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Friday, June 30, 2006


Hello from Texas. Now you can watch me see if I can figure out what I am doing. My name is Sandy and I sell antiques, collectibles with an emphasis on glassware but love selling retro and vintage items of all kinds.. If it catches my eye and is quality I figure someone sooner or later will come along and it will do the same for them!
I love beauty and find it in the form or style along with the colors of an antique or collectible. I also love the research and the workmanship of older items.
The very idea that someone owned an item 30 to 100 years ago and it survived intrigues me greatly.
So join me in finding new goodies. I have sold online since 2002 in antique and collectible malls.

It's the last day of June


today and soon all these beautiful flowers will be gone again and past!

Above is "Leonardo da Vinci"

Astrantia major:

Constance Spry:

It's almost weekend and splendid warm and sunny weather! This afternoon our national football/soccer team is playing the world cup quarter final against Argentina and the whole country is all excited! Tomorrow night I'm going to a classic open air concert with picnic, candle light and wine in our beautiful Knoops parc and I'm really looking forward to this event every summer. I'm wishing you all a sunny and happy weekend!

This and that and my cat

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Place for the blue hour:

Unfortunately I don't know the name of this beautiful looking and delightful smelling rose:

This is the painter rose "Claude Monet":

A white Clematis:

Pink bells with honey bee:

And our cat Sammy:

Before the rain

Monday, June 26, 2006


I took all these photos before the storm and very heavy rain we've had last night. This morning I found a lot of my flowers lying wet and heavy on the grass and slugs sliming over them *argh*! Of course I tried my best to bring them back in shape (with the help of stakes and clips) and collecting off the slugs before heading off to work.

Today I proudly present

Saturday, June 24, 2006


you some of my fave roses that are blooming in my garden at the moment.

This is "Leonardo da Vinci":

and this David Austins "Constance Spry":

and "Rosarium Gl├╝cksburg":

and another Engl. Rose of David Austin "Heritage"

Beautiful evening light

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I love taking photos in the soft evening light, like these that I took yesterday evening, can you see how shiny the light makes the pictures?

This is how the Clematis Multiblue looks after it has lost all the petals, I find it is still very pretty:

I had to add my three Allium Globemasters again lol because I think they look like a snowman from this angle, can you see what I mean?

A different view

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


in my garden, I dont think I have posted pictures of it yet. This is when you come from my dear neighbour Ulla's garden and enter mine through our middle path. The tree with ivy growing at it's feet is exactly on the middle line of our gardens.

and this is what you see when you go through the path and look around in direction of my house

These blue bells are growing nicely at my willow fence at the moment

and last but not least the three glorious Globemasters again lol

More pink!

Monday, June 19, 2006


Rokoko rose decorated with rain drops by mother nature

Allium Globemaster is in it's full beauty now

My pink rose, still not sure about the name though

The colors of the Clematis Piilu are matching my ring

Back to pink!

Saturday, June 17, 2006


It's all about roses

Thursday, June 15, 2006


in my garden and in my house at this time of the yearThis beauty is named "Rokoko" rose and it has the delightful scent of wild roses, I wish I could make you smell it!

Well I couldn't help other than pick some roses for inside as well they match my rose dishes, cushions etc..

And this one is called "Rosarium Gl├╝cksburg":

Marion you've asked me about the name for the rose in the next photo which I had posted another picture of in my last post too. I've bought it as "Cottage Rose", but when I google Cottage Rose photos they do look a bit different so I'm not that sure anymore that this is a real Cottage Rose. At first it looks more purple and when it fades it's going over in a light pink like in this photo here:

The biennial foxgloves are looking fab with my roses at the moment:

The first roses

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


of this season are finally blooming in my garden! From now on I'll have new roses flowering every day yay! :D

The Fairy with white Delphinium and Geranium x magnificum

My Clematis "Multiblue" does not only look good with Alliums, but also with the blue Delphinium.

And this is another Allium which has just started to bloom Allium "Christophii "

and these 3 really big balls of Allium "Globemaster" are also in full bloom now, as you can see they are even bigger then my blue glass balls!


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