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Friday, March 30, 2007


What is this? Part 2

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


It's to repel flies. That's according to at least six of my well-informed readers. The hanging, liquid-filled zip lock creates a feeling a movement, that chastens houseflies. A couple of buyers linked to a site called straightdope for the details (

The brick pile is vanquished, stacked neatly and subordinately against the garage. Plus arch-enemy bougainvillea has been humbled, made to fear my pruning shears. So what now? Once I finish painting the tree house, I hope to stucco the concrete block wall, so it doesn't look like, well, concrete block.
My first open at 1522 S. Hobart was well-attended and I'm planning another Sunday soiree, noon to five. Yet more images of Hobart.

Garden and other news!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Now here are the promised garden pictures.

This one was taken on sunny Sunday morning, but it's still that sunny here :D (click on the picture to enlarge it and see more details):

My big border , where everything is sprouting now :D

A close up of one of my big Allium Globemasters and my Sedum spectabile and more:

A close up of 2 blue Nepetas (cat nip) and a white Lupinus:

And this is my new potting table and space! :D I love it that I don't have to do the potting on the floor/ground anymore!

And this is a brand new visitor to my garden, sipping the sweet nectar of my Virburnum tinus is this butterfly called: Polygonia c-album

My comfortable garden shoes:

Then yesterday I've got 2 envelopes with lovely art from international blogging friends. This mini quilt tag is the gorgeous work of Cat from

Thanks a lot dear Cat, I love it!

And this cute egg comes from the sweet and funny Tia over @ Thank you dear Tia!

Tia and Cath I've send off something for each of you last Wednesday! I just forgot to take pictures before I've send it off!

Lastly I'm glad to introduce you to the new Etsy shop of my sister Cordula. She is a german mixed media artist and is now selling her fab mixed media art collages at Cordi's art shop please go have a look and tell her I've send you!

Well I think that's it for today. Enjoy spring everyone! xox

School Site

Monday, March 26, 2007


A few images from my look-see around the next LAUSD school site, on Washington Blvd. at 2nd & 3rd. A group from WAHA (West Adams Heritage Association) was permitted to visit the upcoming demolition site, and earmark potentially re-usable house parts/building elements. The group was led by the godfather of Harvard Heights Eric Bronson, but also included WAHA president Jefferson Davis, and preservation contractor Steve Pallrand.

This marvelous "bungalette" will likely face the bulldozer. I like its flared or peaked (sometimes also referred to as Oriental) roof lines.

I found these photographs inside the bungalette. Who are these people, and why were their likenesses abandoned? What else has been abandoned? Feelings? Relationships? A connection to the past.

I don't like to find photographs inside doomed buildings, I like even less finding stuffed animals. For a time, I kept some discarded teddys, including a four-foot tall powder-blue bruin, in my garage. Finally I cleaned the lot and donated them to a fire-fighter charity.

Most of the windows in the condemned buildings were boarded up, primarily to deter the entry of homeless persons. The electricity was off as well, and we had to conduct our inspections with flashlights.

Despite these and other measures, the homeless were still able to gain entry. The items they needed for day-to-day life were strewn about: canned food, blankets, clothing, a bible.

At one location mail was left behind, a post or two appeared personal.

Over-ripe fruit littered one yard with a hen house and rabbit pen.

Sometimes articles aren't even considered valuable enough to cart away. A playground horsey left behind in a bungalow court.

On an unrelated note, I'll be holding 1522 S. Hobart Blvd. open tomorrow (Tuesday) from 11 to 2:30 pm. Come by and take a look!

Jigsaw Puzzles

Sunday, March 25, 2007


I have loved the challenge of jigsaw puzzles ever since I was a child. My favorite was a 5,000-piece beauty depicting stained glass patterns. Besides the relaxation puzzles offer (especially when there isn't a thing to watch on the ole television), jigsaw puzzles make for quality time with the kids and/or grandkids. I have my favorite completed puzzles glued and displayed on the walls in my laundry room. James Dean, serene seashore scenes (say THAT one three times fast), fields of flowers, assorted marbles - they make me smile each time I see them.

I hope you'll find something at Tennessee Antique Shack. Stop on by sometime and take a look. I have movie poster size jigsaw puzzles, Star Trek, vintage, Springbok, animal, and so much more.

For more information, check out:
Tennessee Antique Shack

- Sierra

More eggs on another sunny spring Sunday!


I feel so lucky that we have such beautiful sunny spring weather again since yesterday and it is forecasted to stay like this the whole week ahead yeah! :D Of course I’m trying to spend most of my spare time outside at the moment, but I still managed to finish some more Easter egg collages. I’m quite happy with the way they’ve turned out. I chose my favorite papers & borders & embellishments etc. as well as my fave colors aqua/turquoise/blue and I hope they’ll please you too! Just click on the pictures to see the bigger version with more details.
I'm going to put them into my Etsy shop tonight.

I’m back to the garden now taking some pictures for my next post. I've got myself a pretty and practical new potting table which makes potting a lot more comfortable! This afternoon I’m off for a walk in the woods, we had the change to summer time tonight and today it will be daylight until 8 pm which I love!
Have a gorgeous spring day you too, dear blogging friends & readers! Read you! xox

A Structural Glass Wainscot?!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


More on my newest listing:

Amongst the most astonishing and unusual features of 1522 S. Hobart Boulevard is the bathroom wainscot made of Structural Glass. Structural Glass, formerly known under such trade names as Carrara Glass, Sani Onyx (or Rox), and Vitrolite, was first produced by the Marietta Manufacturing Company in 1900. Penn-American Plate Glass Company quickly followed, producing white and black Carrara Glass, named for the white glass's resemblance to marble, starting in 1906.

The versatility and strength of structural glass, immune from warping, swelling, or crazing, contributed to its popularity, which was greatest during the "Art Deco" period. Used for both exterior and interior applications, the glass could be pigmented, cut, laminated, curved, textured, and illuminated; and, was easy to clean. (The glass was traditionally installed with an extremely fast-setting hot-melt asphalitc mastic.)

Production of pigmented structural glass in the United States ceased several years ago, and is now limited to a glass company in Bavaria; and, as such, is increasingly rare.

The Carrara-clad bathroom at 1522 S. Hobart is a wonderous asset that we hope future owners will preserve and cherish.

1522 S. Hobart Boulevard will be open Sunday from 1 - 4. Come see the bathroom, come see the whole house!

What Is This?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


A bag filled with clear-liquid push-pinned to a finished header?

I've seen a lot of head-scratching stuff on the real estate circuit. I've uncovered weapons and drugs, lots of pornography. A couple of times I've stumbled onto cock fights or cock fight facilities. Family members sleeping in hallways and closets. Bomb shelters and full scale basements. Houses in which every available inch of wall space is consumed by televisions. Vegetation growing into and through the structure. Old cars mothballed for decades. Hidden passages. Animal remains.

Does anybody know what this is for? Incidentally, the house was empy.

First day of spring & lot's of tea parties!


Welcome Spring! :D

has invited bloggers from around the globe to participate in her spring tea party today while posting something tea related on your blogs. Well and this is my tea post for Kari and all of you blogging friends & readers!

This is a tea flower pc wallpaper which you can download for free @ Paul Schraders tea blog:

While searching for Tea related pictures I came across a great website of Paul Schrader & Co. a big tea shop in my home town Bremen, established already in 1921. Bremen is famous for it's port and here especially for the im- and export of tea & coffee. So @ Paul Schraders shop you can chose between 300 different sorts of tea from all over the world.

But among all those teas you can also find lot's of other items in the shop like this tea egg with a picture from Dresden:

Then you can also get milk for your tea there for example from "Pfunds":

"Pfunds" is a very old Dresden Milk Shop founded in 1880 and they call themeselves:

"The most beautiful milk shop in the world!"

To prove that they aren't lying here is a picture of inside the shop:

Oh and just look at the gorgeous old fashioned milk soap they sell and the fab old advertisement sign:

Then at Paul Schrader you can also get special Easter tea baskets:

And also specialities from my home town like these little chocolate cakes called "Domspitzen" after our famous "Bremer Dom" a big cathedral built back in the middle ages:

Well now after all this information it's time to sit down, relax and have some Darjeeling first flush tea along with a few cucumber sandwiches, please help yourself, meet other bloggers and enjoy!

Or maybe you'd prefer a tasty Chai latte? Find a yummy recipe here!

Now last but not least thanks a lot for stopping by today and don't forget to head over to Kari's blog to participate in her wonderful spring tea party if this isn't where you coming from lol. She has prepared some yummy treats and also a turtorial to craft a little Easter basket. Go see! xox

Today's Distraction

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Before wielding his chain saw, the tree terminator paused for a smoke.

Fronds plumetted, then one barrel-size cut at a time, this Washingtonia Robusta (?) was brought down from the sky.

New Listing

Monday, March 19, 2007


I've listed a postively unique Mission-Revival style residence in prime Harvard Heights (1522 S. Hobart Boulevard, corner of Hobart and Cambridge.)

Built in 1921, and befitting its Prairie School influence, the property boasts 79 windows, 2 sidelights, and three exterior multi-light doors, delivering room flooding light throughout.

More marketing hub-bub to follow, but for now a few essentials:

* 2,384 square feet
*lot size 5,401 square feet (50 x 108)
*3 bedrooms & 2 bonus rooms (den/office/study, etc)
*2 baths
*Harvard Heights HPOZ
*Mills Act contract


Photo above: Strong Monterrey-anticipating corbels support Pent eaves.

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