Is It Safe Part 3

Friday, August 31, 2007


My Megan's Law story

In every transaction wherein I represent a buyer, I include a disclosure detailing the Megan's Law database, which offers location specific information about registered sex offenders. Once a buyer fumed, apparently after consulting the site, "you were going to let me buy a house near registered sex offenders. What sort of neighborhood do you think I'll live in?!"
I didn't have any specific knowledge of nearby sex offenders--I'm not required to--and I didn't argue the point. I asked only, "did you check your current neighborhood?"
A day passed before the client called, full of even greater dismay, "my block [in West Hollywood]", they convulsed, " is teeming with sex offenders!"

People often presume their current neighborhood to be safe, or more safe, than the place less known, and less white*. But try telling people that the neighborhood they live in is unsafe, it's like going after their gods, particulary if they're illusional Westsiders, living in the "burglary box" (Santa Monica to Federal, Santa Monica Blvd. to Wilshire), or some other supposed safe haven. When a home invasion happens in Beverly Hills, residents cup their ears, eyes, and mouth. "Unusual", they drone, "the exception." But when a kid gets cut near Vermont Knolls, the whip hand sounds and the righteous nod dismissively.

*Ah the ugly ethic thang. But sometimes clients surprise, I once had a Mexican-born buyer voice particularly strong interest in neighborhoods populated with older African American residents. "Very respectful", he opined. "I don't want a neighborhood that's all Mexican", he elaborated, "things can get loco."

Butchy Been A Sick Boy

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Hey Pals,
Seems like not so good things keep happening around here lately. First we've had all of the storms day after day. Then I Butchy keep getting worked up from the thunder & lightning. Then we lost our huge tree in a storm last week & have missing koi from the mean Monster Birds. Then Papa's dad passed away & Mama & Papa had to leave us alone a lot this weekend. Then Monday morning we had another bad storm with marble sized hail. Now the flowers & water plants really look like crap! Big holes in the leaves. Plus we had more huge branches fall out of the trees. Then to top this all off, I've been so stressed about the storms that I made myself sick. Dogs that have stress or anxiety, even in small amounts can bleed from the rear end if ya know what I mean. So for the last 3 days that's what I've been doing. Today it's finally getting much better. Mama talked to the vet & she is sure that my problem is from the anxiety & stress of the storms. When Mama & Papa rescued me over 3 years ago I was very scared of storms. They have worked with me trying different things & I am much much better than I used to be. I was even doing very well last Fall when we had storms. But since we've had the non-stop storms all summer, I'm getting a little worse now. I'm even on some medications during the storms but Mama really hates to give me drugs. They are helping for now, but she is still going to try some different flower essences to see if that might work. So since Mama hasn't really had time to take pictures of me & Snickers, we thought we would show you some pictures she took last week.
Here is a Monarch Butterfly:
We gets thousands of these. Mama plants lots of flowers that the butterflies like. We get many of the swallowtail butterflies too.
Here is a photo of an odd frog that was in our pond. He is not albino, but very very pale grey in color. We've never seen one like this before so we don't know if he is a certain breed or a fluke of nature:
Here are some dwarf lotus flower buds:
These are those same buds open:
This is one of our large lotus flowers:

Here is one of our peach waterlilies:
We hope every doggie & GG has a great week!!
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Diamonds on the soles of her Shoes

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I HEART Shoes! Old ones, New ones, Tall ones, Flat ones. Baby shoes and tap shoes, ballet shoes, dolls shoes, pumps, sandals, slippers, house shoes, fried shrimp, shrimp kabob, heh, heh. There are even very famous shoes like the Ruby Slippers, Cinderella's glass shoes and the Wicked Witch of the West's shoes all curled up under a house! I read somewhere once that the average American woman owns at least 30 pairs of shoes. That means I'm waayye past my limit! I found this wire shoe at a thrift store and thought it a perfect base to decorate. I've always liked that line from the Paul Simon song, "She has diamonds on the soles of her Shoes" don't really know what it means but it's a Feast for my imagination. So with some old glass lamp parts, millinery feathers and flowers, a torn robins egg blue cocktail dress and a bit of thread and glue, all assembled together to create my version of the magic slipper. I have a very large collection of my embellished shoes and will post them from time to time. Meanwhile you can check out this book which I participated in, A Closet Full of Shoes (see sidebar), it is a very unique kind of craft book, giving many fantastic ideas in which to embellish what else but SHOES!

New and Reduced


Hilariously in a recent real estate e-flyer, a day old listing was touted as "reduced". Reduced, right out of the shute! Canny marketing acumen? Perhaps. Kooky salesperson typo? Possibly. Everybody loves a bargain? Surely. In what has become a comic buyer/seller dance. Listings debut, undergo a three week hazing, reduce, and then sell. Buyers, looking to tear the initial price down, feel triumphant. Sellers, having priced for a subsequent reduction, feel triumphant.

But what a way to get around that, newly listed properties heralded as reduced. I've decided therefore that my next listing will be promoted as "Twice Reduced!" Or "Savagely Reduced!" "Ruthessly Reduced!" Reductio ad absurdum?

Speaking of reduced, the duplex at 1114 W. 40th Pl. in underrated West Park, USC close, has reduced to $549K and is open today from 11: 30 am - 2 pm. My associate Suzie Henderson will be there to meet and greet.

Elsewhere, I'm holding my second brokers open at 2361 W. 20th St. from 11 am - 2:30 pm. If you're cruising, stop in.

And the WINNER is!

Monday, August 27, 2007


This has been BIG BUNCHES of much FUN!
Your positive energy and excitement is something so WONDERFUL to be able to share in!
Now as I brush off the DUST BUNNIES! I had to chase that little stinker Juliette, she ran right under the bed with the winning ticket and promptly started to chew it up, I didn't count on that! It was still legible though, and the WINNER is LOLA ENCHANTED!
Stop by and visit her ENCHANTING blog!
Thank you ladies for all your kindness, your thoughtful words have inspired ME in return! I wanted a novel way to announce the winner of my little raffle, something very special for all of you ARTSY SOULS!
So here it is!
Congrats and THANKS AGAIN!

Mr. Woodchuck & Deer Staredown

Saturday, August 25, 2007


What are you doing bambi?? This is my grass to eat!Hmmmm? what???
Yeah you, quit eating my grass!!!
Hush before I stomp you with my hooves, hehehe!
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Sunday's Action

Friday, August 24, 2007


Sunday I'll be at 2361 W. 20th St. for my first "non-industry" open, from 2 - 5:30 pm.
A few more photos then to lure the fence sitters:
2361 W. 20th St. is located in Western Heights, aka the Six Blissful Blocks, a close knit neighborhood nicely swaddled between Washington, the 10 freeway, Arlington, and Western.

That ain't no pint-size tub neither, it's a full six-footer. The bathroom also boasts a commodious linen closet.

Pretty nice kitchen stack, eh? I've got other beauty shots as well. Wait till you get a load of the O'Keefe and Merritt stove.

Also the house is located in a temperate pleasure dome, set for low humidity and year round temperatures in the high 70's. Ok, I made that last part up, but the joint does sport AC.

An Egglette's Anniversary!


Ok, here we go! This is my ONE month anniversary! And in pure appreciation of all you wonderful ladies out there, I would like to give you a very personal glimpse into my wacky little world, and raffle away one of my funny little creatures I call Egglettes! I know silly name, a cross between Omlette and Eggo! Any who, I've been fascinated with all things Humpty Dumpty my whole life, and as you now know when I can't find something I want, I just whip up a few of my own! Then one turned into two and 2 into 3, and well, you know how that goes! I now have quite the motley little crew, Suzette, wearing a giant cotton candy pink bow, Coquette, sits in a crackled English saucer with a silver spoon by her side, and then theres Omlette, in his tin measuring cup cap and his pal Rocquette, in his cookie cutter chapeau... I know, sounds nuts, BUT there's more! Baby Babette rides along in a tiny green wicker carriage, while Alouette scoots by on an old iron tricycle. And Hamlette, with his long curly lambs wool locks and blue velvet tricorner, perches atop a burned out wood pipe throne, and last but not least, Bumpy! Again, I KNOW, don't ask?! (now there actually are a couple more, but who can keep track)?!
They are painted wooden eggs with porcelain arms and legs. Some one of a kind (mine) and some one of a few (yours).
And BUMPY, which we will raffle off, has a TALL burlap ice cream cone hat with pink felt dots and sits upon a yellow and black stripped wooden box.
Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered to win, I'll write each name on a bit of paper, fold them up, toss them into the air and the first one my little puppy Juliette picks up and runs off with (and she will) is the WINNER!! Be sure I have contact info for you. We'll pick the winner on Monday. GOOD LUCK to you all, ( I Love this part)! and thanks for stopping by!

Dutch Revival

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Los Angeles hasn't many examples of Dutch Renaissance Revival architecture (or Mannerist Revival also termed pont-street Dutch or Flanders Revival), the Van De Kamps Holland Dutch Bakery in Atwater Village may be the most noteworthy.

The trapgevel or Dutch gable is a stair step like design at the triangular gable-end of the building. The top of the parapet wall projects above the roof-line and the top of the brick or stone wall is stacked in a step-like pattern as decoration and as a convienent way to finish the brick courses. It was also motivated by practical concerns, access for roofers, chimney sweeps, etc.

This house might be considered Dutch Revival or Dutch Eclectic, for amongst other features, its steeply pitched parapeted roof and centered gable or pediment with rich entablature. The house resides regrettably and distractingly close to the 10 freeway Hoover off-ramp (on Arapahoe at 22nd). Always I crane my neck to look from the feeder lane, longer than I should.
The revival styles or neo-styles are inconsistent, sometimes because elements from several older styles were combined (so called eclecticism).

Pairs of square, fluted, Greek columns, a Greek revival element (though never found in Greek and Roman prototypes), add to an intense facade.

I think this qualifies as a Fractable, a coping on the gable wall of a building, when carried above the roof, and especially when broken into steps, or curves forming an oriental silouhette.

One day I'll introduce myself to the occupants: "Hi I'm Adam, and I regularly admire your house from the 10."

I haven't yet, but I will. Why not?

I've got a SURPRISE for you!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I just adore all the wonderful, exciting giveaways you girls do! Makes me feel like such a kid! I love the "picking the winner" photos! Thrills me to pieces! So in keeping with that notion, I'd like to join in all the fun! Stay tuned for a little egg shaped character to make an appearance very soon!

An Homage
I cannot accurately express in words the absolute thrill I get when I see the wonderful art you ladies create and I'm especially honored to see all the different interpretations you have come up with incorporating my elements! I am truly living my dream, thanks in large part to you. And so without further adieu, here are a couple of those unique interpretations...from my Aug. 7th post
Journal cover by Mary at Across the Pond

Paper doll by Lilla Le Vine who lives in Hawaii
Thanks so much for sharing these with me!



Hey Pals,
Well we survived the bad storms last night but our trees didn't. We think we had a very tiny tornado go through our neighborhood. All 3 of our yards in a row lost trees & tons of limbs & branches. Here is our 100+ year old hickory tree that fell:
The wind ripped it right out of the ground & twisted it around. As you can see in this next picture, the tree is caught on 2 other trees & can't fall to the ground. It's already crushing a nice flowering tree & caught on a nice hickory tree. If it comes down on it's own, it will ruin the flowering tree & rip all of the branches off of the other hickory tree & possibly ruin a maple tree too.
Papa might have to hire professionals to come take the tree down. It's so dangerous right now with it hanging up in the air. The good thing was that it didn't come down towards the house & sunroom. It's tall enough that it could have hit the sunroom, whew!
Here are other branches that came down from our trees:

Mama spent an hour this morning just getting branches out of the ponds. It would take weeks to pick up all of the sticks in the yard now. Maybe we better hire Bogart to come here & help us, hehehehe!

Do I Butchy look happy in this picture??
This is why:

I was scaring the nasty Mini Monster Bird away all morning. He must have flown in about 10 times. Mama said I did a very good job today. We haven't found the missing koi so we think those mean nasty birds might have eaten them. Makes us very sad. But we did find some koi & goldfish that we didn't know we had. We always keep the fish in the largest pond but sometimes the fish eggs get sucked up into the bottom drain & flow through the water pump without getting chopped by the blades & come out through the waterfall into the smaller pond. Well that happened this year. We saw several goldfish already 3-4 inches long & almost a dozen koi that are about 4-5 inches big already. Some are very pretty too. So Mama & Papa will have to drain most of the water out of that pond this fall & catch the fish to put them into the big pond for winter. And by the way, the koi were breeding 2 days ago, hehehehe! Poor Koi Baby was being chased by BenBen, Billy Bob, Snowball & Oscar.
We already had another storm this afternoon & another one is on it's way for tonight. The news said today that the reason we keep having the storms is because of the hurricane. It is stalling the weather fronts up here in the central states. We received over 2 more inches of rain already today. So since we have to keep the computer unplugged most of the time we are getting sooooo behind on reading all of our pals blogs. We hope to get caught up soon reading them, so we won't be leaving as many comments as normal until we get caught up. So please know that we do read your blogs. Here is a waterlily that did open today even though it was raining & cloudy most of the day:
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Anderson Plywood


Anderson Plywood in Culver City is my favorite place to buy plywood, and cabinet building aids, fasteners and adhesives.

They carry an astonishing assortment of plywood (plyboo, anyone?), lumber (oak, fir, maple, alder, ash, pine, etc), manufactured boards (like melanine, MDF, Sound board, etc), and veneer.

Four times a year, the store hosts a used tool swap meet in the parking lot. The next is scheduled for the third Saturday in November.

Anderson will work off cut lists, and trim pieces to your exact specifications with little wait.

Also nearby, at 11266 Washington Place is Anderson Moldings, a great place to check for basic and stock mouldings.

Anderson Plywood
4020 Sepulveda Blvd.
Culver City

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