Palm Trees, part deux

Sunday, December 31, 2006


The 2007 blog starts where the 2006 blog....started!

With a Palm tree rant.

The highwinds came last week, and our palm-lined streets were doused by thousands of pernicious, sole adhering, gutter clogging palm berries.

Fronds meanwhile are piled by the dozens in parkways and alleys, hopelessly exceeding green can limits. The boomerang shaped fronds encircle vent pipes, collect in roof valleys, and dangle from phone and cable lines. Their spikey lengths bloody hands and snag clothing.

Yeah, palm trees are GREAT.

~*~*~ HaPpY nEw yEaR 2007 ~*~*~


I'm wishing all my readers and blogging friends from all over the world a very happy and peaceful new year 2007! xox

Presents, decorations and winterly crafts

Friday, December 29, 2006


Think I've already told you about my love for danish design, like these Christmas baubles from *House Doctor* that I've bought last month and have decorated for Christmas on a boxwood (from my garden) garland in my living room down stairs:

I had further bought these silver Christmas baubles from *Greengate*, which I also love a lot, a few weeks before Christmas from the enchanting website *Nostalgie im Kinderzimmer*:

They are now decorated in my new beautiful glass dome with glass cake stand underneath (both also from *House Doctor*) which my parents have got me for Christmas :D

I've also got this gorgeous lantern in the picture below (House Doctor again ha ha, this Doctor can decorate my home anytime lol) Thank you mum and dad *hugs to you*, I must have been a very good girl this year ;-)

Then my dear daughter has fulfilled another wish of mine and that was this "white drawer" from *Impressionen* with the delightful glass knob, which has wholes in one side, each decorated with a key whole embellishment from the outside. You can put your fave fiber/thread rolls in the drawer and then pull them through the wholes, isn't that a great organising idea? I love it!

The *Crabtree & Evelyn* goodies in the drawer I've got send by my dear friend Anja from London (if you ever need beautiful and natural photos of yourself or your family members and you are from the London area, I can only recommend you to visit her website and contact her, she is a terrific photographer!), she just knows how much I like C & E :D

Well, enough of my presents and back to crafting. Having this week off work I finally got around to make a snowman like the ones I saw in the latest *Homecompanion magazine* (thanks again dear Anna for sending it to me and all the lovely goodies coming along too!) and just recently on Pam's blog too. I so like his glittery look:

He fit's in perfectly whith the turquoise tea light glass (another gift from my daugter, the enchanting turquoise porcelain bird which I've got of a bird swap from Cerri , the lovely box from my friend Nature Girl and the stocking collage I had made for Christmas decoration earlier this year:

Btw the pink CD ornament on the left is a craft made by my daughter in honor for her favorite band "Good Charlotte".

Christmas Reading

Thursday, December 28, 2006


I knew I liked author/illustrator Chris Van Allsburg, even if his wonderfully dreamy evocations (Jumanji, Zathura) frequently become story-stretched big-screen patience testers.

In the Polar Express, Van Allsburg depicts the North Pole not with rocaille-rich, german rococo architecture (and the typical Bavarian-esqe derivations); but more delectably, as a greying, industrial, factory town.

The North Pole as Detroit. Right on!

Our Christmas tree and some German traditions

Monday, December 25, 2006


Hello dear blogging friends, neighbors and readers,
I hope that you are all spending a joyful Christmas time with your families and friends!

Because in Germany we don't put our Christmas tree up before the day before Christmas Eve (I guess that you know that we are using real fir trees which are bred/nursed on tree farms, especially for becoming Christmas trees and if you buy and put it up too early in the warm house it would lose it's needles before the season is over) I couldn't show you any photos of our tree so far, but since two days the little one is up (my cottage is too small for a big tree and I have to bring it upstairs in our loft room, cause I have no space for a tree in our actually living room downstairs, no problem though seeing in winter we're spending most of the time, especially the long evenings upstairs anyway where the comfy couches, the tv, the pc and my studio corner are situated) and we're enjoying it's festive sight now:

The picture above is taken at night with the real candles lit (another German tradition is using real candles!) and below in daylight only with the few electrical lamps I have installed and the top star lit:

I did not find the time to show you some festive craftings I had finished during the last 2 weeks before Christmas and because Blogger is very generous to me today, concerning the upload of photos, I'd like to post them too. As you can see I loved playing with old music sheet papers and old german scrap pictures, because they bring me in the right Christmas mood. Click on the pictures to enlarge them and see more details:

(see Maria, I've used your gorgeous tiny pink heart for the collage above)

The next one is made out of a CD:

The paper wreath below actually is a paper Advent calendar which I have bought years ago, but I think it is still very pretty:

My daugther and I traditionally spend Christmas Eve (it's when Santa brings the presents in Germany) at my parents house (sometimes like this year also with one of my sisters and her husband joining us, so we have been 6 people for the Christmas Eve dinner and the "Bescherung" which is the German word for the "handing out of presents"). My mum is always organising it all and she is creating such a wonderful warm and festive atmosphere that my daughter would not want to spend Christmas Eve anywhere else. And oh my people I've got some wonderful Christmas presents which I'm going to show you in the next days, or so! Today we are going to have Christmas dinner at my other sisters house with my parents coming over and we are celebrating with my nieces etc. and we'll be 10 persons, so we need a big table. Everyone is bringing some yummy food so that my little sis is not having to do all the work alone.

We'll that's ist for today, again I'm wishing all of my blogging friends and readers from all over the world a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays! xox

So Long 2006

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Peanuts creator Charles Schultz grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, another community noted for it's Craftsman-era architecture. (Try google-ing, Twin Cities Bungalow Club.)

Hmmm, this Charlie Brown and I have a lot in common. (I never was much good with kites either.)

Thank you everyone for reading, and commenting on, Recentering El Pueblo. I will return in 2007 with more, more, more.



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It's Christmas eve and everything is quiet. The winds have died down and it's cozy by the fire with my Honey watching football with the cat on his lap.

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve morning service at Ashland Christian Fellowship with a 4 person bagpipe group doing their annual traditional Christmas fanfare, then the kds, then lots of carols, hugs and best wishes.

Lunch/dinner with friends and a sigh that the hectic Christmas shopping period is over for another year. We actually had a SUPER year and are very grateful for the wonderful notes we have received from our customers. Thank you!

Tomorrow we report for duty at the Historic Ashland Armory to help at the 16th annual Christmas dinner given by our church to the communiyt. It's free, all are welcome and we will be serving from noon to 4 PM. We usually serve 500-1,000. Last year we were with the kids in Salt Lake City but will enjoy helping this year.

As for Time Was Antiques we will be hard at work adding lots of new items. We recently acquired an estate collection of knife rests from England so we are adding those as well as lots of new teacups and saucers, linens, costume jewelry and lots of goodies!
Have a blessed day celebrating tomorrow.


Friday, December 22, 2006


Sammy and me are wishing you all a very merry Christmas !

Here are some recent impressions of our home and garden in festive mood!

Christmas ornament swap etc.

Monday, December 18, 2006


Hello dear readers,
sorry that it has been a while since my last post, but there is so much to do at the moment that I can hardly find enough time to blog. I hope you've all had a cozy 3rd of Advent! Here is a picture from my living room down stairs whith 3 candles lit on the Advent wreath which is hanging from the ceiling, taken for you yesterday:

I've decided to show you the Christmas ornaments I've got so far, from my swap, today. There are still two missing, but I'm also looking forward to get some later, so don't worry Margarita and ZuZu!

The red and green felted basket-heart is a Norwegian ornament send by Britt Arnhild and I like it very much hanging on the faux fir garland which I have attached at the hand rail of our stairs:

This festive red star is a design by Daisy Lupin from England and is also hanging on the faux fir garland now, I think these two ornamets fit together very well, dont you think?

The first ornament which has arrived here was this gorgeous white dove king ornament sent by Maria from Finland, I felt like it was custom-made especially for me, seeing it has a little silver "C" in it's beak and because Maria knows just how much I love birds:

Here is another, closer picture of Maria's bird ornament:

Then I've got this very cute paper angel designed by Ulla from California and it was wrapped in the beautiful vintage paper in the background:

Click here to see the bigger version of the photo of Ulla's ornament!

Then last week I've got a most delicious tiny parcel of Sandy from California with this absolutely enchanting vintage girl ornament and some other delightful goodies which Sandy has kindly added:

But this is not all which I've got send by generous blogging friends last week, on Thursday I've got a parcel, sent by Niki from England whith a beautiful living magazine, two stunning vintage glass ornaments ( so sorry, but blogger wont show anymore pictures today) and a selfmade Christmas card with an enchanting tiny patchwork stocking:

And also an envelope of Anita contending a pretty self made Christmas card and a delightful red stocking which she has kindly sewn for me:

Well I hope the clicking on the pics to enlarge will work today!

A big thank you to all the dear bloggers (Britt, Hilary, Maria, Ulla, Sandy, Margarita and ZuZu) which have participated in my second self hosted swap. It was a great experience and a pleasure to swap with all of you! I will always treasure all the beautiful and special handmade ornaments you've created! I hope we can repeat this soon!

Also thanks a lot to my dear private swap partners and bloggers Niki and Anna and a special thank you to Anita for the surprise parcel of course! It is so wonderful to find such gorgeous stuff in the mail every week instead of the usual invoices and advertisements! xox


Oops Monique I'm so sorry that I forgot to post about your Christmas ornament! It's because it's hanging on the hazelnut branch together with some of my cones already for so long now! Here is a picture:

The white fabric cone in the middle of the picture is embroidered with white pearls like little stars which you can't see on this pic was sewn and sent by Monique from the Netherlands for our Christmas Ornament swap! Thanks a lot dear Monique and excuse me please for forgetting your lovely ornament, I blame the pre Christmas stress!


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