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Friday, February 29, 2008


Hey Pals,
Thanks to all of you that sent in name suggestions for our new sissy. She still has not arrived yet, so if you haven't sent in your ideas, please do. You still have about one week to enter names. There are some really pawsome ones too. It's going to be very hard to pick just one. I Butchy am going to leave it up to Mama to pick, it's too hard. I'm just going to take a nap:
See how I like to sleep in the sun? When the sun moves too far, then I move over, hehehehehe.

Snickers is very exciting about picking a name for our new sissy. She was playing king of the mountain for Mama. She wanted to go outside, so Mama told her she must pose on top of the chair first for some pictures:
This one is for my beau Gussie, Hi Gussie!!!
Come on Mama, hurry it up, I have to go you want me to go on the chair??? hehehehe!
Let's go, let's go!! I'm biting my tongue here....

Well now that Snickers is back in the house we'd like to show you all of our new cool awards that we received from our pal Snowball. We can't believe how many there are:

This first one, You Are Toadally Awesome Award was originated by Kim over at the PurpleFrogCat blog.
Kim said ‘I have a new award to hand out..They are “toadally awesome” to me… just link back to me as to the original one who started this…Thanks alot…You can hand this out if you wish to at least 15 bloggers that are “toadally awesome”….’
Please link back to Kim's blog.

Snowball has also awarded us with the FuNkY BlOg AwArD!!

And also the following awards:

Wow, we can't thank you enough Snowball. You are pawsome!! There is no way we can just pick a few pals to pass these awards onto, so we are giving them all to ALL of our blogging pals. So if you haven't received some of these awards yet, please take them & add to your blog.

Oh, & Snickers wants to make sure that Gussie receives 'The Spreader Of Love Award' that is above, hehehehehe. So please post it onto your blog Gussie or Snickers will be heartbroken, tee hee.

Time to go out for walkies, the sun is actually shining today so we're hoping it starts melting some of this snow & ice we have here. It snowed another 2 inches early yesterday & the wind was blowing hard & made new snowdrifts all over. They're fun to jump in, hehehehe.
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers
PS Is anyone looking to adopt Irish Terrier young dogs??? The Fox Terrier Rescue here in Iowa has 3 of them. Please check out this blog post to read about them:
Mama is having a very hard time not adopting one of these cuties since they are living only about 40 minutes from us, hehehehehe.

More Agent Turn-ons


Closet windows were not uncommon in early 20th century building, allowing light and ventilation--the things windows do! Most closet windows were plain, single light casements. A complex muntin pattern (see left, from Ochs Manor) was very definitely an upgrade, in the service of exterior continuity. Occasionally a small double hung sash was employed .

Twin, decorative double-hung sashes in a closet, and a planter box to boot--unprecedented!

How nice that I've a buyer in escrow on this prize. The client however is wise to my feitico.
"Are you here to see me," he'll smartly ask in future when I visit, "or just the closet?"

Merry Widow Bracelet


and here it is the Merry Widow bracelet that I posted about yesterday, the sun came out and I was able to take some (more like a trillion!!!) shots :-)

I really like this bracelet.... lots of pearls, lots of textures.... I love how the matte black beads contrast with the colour and lustre of the pearls....

Yes! I'm happy with it! :-)

so next... has to be earrings!!! :-) haven't beaded anything today, as my son is home sick, but am glad that at least I managed to post this :-)

and I hope that after we go down to the park (he wasn't that sick after all! :-D) he'll be ready for a nap... and then... the beading frenzy can continue!!!! yeah!!!!!! :-) you must all think that I'm off my rocker... well... :-)

Still stuck.... but oh so inspired!!! :-)

Thursday, February 28, 2008


So I'm still not getting anywhere with that piece .... it's driving me nuts!!!.... but in a good way ;-) well I keep making all these necklaces for it and I end up using the necklace and making a completely different piece out of it.... and I'm in the midst of a total beading frenzy.... I can't bead fast enough to keep up with all the ideas that are coming in my head... and there's not enough time in a day.... and I can't stop!!! so here is the first result of my beading frenzy, and I must say I'm very pleased with it... and I've already made a bracelet as well but will only post the photos tomorrow, as I run out of light by the time I finished the bracelet.... well now that's a productive day and a half!!!.... I rarely finish 2 pieces on the same day.... and I'm dying to make another one, but it's almost 10 pm and I know if I start now I will never get to sleep tonight... and sleep is a must, together with air, water and food! :-)
so here is another unexpected piece inspired by that piece that I'm yet to name and finish :-)

This one I've named "Merry Widow".... I really enjoyed making it, maybe because nothing went wrong :-)

My "Ironing Corner"


I decided to play with Libby and so I'm posting a picture of my "ironing corner" above.
As I told Libby, I am the original "barefoot quilter", preferring to keep things very simple, so if I can't use my thumbnail or my $10 iron with a bath towel spread on my work table, it ain't gonna happen. Works for me!

Vintage Easter Finds Category!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I love celebrating different holidays. I love to change my decor to fit the day. Check out the vintage Easter category at the top of my page. You may also use the search box and put in Spring, green, pink or some other springtime word to find all kinds of items.

As always FREE USA shipping on all clothing on my site including vintage and shoes as well as all jewelry items.

We are starting to get some warm days here in Texas as well as the redbud trees are starting to bloom with their pretty pink flowers. Soon the Wisteria should be popping out.

Easter is on March 23rd. this year. Yeah!

Camden Stables And Camden Locks Fire Tragedy

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I am grieving for the loss of a fun antiques area in London last week by fire.

The area called Camden Stables Market in northern London
had a disastrous fire the evening of 9th Feb in a favorite area for us to go on our annual English buying trips. The area of Camden Town has several venues including the Stables Market including the old Horse Hospital, Camden Lock and Camden High Street with Camden Passage. The fire involved the Stables Market and part of the Lock market.

The photo at left is the Camden Town Crier outside the market on a Saturday which is a peak time. The man facing the camera in the rear is my DH. The crier was pressed into service this last Saturday as traders set up makeshift stalls and shared whatever areas were undamaged. A neat photo from 2 days after is a local pub with the menu boasrd outside reading "We're not burning...come inside for cold berr...Free drinks for firefighters".

The are has seen it's bit of controversy lately with the redevelopment plans scheduled to close the market anyway and redo it. Many fear it would mean an end to the centuries old small traders...that they would be displaced in the construction with upmarket chain stores which we hope won't happen.

We have formed relationships with several traders in the Horse Hospital adjacent to the Stables Market and it would be a shame to see them routed out by a fancier chain store.
Here are a few fire photos I found from the BBC website. One is of the locks next to the Stables where you can catch a canal boat back through Regent Canal to Regent Park which we loved doing in the good weather at the close of our shopping the markets for a leisurely way back to central London...especially as some of the tube stops don't run on Sat. afternoon.

Best wishes to all the traders at the markets and hope you are back up and functioning soon!

Stuck!!!! .... but inspired....


Well... I've been making all sorts of crocheted ropes for the piece I'm working on..... and I'm not happy with any of them!!!! however... something good has come out of it all.... as I used one of those crocheted ropes to make a new bracelet!!!.... Yesterday I went to pick up my order of beads from Bogal Ltd. and of course that is always exiting, coming home with a bag-full of new beads!!! and I got these amazing flat mother-or-pearl discs amongst lots of other amazingly gorgeous stuff!!! I feel so unbeliveably inspired... and have so many ideas for the new beads.... but there are only 24 hours in a day and I need to sleep at least 4 of them away!!!!! arghhh.... yes, I did mention that I'm obsessed with beading, right?!? :-D

anyway those gorgeous mother-of-pearl discs + my crocheted rope and I had to create this bracelet.... it was screaming to be made.... so here is my unexpected but very inspired Black & Pearl Bangle....

now back to the drawing board trying to work something out for the other piece ;-p stay tuned! :-D

and damn that bloody spell-check doesn't work againh!!!!!!!

A New Sissy??? & More Snow!

Monday, February 25, 2008


Hey Pals,
Guess what??? It's snowing again! First it rained all night, then it turned to freezing rain, like little ice balls. Now it has been snowing for a few hours & it's supposed to snow all night. Uh, does anyone want this snow?? We're so tired of it we could just bark! Most of the yard has snow deeper than us. We can't even walk around the acreage. Then the winds are supposed to kick up later tonight too so we'll have even more snow drifts. Some snow drifts on our roads are already 2-3 feet higher than the stop signs. Wonder what they will be like in the morning?? Boy, we sure hope this stuff is gone by March 14th so Aire-Ruby can land here to take us to Baby & Huskee Boy's wedding. Yep, the new wedding date has been picked. We are so thankful that Baby is home safe with her family now. So be sure to make your reservations with Huskee Boy & Aire-Ruby for the pawtastic event.

On Saturday Mama & Papa left us all alone for part of the day. Very boring for us. But they had some exciting news to tell us when they came home. You won't believe this, but we're adopting a new sissy fox terrier!! Here is her picture:
Just look at that cute face???
We think she looks like Jackson's brudder Seymour. Here's Seymour below:
Don't they look similar?? Mama told us that our new sissy lived in Texas & her owner didn't have room for her anymore so she sent her to a foster home called eBay. We heard it is a big huge dark place where lots of homeless pets live until they are adopted. Our new sissy was so happy that Mama & Papa are adopting her that she was even spinning her wheels. She told all of her friends on eBay about us. Now we're just waiting for our sissy to arrive here in Iowa. We're hoping she will get here by early next week.

Now the only problem is that we need to give her a name. So we would like to ask you our pals to help us come up with a cute name for her. Please leave us a comment with your name suggestions. We'd like to have her name picked by the time she arrives. Oh boy, we bet her & Asta's little sissy Mryna will become good friends. We can't even imagine what Mama will do to her, she'll probably put clothes on her, hehehehehe!

Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers


Sunday, February 24, 2008


And Dr. Rorschach said,what do you see? One night, or actually truthfully early one morning (about 3:00 AM) several months ago, I had an overwhelming urge to spill some milk, er, I mean ink! Don't ask me why or how my art ideas happen, who knows?! And really none of that matters to me anyway, my art is about having fun, fun thinking it up, fun creating it, and fun sharing it. I'm very satisfied in that it just happens. I don't need to know why or what it means! I'm guess I'm simple like that!

So anyway back to the spilled milk, I mean ink, I folded several sheets of cardstock in half and began drizzling ink randomly and then smushed the sheets together and Viola!

Every time I opened one a fantastic, vibrant, alive design emerged and was staring right at me! (Well, it was 3:00AM and that's how I remember it)!

As I continued I began to be a bit more deliberate with the placement of ink and what showed up were people, funny odd little people, just asking for faces and hands, hats and feets, balloons and horns!

I took them to my desk (as I like to work with the messier stuff in my kitchen) and added befitting parts,

each image really spoke to me and dictated what sort of parts it wanted!

That's how my latest stamp line came about!

Madame Butterfly
I'm very happy to present, THE INK BLOT EXPERIMENT!

There are 10 rubber stamp blot images mounted on wood, each is named for a theatrical reference, and 5 clearly impressed sheets ready to be mounted on clear acrylic blocks. Now available at Stampington & Company.

I think you will have as much fun experimenting with them as I have!

Use brightly colored inks and explore the possibilities!

Botanical Illustrations
Fresh flower ladies and fairy girls!

The Gentleman's Collection
A feathered top hat and mustached men!

Le Bon Genre
Lovely lass's and a pinched up corset!

Out of the Hurly Burly
A dapper bunny rabbit just perfect for Easter, pointed boots and happy clowns!

Fancy Costumes
Queenly things and fanciful roller skates!

There are truly an endless amount of design combinations!

I've really fallen in love with these jewel like pieces,and

the amount of detail that has been captured is fantastic, just look at those dainty little fairy feet!

I mounted a few of mine on acrylic blocks and set them up all in a row, just to look at for inspiration!

A dancing brown bunny with the smallest of carnations pinned to his suit!

A seriously beautiful 18 th century lady with hair piled high!

And of course she simply must be carrying swirly balloons! What's a lady without a handful of balloons?!

And I see a wonderful Halloweenish gentleman here with terrific stripped socks! I'm going to conduct further experiments with this one, white ink on black paper for a fun "bones" effect!

The mysterious masked clown

looks as if he is being carried away by his beautiful red helium balloons! Don't balloons just scream happy!?

With the acrylic blocks you can see exactly where to place your design elements,

Mix and match parts, mix and match inks, you can even use the ink blot images alone for a great dramatic effect! I'm working on a piece now using several of the same blots to create a kaleidoscope effect!
This funny little guy reminds me of Salvador Dali!
Now, go forth and play and play and play!

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