Wednesday, October 31, 2007


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Hey Pals,
We hope everyone is having a safe & Happy Halloween tonight! We are attending Blue's Halloween Graveyard Smash!! Of course we are flying on Aire-Ruby again. It's the best way to fly. Snickers decided to wear her Good Witch costume for the whole pawty since it is outdoors & a bit cooler.

Be very afwaid, be very afwaid my little pwetties, yehh, yehh, yehh, yehh, yehh,yehh!
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Wicked Witch Wanda of the West Vitrine

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Once upon a wee wicked time there lived a most beautiful witch, she made her home sweet home on the bottom shelf of a very old French vitrine. Wicked Wanda did live amongst riches and luxury, she had very fine tastes indeed! There were frilly lace carpets beneath her feets and a colossal gold lamp in the kitchen! She even had a portrait of her favorite familiar, "Noodles" the bat framed and hung upon the wall.

A green eyed lady with flame red hair she was, who wore a necklace of diamonds and eyeballs no less! Her costume of rags and tags and bags hastily stitched together, two jack o lanterns abreast, one happy, one sad!

At night when the giant people slept, she would with her magic, turn the skeleton key that held her locked captive within that vitrine and climb down the long leg of the cabinet, where she would run rampant and steal all their glittery golden goods! One by one things would go missing, bits and snipets and parts she needed to concoct her devilish brews!

And stewing and brewing in her pearly bubbling caldron, a poor pale stolen porcelain lass, add a pinch of newts eye and a peck of that knarled up mandrake couple and last but not least to bring out her delicate flavor, a few of those Fanciful Twist mushrooms!

Yum, Yum she says aloud to her self, Me thinks this potion will works just fine this time! And when youz are all cooked up nice and well done my pretty, I will conjure up three more batches of brew, a bottle of German Maiden Heinz 57, a pint of Old English Lass No. 2 and specially for me, to lure that good man, a spritzer filled to the brim with Coquettish French Love No. 9! So take heed all you lovelies on this ALL HALLOWS EVE, keep one eye wide open

and stay one step ahead, lest you wind up in my next lumpy loaf of bread!
***************************************Happy Halloween my Bloglandia Friends!*********************************************

Tired from the Pawty!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Hey Pals,
We had a blast at the Halloween Barkday pawty last night. We were so tired out so we took a short nap while waiting for Aire-Ruby to take everyone to the Red Sox game in Denver tonight. We think our punkin cake, donut & popcorn ball sugar high has worn off now. Maybe we need to eat some more lobsters, mmmmmmmm.
Since our trees haven't had much color this year, it's surprising that our burning bush turned it's gorgeous red color. So here is what it looks like today:

The leaves won't be on the bush too much longer. We had frost & a freezing temperature again this morning & leaves are dropping off of the trees like crazy. So if you live around here, enjoy your colorful trees while they last. Uh oh, we hear Lacie calling everyone to board the plane. See you when we return home.
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Paper dresses, silver solder and nature decorations


Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear readers and blogging friends! It was a long break again due to a very bad back and hurting shoulder, but since this weekend I feel better, thanks to less PC sessions and more gymnastics instead.

I still solder a lot, just love doing it (click on picture to enlarge and see more details). For example all the six big oval pendants hanging from my iron chandelier above which were a custom order for my talented blogging friend Ginny from you must go and see her wonderful Marie-Antoinette Round Robin book!

I love the sparkle of the silver pendant above made with silver gleem solder and pink shiny wings from Andrea's Onehundred Wishes web boutique. Here is wishing dear Andrea all the best for the upcoming birth of her second child!

Further I've got my dresses from Heather's Paper dress garland swap and have decorated them on my mantle. I was so lucky to get beautiful dresses from fellow bloggers like Cerri, Jessi Nagy and Nicole from Small Treasures. Doesn't they look great?

Now I like to show you some nature decoration like this hydrangea and ivy wreath, all freshly picked from my fall garden:

A good friend came to dinner and brought me this limb of tiny apples instead of flowers, they are so gorgeous and a simple nature decoration:

On my deck all the vine leaves are gone by now and once again I can see my decorations underneath:

Here is a close up of a garden still life - click this link:
to see a bigger version with more details of the next picture!

I'd be glad if this was a little inspiration for you. I'll show you more seasonal decorations in my next post. Have a great start into the new week everyone!
Hugs Carol(a) xox

P.S. Blogger wasn't really cooperating with me, so only one picture is clickable to enlarge, I never get why though.

Believe it or What?!


This was our Jack-O-Lantern in 1999, pretty ordinary guy as pumpkins go.

We carved him up, saved the seeds to make toasty treats! Yum! Yum! My favorite!

There was a small disaster because I threw all of the pumpkin pulp in the garbage disposal! Who knew it would BURN the motor to a crisp! (probably shouldn't remind my husband of this)

Any who, I put a little glass votive inside to awaken and give him some life.

It was a very stange and particularly dry fall season aound these parts that year.

You've heard of the Great Pumpkin haven't you?

Well, here's our Jack-O-Mummy! I didn't have the heart to throw him out 8 years ago and he is still with us and every year he just keeps shrinking and becoming more wrinkled. Once in a while I'll see a bird perched on the fence with a puzzled look, probably thinking What the heck....?!



Please help save this cutie lil punkin

We are posting this to help Buster & his family who are fostering little Janie:

Do you remember Janie, the cutie little wire girl we are fostering? Isn't she just the cutest?

Janie is sick, and rescue just does not have the money to pay for her vet bills. We are all sad, because Janie's transformation into a loving little doggie is so special.

When Janie first came to stay with us she was so, well, we didn't know if she could ever be a normal dog. Janie was rescued from a puppymill - she had spent her whole life in a cage. She did not even know what a toy was! Janie was super afraid of you-mans and would run away so fast if anybody even moved toward her or said anything to her!

With months and months of love and attention from Mommy and Daddy and even Me, Janie is such a special little love bug. She loves being pet, she loves to cuddle and she specially loves to give big kisses! She loves my toys, too and I have had to learn to share.

Janie suffers from pancreatitis which is controlled by a special diet - this is due to her awful puppymill experiences. Over the past week Janie has a had a severe pancreatitis attack and is not getting any better even with her medicine. Unfortunately acute pancreatitis can kill doggies.

Daddy is driving her way far away to a special vet tomorrow so he can do tests and stuff and see what he can do to help her. We are so afraid that if she does not get specialized (read expensive) vet care she will end up over the rainbow bridge.

Please help us help her! Can you make a donation to help pay Janie's vet bills?

We ask that you mail a check to the veterinarian's office, payable to Hardee Animal Clinic. (please be sure to indicate the check is a donation for Janie) Their mailing address is: 1927 Hwy 17 North, Wauchula FL 33873

Or call them at 863-773-2424 to make a donation via credit card - just let them know it is a donation for Janie.

Or you can help us by making a donation via Paypal. The Paypal email address for making donations is

Please be a very special person and help us save this very special little girl.

Bussie Kissies

Many thanks to one & all.
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

John White Sewer Line Video


John White Sewer Line Video

Using a push rod fiber optic camera, drains are probed, recorded on video.

When a property lacks a proper "clean-out", or a direct drain access, inspectors often have to enter through a roof vent, or by removing a toilet.

Most of the sewer lines I've inspected were an amalgamation of ABS plastic, cast iron, and clay. Rarely I see copper drains, a material usually reserved for supply lines.

Sometimes the inspection not only seeks to ascertain the condition of the pipe, but to prove a city sewer connection. While I've only encountered a single property without a sewer connection, many properties have no sewer connection permit on file (there isn't a connection permit requirement). This permitting detail is usually revealed in the Los Angeles City Residential Property Records Report, also called the 9A.

Operators also utilize a Locator, which can pinpoint the snake's progress and depth. Locations are marked with fluorescent paint or small flags.

On my beat, most drains exit the rear of homes, possibly towards an early septic, and then turn 90 degrees toward a driveway or sideyard, along which they travel to the street. Some continue through rear yards away from the street, en route to an alley connection.

The John White people record to DVD, adding narration, a guide through a watery world that sometimes includes insect life. Great fun for the kids!

The service costs around $300.00.

Heading to the Halloween Barkday Costume Pawty!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Hey Pals,
I can't believe that Snickers takes sooooooo long to get ready for a costume pawty. She couldn't decide which costume to wear, the Saloon Girl Costume or the Good Witch Costume. So she's going to wear the Good Witch Costume for the first half of the pawty & then switch to her Saloon Girl Costume for the other half. Geez, she sure is a silly witch, ummmm, I mean girl. Here is her Good Witch Costume photos:

Check out those stockings, aren't they hilarious?? Mama wasn't happy cause the little black witch boots don't show up well in the photos & neither does Snickers' black curly hair.
Do I Snickers look like a Good Little Witch?? I didn't want to be an evil one cause I didn't want to scare any of my pals away from the fun pawty. Mama made everything for my costume except for the tights. She bought them & then cut them short to fit me. She even made my boots. So if anyone needs costumes for next year or any holidays coming up or pawties, be sure to gather up your ideas & contact Mama to order a costume. Oh my dawg, I can't spill the beans, but wait til you see what Jackson ordered from Mama. Might be a while before he posts any pictures.

We figured since the pawty is today, we decided to punkinize ourselves:

This is me Snickers:This is Butchy:
Many of our pals have also punkinized themselves & they look darn cute! They look like little punkins, hehehehehe! Oh boy, we think we hear Aire-Ruby landing out in the field here to pick us up for the big pawty.
Yep, it sure is. Isn't that a cool plane?? And there's Ruby in her cool Yarn Costume. She sure looks great in red! Guess we better hurry down to the plane. Don't want to miss our ride. See everyone at the big pawty!
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Ever Get the Feeling Somebody is Watching You?!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Slowly she turned, step by step, inch by inch....A cold shiver ran down her spine!

She definitely had the feeling she was being watched! Oooh, Whats this? A handsome stranger!

Why, Hello tall, dark and cutie! Did you bring me Tricks or Treats!

Check out Somerset Holidays & Celebrations Vol. 1 2007 for complete details and instructions on how to create some vintage style paddle masks of your own. All you will need are some old photographs ,black cardstock, a variety of crepe paper, popcicle sticks, pipe cleaners and glue.

What better way the prevent yourself from being recognized by the ghosts and goblins lurking about on All Hallows Eve than by wearing a mask upon a mask!

Who Goes There!
Trick or Treat!
Smell my Feet!
Give me Something
Good to Eat!

New Terrier Pals!


Hey Pals,
We have some new terrier friends! Yep, a little wirey foxy girl named Sally G and her little airedale puppy brodder Rufus. And guess what? They have their own blog too. Here is a picture of them together:
Rufus is already bigger than Sally G and he's only a little over 4 months old. Sally G is a young pup herself. Aren't they so adorable?? They live in Canada. We told them we would send our pals over to greet them so head on over to: Aire Foxy Fun Time and give them a woof or two. Tell them we sent you.

Now look what Mama went & did, she caught me Butchy looking like a silly bunny rabbit:
How embarrassing, I'm a fox not a rabbit!
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Rumble in the Pumpkin Patch!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


These pictures are several years old, but every time I look at them they make me smile! The beautiful black cat was my kitty Rudy, I found her when she was just a teeny kitten, back in 1990. Last year she had to leave us for that big pumpkin patch in the sky, she was with us for 17 years and was such a wonderful girl, a real girly girl, when she walked it was on her dainty little tippy toes. She was a very petite little thing, with big round yellow eyes and fur so sleek and shiny it felt like velvet!

When she was 5 years old, as I mentioned before we found (is there any other way to get a cat?) her baby brother Romeo (the painter) in the engine of my car! And let me tell you he was a terror! Once, in the middle of the night he pulled down ALL the Christmas lights that had been strung on the door, the verticle blinds they were hung from got tangled around him SOME HOW as he ran through the livingroom past the hallway and into the bedroom. On his way he pulled a siver basket full of fruit off the coffee table, and that got tangled up too, then a tall flower arrangement off a small console table! I woke up, ran to the living room, which looked like a wrecking ball had been there, Rudy was sitting in a chair, eyes the size of saucers! I followed the still lit light trail which led through the house and directly under my bed! And there I found one little ring tailed kitten, who was so scared when he opened his mouth to say "MEOW" nothing came out! I laughed so hard, how could anyone be mad?!

Just look at her there, so sweet and innocent, so unsuspecting! And there he is, King of the Jungle, quietly sneaking up about to POUNCE!

And It's On! I love this series of pictures, those two rough housed all the time, but surely loved each other too! Funny, as now its Romeo's turn, because Juliette our chihuahua is a little spit fire!

Sweet Award & Getting Ready For The Pawty!


Hey Pals,
We've been given the Halloween Treat Award from our pals Asta in NY & Chloe in Spain. Thank you so much girls!!!

We'd like to pass this award on to a few of our pals: BenBen, and Maggie & Mitch

Well we think we are finally ready for the big Halloween Barkday Pawty on the 27th. I Butchy am going as Sir Butcho of Lambsville:
Of course Mama made my costume from scratch, tee hee. My shield even has the Lamb Family Coat Of Arms on it. I will be the protector of all maidens from the evil goblins & ghouls on Halloween.

Snickers is going to be wearing her Saloon Girl costume that Mama made for her:
Just Harry had to express mail Snickers fishnet stocking he had taken from the last pawty, hehehehe! But as you know, a girl likes to change her mind and Miss Snickers also wanted to be dressed as a Good Witch for the pawty. So Mama is trying to make her a Good Witch costume. Then you pals can help Snickers decide which costume to wear. Snickers wanted to be sure to wear something EYE-POPPING so that Gussie will keep his eyes on her, hehehe.

We see that Chloe has just announced a Halloween Costume Contest on her blog. So head on over & read the details & enter your photos. It should be a howling good contest!!

Better go help Mama work on the witch costume.
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

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