Sandy's Fancy Pants Antiques Trip to Puerto Rico!

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Well, I have come back from a week long trip to Puerto Rico.
San Juan has beautiful old buildings, Aquadilla and Isabel has beautiful beaches but alas since I didn't know it was a National holiday most of the shops were closed so I didn't find any good antiques.
Went to Moca and found a shop with beautiful Mundillo lace but the museum for this type of antique bobbin lace technique was closed. Picked up a few things for personal gift.
Gearing up for the Christmas shopping season soon so be sure and check my blog from time to time.
Going to be doing themes this year. Cannot wait and am getting so excited......
Just a peek or hint!

Forum I help moderate called "The Haul." Have you found a treasure and need help?

It's time for blue again


After all the pinkness lately it's time for another blue post today! The heat wave still surrounds us, we've had no rain since 6 weeks now I guess and I'm not looking forward to my water invoice this year.

I've took this last picture in mums garden:

You can click on the smaller pictures to see the bigger version!

Pink swap news and other new pinks

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I've finally sent out my pink swap parcel to Joy in Woodstock/Illinois yesterday. Hopefully she'll like it! The pink swap was organised by the lovely Sandy from I'm going to get my parcel from the dear Mrs. Robyn :D of ex who is now blogging here So Joy for the case you should ever pop in, here is a peek about what is on it's way to you through air mail now:

My new pink Penstemon:

and my new pink Phlox:

My pink Echinacea is also in full bloom now:

and David Austins Cottage Rose is also blooming:


Monday, July 24, 2006


Just to let you know that I've answered all your questions in a big comment under my last posting! xox

Nothing but roses

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Hopefully I don't bore you too much with my rose photos, but having a very hot and sunny summer this year (the whole opposite of the very wet summer we've had last year) I have never had more beautiful roses (I have 15 different sorts growing in my little garden at the moment) and I just can't get enough of them:

Isn't the "Eden rose 85" a real stunner? When I look at it I always think it looks so yummy I would want to eat it lol

The Worst Place on Earth

Friday, July 21, 2006


Sure I knew about Playa Vista, the Methane Wonderland. I'd driven past a time or two, usually shielding my eyes, cursing the show biz grifters that uncorked the development bottle by promising an all mighty Studio.

But I'd never been inside. Until last week, on a business call.

Immediately my internal compass shut down, and featherbrained, I landloped about the complex, timorously clutching my cell phone, eyed by suspicious, well-groomed labrador walkers, Electronic Arts employees, and rent-a-cops. Everyone drove Porsche Azucars--whatever. I collapsed. I recovered briefly in the library. There were no street signs or numbers. Buildings blocked the sun.

But with Floyd Landis-like determination I continued, traversing the sunken gardens, storming post-Corbusian courtyards, security kiosks, and development check-points.
The salt air drew me West. I tumbled over a stony wall, down an embankment blanketed by weed resistant netting, and onto PCH where I was nearly struck by a Porsche Paprika--whatever.

Photos don't lie!

Market Update

Thursday, July 20, 2006


We may have to wait a little longer for the market to capsize.

Five straight months of declining sales volume (Jan - May), with corresponding gains in inventory, whetted concerns about a market plateau.

Then came June, and sales volume increased. Some credited seasonality, rate stability, the diminishing patience of market doom-and-gloomers.

The early word on July is the same: market activity up, diminishing levels of inventory.

Oh yeah, the alligator has this to say:

"Funny nobody talks about a gasoline bubble, even though petrol prices have undergone sudden, wild price shifts. Is anyone taking public transit just for a few weeks until pump prices 'correct'? Holding off on a RAV4 purchase until gas prices 'plateau'? Most consumers seem resigned to this higher valuation, as justified by demand and scarcity. Demand and scarcity, scarcity and demand, hhhhmmmmmm...."

What's blooming now/still?


Claude Monet is blooming again:

and Nasturtium "Milkmaid"

A few new plants, still waiting around the table in the shade for their place in the border (I think I have to make the border bigger again):

My pink Monarda is finally blooming and the bees are in love with it:

The pink mallow is also still blooming:

And another hydrangea in my front yard:

Roadside Rambutan

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


My Favorite Street(s) to Drive continued....

San Vicente Boulevard through Brentwood into Santa Monica towards Ocean Ave.


Swell median, swell trees, but at about 21st St. the road tilts toward the earth's end and the descent--with houses succeeding one another like booths at an endless salespersons convention, past the gardens of fantastical Mexican haciendas, masses of mesembryanthemums and coral trees, and runners in hydrangea-blue strapless jogging outfits, obscured by intervening gulfs of shadow--threatens to launch my beater pick-up, Knievel-like, into the Pacific, presumably to the delight of the Montana Avenue elite and ex girl-friends.

You think they could install a run-away truck lane?


Central Avenue, between Washington Blvd and 7th

First you got Tacos Gavilan. That's just fun reuse (pssst mulitas are on the menu).

Then the "nautical deco" of the Coca Cola bottling plant, designed in 1937 by Robert V. Derrah. The streamline steamliner!

(Derrah is also credited with the Crossroads of the World shopping village on Sunset Boulevard wherein a ship topped by a lighted, turning ball, serves as the centerpiece.)

Across the street is the eclectic African-American firefighers museum.

Further north is the great wall of produce, the gigantic Seventh Street Market.

Aaahhh that's more like it, no Regency-style bee hives, no trips to Aamco, mangoes.

The Put Downs

Monday, July 17, 2006


I was at lawn party Saturday (can you just imagine me and the Gatsbys?!), trying my darndest to blend, without axes to grind, when it started.

The put-downs.

Overheard: 'L.A. is such a transient city'.

"It's an attractive, international destination", I countered, "full of dynamic people. Certainly more 'transient'--whatever that means, and perhaps what it means is good--than Akron, Ohio or Birmingham, Alabama, but no more transient than New York or Washington D.C., other peer American cities".

Later, I googled 'transient cities'. Little hard data sadly with which to make my points, but references aplenty to cities such as Phoenix and Las Vegas (nuevo sun belt), New York and San Francisco (mondo expensive), D.C. (political cycles), Miami (growing internationalism), Seattle (fast changing), Atlanta (emerging regional hub) and Boston (college mecca). Kyoto, Melbourne, Milan, Dongguan, Rome, pretty much anywhere you'd want to live has been labeled transient.

Strikes me as an upper middle class perception, 'cause I doubt anybody living in Nickerson Gardens, the William Mead Homes, or Aliso Village, thinks of L.A. as

A bit faster moving than Kansas City I concede, or wherever it is mom and dad hibernate, especially if compared to the West L.A. youth ghettos. Still, I live on a block with 44 houses, and in six years only four have changed ownership.

What I wouldn't give for a little more transience!

Res Derelictae

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Am I a "gleaner", recovering the harvests' fallen fruit? Or merely interested in anti-consumerist statements? Influenced by the beauty of works by Millais, Van Gogh, or Varda? Or just strangely taken by outlaw expression, guilty of idiosyncratic indulgence?

Either way, the used plumbing collection grows.

Look at this score! Driving through Koreatown, good stuff put to the curb.

A Trenton Potteries tank, gloriously thick and over-sized, with an undermount flush mechanism. Even the beefy lid was intact, dated 12 08 10! (I know what you're thinking--that it's actually a Crane. But Crane didn't acquire a controlling interest in Trenton Potteries until 1927.)

Trenton New Jersey was, incidentally, for many years the ceramics capital of the country, with some 50 studios, producing 80% of the nation's sanitary ware.

I'm having a t-shirt made, to read: I Buy Used Plumbing! Which I'll wear to swap meets and antique fairs, on house tours and long bicycle rides. It's got to be easier than heading off the scrap metal collectors, bartering for cast iron tubs, and pleading with simpleton retrofitters.

Anybody know where I can find the matching bowl?

Lazy Summer afternoon


at mum's garden:


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