HaPpY HaLlOwEeN!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


You know we don't really celebrate Halloween here in Germany, but tonight we've had a fair share of "trick or treat" kids ringing at the door and of course we gave them sweets. My daughter has made us this Jack-O-Lantern (with two different sides/faces) out of the pumpkin that I've had for display on my patio table and I've used the content of the pumpkin for a tasty soup. Now we are watching the Halloween episode of Charmed lol so at least we also have had a bit of Halloween feeling tonight! Boo!

~*~*~ Happy Halloween! ~*~*~

Cones and banners

Monday, October 30, 2006


So here is what I have produced over the last weekend. I've just recently discovered how much I love making Christmas cones. Oh and look, I'd just about finished it, when a little blue bird came to nest in the aqua colored angel cone :D

A silver cone, very festive, don't you agree?

Another fun thing is making Christmas banners:

What's about you, have you started to craft for Christmas yet (only 7 weeks left btw ;-) ) and will you share your ideas? I for one would love to see them, because I can never get enough inspirations!

P.S.: Btw, while visiting Tea's blog today I saw this cool new counter that she had on her site, where you can see how many people are online and from which country they are. I found this very interesting and had to install one too!

Antiques and Collectibles Added!


Been a few since I posted here. Took a trip to one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Canmore and Banff Canada. Got to play in the snow and for being from Texas where it is still 82 degrees on October 30th. that is a big deal.
I took this photo and think the church with the background is so lovely.

Here is another one of the town Canmore.

I was able to pick up lots of new inventory in Canada to get ready for the Christmas shopping season and am also adding vintage Christmas decorations and textiles to my stores so come early. This year try something different as a special gift for that loved one.
I have price ranges for everyone on your list.
Glassware, china, dolls, vanity items, kitchen items, textiles and more on my site.
and look under categories.

Diwali Dhamaal

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Been a long time since my last post. I guess the excuse would be I was busy with many things at the same time. Well, Diwali was nearly 10 days back, but got a chance to write about it only now. This is the second post of A Day in my Life series.

The date October 21, 2006, Diwali. The first Diwali on campus. The day started like every Saturday at Planet I. Three classes in morning...many people were grumbling about this what a way to celebrate diwali. But my thoughts went back to Diwali 2005. On that day I had to gone to Digboi for some field work (nitrogen unloading job to be precise), which was 50 km from my base Duliajan. Although not exactly ideal but relatively speaking it was still a far better situation.

After classes went to the city with a big group of friends. Going to the city seems like a big escape from the daily routine over here. Big movies like Don had been released over the weekend but no one was in mood for that. So all of us went to fun and games section (me thinks that the name is something else....but who cares). So then it was 2 hours of bowling, pool, video games, races and finally striking cars. Never thought that this could be so much fun.

Late in the evening, back to the campus for the Diwali celebrations. Had a gala time there too. So overall quite an enjoyable day.

Oops, some missing!

Saturday, October 28, 2006


These flip sides were missing, but no chance for me to integrate them in the last post, well that's blogger lol

Matchbox Ornaments


Dear bloggers, friends and readers,

I was a bit tired of blogging this week hence only 1 post so far, but then when I come to my blog and read all the gracious comments of all you lovely and talented ladies out there in the world that I so love reading, it really keeps me going! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting! xox

Today I like to share my latest creative results with you. After I saw Nicoles beautiful matchbox ornaments I just had to try it too and I hope you'll like them:

As always you can click on the photos to enlarge them! Happy weekend to all of you!

Butterflies, bouquets and swaps

Monday, October 23, 2006


The butterflies have more or less neglected the flowers in my cottage garden this year, although I've planted some plants and flowers, like the buddleja davidii and sedum autumn joy and phlox etc. just for them (yes okay and because I like them too I admit lol) . Now they are suddenly coming :D they love to drink from my sweet grapes that I have initially left on the vine for the birds to pick and eat. Click on the photos to see the bigger version if you like!

The "Inachis io" (we call it "Tagpfauenauge") is resting on the warm house wall, isn't it perfect?

If you look closer you can see how the "Vanessa atalanta" (we call it "Admiral") is sipping out of the grape like with a straw!

The color of the pansies and of the sedum in the picture below is my fave autumn color:

Seeing how much I love roses and garden bouquets I also had to take a picture of this bouquet in the photo below. It was a present for my mum, all flowers, berries and herbs were picked by our friend in her cottage garden:

I also wanted to share with you my glass vase of "House Doctor" in the next photo. I'm totally in love with the things they design and so happy that they sell their gorgeous goodies in my fave shop "ROSENROT" here in Bremen. I also bought some of House Doctor's gift wrapping paper and gave my mum a few hints about what I would love to get for Christmas and my next b-day he he

Lastly I like to show you the collage below that I have made for a swap with my German friend Nicole of just so that you can see that I'm also creative from time to time ;-)

And for the case that you like to see what I have created, bought and send to my friend Niki from Somerset in return for her lovely, nostalgic rose and magazine swap parcel you can go over and have a look at her blog , she has got her parcel on Friday and has posted great pictures of the content on her beautiful nostalgic blog! :D

Short sunny autumn days

Friday, October 20, 2006


Dear bloggers, friends and readers,
after several complaints about my blog taking too long to load I've decided to post pictures not in size BIG anymore, I'll chose size MEDIUM instead, let's see if this helps, I hope so! I know it takes long to load when you are still on a dial up, but normally it should be okay with broadband/fast internet. For me it always loads within a few seconds. Please let me know if you are still experiencing any major loading probs. Thank you!

First of all I wanna thank everyone who has attended my little rose-tea-party, it was such a pleasure to welcome so many of my dear blogging friends and neighbors at the "Boxwood Cottage" ! :D Now let's go and continue the tour through my little cottage garden back yard:

I still have a lot of blooming flowers, the Cosmos on the right in the picture below is a big flowering bush now:

"Augusta" Luise has got two more beautiful and scenting blooms:

I've sowed this Hollyhock for the next season, but it has decided that the time is too long to wait and to flower already right now:

Two birds of a little bird bath which is hanging from my maple tree:

The sedum is kind of glowing in the warm fall sun:

If blogger is nice and likes me today you should be able to enlarge the pictures by clicking on it!

Happy weekend to everyone who might pop in here! xox

Daher Decorated Ware

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Tennesse Antique Shack offers England's favorite: Daher Decorated Ware. Lovely fruit bowls, serving trays, hinged containers and more. Also check out our vintage Neocraft anodized tray and assorted tip trays.

For more information, check out:
Tennessee Antique Shack

- Sierra

Rose tea party and freshly picked flowers


Today I cordially invite you to a *~* Rose Tea Party *~* at the "Boxwood Cottage" tomorrow afternoon to celebrate that I've finally found a name for my little house and garden!

While here can you help me to decide where to put my little white iron table with the green polka dot tin vase filled with fresh picked garden flowers?

Here?Or better here?

Here isn't that bad either, or?

After that we can go to have a little tour through the garden, starting with the front yard:

More garden tour pictures in my next post! Hope you enjoy your stay at the "Boxwood Cottage"!

Welcome to the Box-Wood Cottage!

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Since I've bought it and moved into my little house in February 2005 I was thinking of a pretty name for it. I so love houses and gardens with names, I think it makes them more special and beautiful, don't you think so? But I didn't came up with something really appropriate until I talked it over with a close friend and my mum yesterday. My friend told me that in England it is common to call a terraced house (small row house like mine) situated in the suburbs near to the fields and woods a cottage too because "cottage" just means "small house" or small country house. Well my house is small for sure (it's only 4,50 metres wide) and I live in a very green suburb only 2 minutes away from the fields and woods. Then all of a sudden my mum said that she had a good idea and stated that what I have the most of all in my garden, in the front and also in the back yard, is box wood, so why not call it "Box-Wood Cottage"? Oh my yes, why hasn't that crossed my mind before! I knew at once that's it! My little house has a name :D!

*~* Welcome to the "Box-Wood Cottage! *~*

This following picture is from June this year:

So what do you think about houses and names and the name I chose for my little house?

P.S. Blogger is playing up again and won't let me post anymore pictures in this post. You can see more of my box wood pictures in my archives for example on 7th June 2006.

Inside decoration etc.!

Friday, October 13, 2006


I've the feeling that I've bored you a bit with all of my garden and flower photos lately so I've decided to show you something else today.

I think this glass bowl with dried rose petals of my garden roses has something very photogenic (you can click on the photos to enlarge them!):

So has this small iron-glass table with some glass decoration and an autumnal candle (scenting like baked apple with cinamon) and some tiny rose hips.

We have some close friends staying with us at the moment and my friend has sewed this cushion for me as a gift! :D

She has also gave me all these old books and music sheets etc. from and old oncle of her who has died, which are great to use for collages etc.:

Oh and I'm very happy to tell you that I've got my first issue of portals zine in the mail this week, can't wait to study it.

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