industry.
Here( you will learn to approach quiltmaking with only a pencil, pins, a ruler, and a pair of scissors plus needle and thread. To begin with you will only need to know how to thread a needle.
At you will find the satisfaction of learning to confidently design and construct your own quilts, seeing them through from the initial stages of fabric and colour choices to piecing, applique, handquilting and binding. You will design and make quilt labels to document your quilt and you will also learn to make an invisible hanging sleeve that is an integral part of your quilt.
This is a website devised to empower women everywhere (with a special emphasis on those quiltmakers who are either far from centres where they might learn or whose family commitments are such that they cannot easily get away for classes or retreats)
I want to support quiltmakers to feel confident in their developing capabilities and to rely on their own artistic experience and judgment, while at the same time spending as little or as much as they want to develop their skills and artistic expression.
It is planned to have an ongoing instructional course on quilt design and the skills needed to finish a quilt of any size; a monthly update of pattern ideas along with 2 new projects a month: buying tips: where to find the best books, patterns and tools at the best prices; and how to shop for the best prices on a variety of first rate, quiltshop quality fabrics, backings and batting. Best of all is planning a members picture gallery and a forum for comments, queries and exchanges.
ABOUT ME: I live in rural eastern Canada, and I have been doing needlecrafts of all kinds for over 60 years. I have had a business website presence at
for over 10 years now, and set up my blog a few months ago at I have been making quilts for sale through my quilt studio for about 12 years now and am represented in quilt collections in North America and Europe.
I feel I have a very good grasp of trends in the industry, of quiltmaking in a historical context, and the requisite skills to make quilts that are very much in demand.
My life before "retirement" involved a career as an educational psychologist, and I have both the skills to know how to teach a complex subject like quiltmaking and the desire to empower women through the medium of textile arts. Best of all I am using an information management system on that enables me to post directly, so there is no waiting for a webmaster to load content, and your questions are answered in a very timely manner.
Come on this journey with me over the next little while - I know you will not be disappointed! You and I will exchange lots of ideas at
I have a one month trial, moneyback if you are not satisfied and decide to cancel membership within the first 30 days. You can't go wrong!

Timeless Craftsman


Craftsman masterwork designed by celebrated architect Frank M. Tyler in 1908. Maintained with supreme respect, boasting system upgrades, and timeless liveability. Like the best of Tyler's work, the house enjoys an unimpeded, light-optimizing layout, loaded with bay and bow windows, and a plethora of sought-after details including numerous storage-rich built-ins, beamed ceilings, and leaded glass. The living spaces, which include a bonus music room, are grounded by full, seductive woodwork, classic Arts & Crafts hues, and superb appointments. Bedrooms stress separation, comfort, and an airy radiance. The secluded backyard boasts numerous environments, delightful hardscaping, and mature trees. Advantageously nestled between midtown and downtown, in the acclaimed Harvard Heights Historic Preservation Overlay Zone, in greater West Adams. Mills Act eligible.

2892 W. 15th Street, Los Angeles CA 90006
4 bedrooms, 2 baths
2,644 sq. feet
year built: 1908
lot size 48 X 125
lot area 6,011

Open Sunday, April 27th 2 - 5 pm
Open Tuesday, April 29th 11 am - 3 pm and 6 - 7:30 pm

My childhood toys, another swap and new garden pictures


Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage and to another mixed post with garden photos, childhood photos and toys and a private swap. I'd like to start with a the private swap I recently did with my blogging friend Ginny from England. I made a two sided Welcome Spring pendant (see one side in the pic above) for Ginny but I was so in a hurry to send it off that I forgot to take a picture of the wrapping before, well in the next picture you can see the wrapping of Ginny's parcel to me. I tried to rewrap it for the photo. It's gorgeous old linnen and a beautiful tassel border which I'm looking forward to use in future projects:

And I'm so very happy that I got one of Ginny's wonderful shabby ruffled rose hearts that you see in the next picture! Thank you so much dear Ginny it is very much appreciated!

This Sunday there is no Show and Tell hosted by Cerri and Analise, but Miss Jessi over at asked us to show off our favorite childhood toys on May 1st. I'll be away on May 1st and the upcoming week will be very busy for me too, so I decided to do this post a bit earlier - actually today - because I don't wanted to miss out on this great topic, hope that's okay with you Jessi! Well seeing that I'm meanwhile 45 years old, this was quite a trip down memory lane for me which I thorougly enjoyed! In the first picture you can see my well loved childhood teddy bear, one of the few toys I still own, for today's photo he's dressed up with a little silver Dresden foil crown and Ginny's gorgeous heart. I got this quite big teddy bear for my second birthday in 1965, so in the meantime he became really Vintage (click picture to enlarge):

Then I own these pictures of a Christmas eve at my Grandparents (Dad's parents) home when I was almost 3 years old and got a fabulous police car (my Dad is a police inspector/commissar) and you can see how happy I was to get it in my facial expression:

Oh I wish I'd still own this car today, I think it looks so pretty! Here I am very concentrated on unwrapping another present:

In my childhood we often visited my other Grandparents (Mum's parents) who lived in the beautiful low mountain range "Harz" and there was always lot's of snow and I loved my sleigh:

and also my skates when I was a little older! We could go skating somewhere on natural lakes every winter when I was a child unless like today where winters became rather warm here in nothern Germany.

Now here you can see me on my 5th birthday (I already had a little baby sister then who slept in the baby bed behind me) very proud getting a beautiful bike and a doll named Petra with a bike seat so that I could drive her around, which was real fun:

And this picture is from a Christmas eve at home when I was almost 8 years old and when my sister (it's the more blonde one on the left, doesn't she look just too cute?) and I got gorgeous soft body baby dolls, see how happy I was?

I also was quite a bookworm as a child, I remember that I loved beeing sick at home when I could lay in my bed all day long doing nothing but reading. Last summer my mum gave back to me a few of my childhood books that she had saved and I already took pictures of them but posting them all here today would be to much, they would make a whole topic for themselves and I'll probably do one some time soon.
But now it's on to Spring! Yeah!
We have beautiful sunny spring weather since Monday and today it will get really warm with temps over 20 degrees Celsius which is over 60 Fahrenheit and my fave temperature. This next picture of a spring post card from 1903 that I found at the flea market recently is so beautiful that I had to show you a photo, the sheet music underneath is from a song called Spring love in English which I find so appropriate to my feelings these days:

It's finally back to my garden for me and to enjoy time in the wam sun on my deck:

All pictures should be clickable to enlarge and see more details if you like!
On Wednesday night we had a good rain shower and the next day suddenly it was all green again, I so love the fresh leaves in my trees:

I got a little crapapple tree for my last birthday and it is blooming now so beautifully:

Well to me spring is not only green, it is also pink/purple:

and feshly white like the ranunculus and sweet smelling primeroses on my patio table:

and of course blue and purple! Pansies and the smaller Viola cornutas are still my fave spring flowers to bring bright spring mood in my garden:

You just have to love their little faces, don't you?

Since last year you can also get frilly pansies here!

The frilly ones are called "Rococo pansies" and I find them absolutely unresistable charming:

Well I think 20 pictures should be enough for one post so I better come to an end and go outside to enjoy Spring! Hope you'll all have a wonderful spring Sunday or better week too!
Here is my new blog signature btw:


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